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Giant fire beetles, or simply fire beetles, are a large species of beetle found on Visa Isle.


Giant fire beetles are nocturnal beasts with a blue and gold exoskeleton, black eyes, and blindsight with a radius of thirty feet. They possess a pair of glowing glands that emit light, for which they are named. These glands continue to emit light up to six days after death, making them prized as a light source by adventurers and miners. Giant fire beetles are normally found underground and in dark forests[1] and jungles, such as those on Visa Isle, a pair of islands off the coast of Tal'Dorei's Bladeshimmer Shoreline.[2]


Giant fire beetles have a natural armor class of 13, an average of four hit points, and a walking speed of 30 feet. They have blindsight with a radius of 30 feet, a passive Perception of 8, and a challenge rating of zero.[1]

Giant fire beetles have an ability called "Illumination", in which they shed bright light in a ten-foot radius and dim light for another ten feet. As far as actions, fire beetles have "Bite", a melee weapon attack that deals slashing damage.[1]


By 812 PD, anyone who ventured to the jungles of Visa Isle and returned normally only saw the wild pigs, giant mantises, or "unusually large fire beetles," mistakenly believing the latter two to be the most dangerous inhabitants of the island.[2]



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