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Githyanki are a medium sized humanoid race who originate from the Astral Plane. They have elongated skulls with sharp teeth and pointed ears.[2] Githyanki are one of the offshoot races of the gith, which were once enslaved by the mind flayers. The gith eventually escaped enslavement and divided into two different races: the githyanki and the githzerai. The githyanki pursued less spiritual and enlightened paths than the githzerai.[3][4] Now they race the Astral Sea on the decks of their ships.[5]

Known githyanki[]

Vox Machina found a githyanki skull in General Krieg's home[6]. They learned that a githyanki was trapped in a jewel embedded in a skull. It promised to grant a wish to them if they released him.[7]

Matt revealed after the campaign concluded that the spirit trapped in the skull was that of a brutal githyanki pirate captain imprisoned generations ago. Had anyone agreed to free him, their souls would have exchanged places, with the captain taking over the body of his liberator, whose spirit would have been then trapped in the skull. The githzerai who had imprisoned the pirate would then have begun hunting him down.[8]


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