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Glamoured Studded Leather is a piece of +1 light armor that grants the wearer the ability to change its appearance.[1]


The armor appears to be typical studded leather armor, but confers a +1 bonus to AC. Additionally, the wearer may speak the armor's command word to change its appearance. This is purely illusory - it does not change the armor's type nor weight - but it can be made to appear like normal clothing or like different armor.[1]


Beau found a set of glamoured studded leather armor on a skeleton while the Mighty Nein was within the second seal of Uk'otoa, beneath the Gravid Archipelago.[3] Caleb was able to identify its properties,[4] and it was given to Nott.[5] Beau borrowed it back to go to her clandestine meeting with Dairon in Asarius, changing it to look like the Kryn armor to better blend into the populace,[6] and returned it to Nott the next day.[7]

Nott changed the armor's appearance to provide herself Nicodranian clothing when the party found themselves there still wearing Xhorhasian garb.[8] Later, she jokingly changed the armor red (to go with Jester's white eagle and Caleb's blue eagle) as the party traveled to Kravaraad.[9]

After the party found some +2 studded leather armor in the ruins of Aeor[10], Nott (now in her true form, Veth Brenatto) took it[11] and presumably wore the new armor thereafter.


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