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The Gilded Run are a series of magically-enforced,[1] fast-moving rivers that surround the Shademurk forest in the Feywild.


The Bog was once the fountain heart of the Gilded Run that fed the rivers throughout that entire region of the Feywild, but hundreds of years ago, there was an archfey named Saundor, who was spurned by his beloved. He grew spiteful, so full of angst and anger that it turned his heart dark, beginning to spill black ichor into the fen around him, corrupting the Shademurk.[2] The flow of Gilded Run is the only force that keeps the corruption contained.[3]

After Vox Machina slew Saundor, the black ichor ceased its flow and started hardening like amber.[4] When Vox Machina returned to the Feywild about a year later, they found that the corruption had entirely receded. The area looked like a normal forest by Feywild standards.[5]


  • The river is enchanted to impede the movement of those who try to cross it or oppose magical interference in its flow.[6]
  • Whenever a creature is near the edge of the Gilded Run, it has an urge to jump into the water.[7]
  • The longer a creature is in the river, the stronger it gets, making it harder to cross.[8]


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