Ghurrix is a pit fiend who frequented the slave markets in the City of Brass. He is one of the ambassadors to the Nine Hells.[4] As an NPC, Ghurrix is played by Matthew Mercer.



Ghurrix is a large, deep red fiend with burly, armored muscles, giant wings that flare out behind him, a horned head and crest, burning eyes, and a fanged jaw. He wears a necklace that prevents scrying (or at least makes scrying more difficult).[5]




Before Vox Machina met him, Ghurrix had killed the lover of a fire giantess named Juuraiel in the City of Brass.

"Where the Cards Fall" (1x75)

As part of their deal with Juuraiel, who wanted revenge for her lover's death, Vox Machina planned an assassination attempt on Ghurrix. They set up a stall in the slave district of the City of Brass. Scanlan, disguised as an azer slaver, tried to tempt Ghurrix into entering his Magnificent Mansion to look at the "slaves" for sale.

Though interested in the slaves, Ghurrix refused to enter the mansion. With their chance possibly disappearing, Keyleth attempted to Feeblemind the fiend, starting combat. He resisted the spell and summoned an erinyes ally to defend him.

"Brawl in the Arches" (1x76)

Ghurrix and his erinyes put up a fight against Vox Machina, but eventually Keyleth managed to kill the erinyes. Scanlan got the killing blow on Ghurrix with a flurry of attacks, using the newly exalted Mythcarver. Ghurrix's body burned into ash and dissipated on death.

I will find you.
Ghurrix's final words to Scanlan Shorthalt[6]

Although Ghurrix swore vengeance toward Scanlan on his death, Matthew Mercer later confirmed that he would have been heavily demoted on death and unable to do much about it.[7]

Character Information


  • Fearful Aura[8]
  • Multiattack: Bite, claw, mace, and tail[9]

Notable Items


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