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Genasi are a race of humanoids with elemental power in their blood. There are three ways this occurs: a member of some mortal race spends extended time near a source of elemental power, like on one of the elemental planes or near a rift to such a plane;[3] a humanoid is born in the midst of a powerful elemental influence like a hurricane or a raging forest fire; or a genie of one of the elemental planes procreates.[4]


According to one account, the genasi began wandering all across Exandria long before the Calamity.[5]

Dorian Storm, an air genasi, refers to an ancient time "[b]efore my people fell", but does not go into greater detail.[6]

A water genasi, Babenon Dosal, fathered Jester Lavorre, who would eventually become a member of the Mighty Nein and play a notable role in the story of Artagan, one of the Archfey. Starting in 820 PD[7] Babenon was part of the Zadash cell of the Myriad, and he left his leadership role there in roughly 839 PD to settle down with Marion Lavorre.[8]

Dorian Storm and Fy'ra Rai are genasi members of the Crown Keepers, an adventuring party that responded to an elemental crisis in Emon in 842 PD.


Genasi are a hardy race, and they all tend to know the Primordial language in addition to Common, but beyond that the appearance and abilities of genasi vary widely and depend on their elemental heritage. There are four major subraces of genasi, one from each of the major elemental planes.[9]

Air genasi

Fan art of Farriwen Breeze, an air genasi, by Stephanie Brown.[art 1]

Air genasi are either descended from the djinn[2] or from a humanoid exposed to the energies of the Elemental Plane of Air, and the most common humanoid race of parents of air genasi (at least in Tal'Dorei) is halflings.[3] They tend to have mercurial moods. Physically, they may be more lightweight than they appear,[10] and they typically have light blue hair and eyes. They also usually have light blue skin,[11] but pale, almost alabaster skin is also known,[12] and some display odd patterns in their flesh. Air genasi are constantly surrounded by a faint breeze that affects their hair and clothing. Some have breathy voices with a faint echo.[11]

Air genasi can hold their breath indefinitely while conscious, can cast Levitate once per day without using material components, and tend to have greater dexterity than other genasi.[11]

Earth genasi

Earth genasi are descended from either the dao[11] or humanoids exposed to the energies of the Elemental Plane of Earth, and the most common humanoid race of parents of earth genasi is dwarves.[3] They tend to be circumspect. Their heritage can manifest physically in a variety of ways, from constantly having dust falling from their bodies to having skin resembling pebbles, various metals, dark gems, or crystals.[11]

Earth genasi can move across difficult terrain made of earth and stone without expending extra movement, can cast Pass Without Trace once per day without using material components, and tend to be stronger than other genasi.[11]

Fire genasi

Fan art of Fy'ra Rai, a fire genasi, by HeartofPack.[art 2]

Fire genasi are descendants of either the efreet[11] or humanoids exposed to the energies of the Elemental Plane of Fire, and the most common humanoid race of parents of fire genasi is tieflings.[3] They tend to be more intelligent than other genasi, but also more hasty in judgment and in action. They do not hide their genasi heritage, which can show in skin tones of coal black, ash gray, or flaming red, and hair that is either fiery red or actual flames. In the throes of extreme emotion, their eyes may flare and their hair may writhe.[11]

Fire genasi are resistant to fire damage and have darkvision that extends to 60 feet, seeing poorly lit things in shades of red rather than grey. They can cast the Produce Flame cantrip, and if they reach 3rd level they can cast Burning Hands as a 1st-level spell once per day.[11]

Water genasi

Fan art of Babenon Dosal drinking acid, by GalacticJonah.[art 3]

Water genasi are descended from either marids[11] or humanoids exposed to the energies of the Elemental Plane of Water, and the most common humanoid race of parents of water genasi is humans.[3] They tend to be wiser than other genasi, and take pride in their independence. Most have large, blue-black eyes, and they often have blue or green skin that is persistently moist.[11]

These genasi have a swimming speed of 30 feet, can breathe both air and water, and innately know the Shape Water cantrip. If they reach 3rd level, they can cast Create or Destroy Water as a 2nd-level spell once per day. They are resistant to acid damage,[11] as famously demonstrated by Babenon Dosal.[13]

Genasi in society

Genasi are exceedingly rare across Exandria. Most live among the Ashari of Tal'Dorei or in the Elemental Planes.[14]


Genasi are rare in Tal'Dorei, and they are most common among the Ashari—presumably air genasi in Zephrah, earth genasi in Terrah, and fire genasi at Flamereach Outpost—and near other sources of elemental power. In common society they are treated somewhat rudely,[3] at least outside of Niirdal-Poc, where there is a sizable genasi population.[5]

Menagerie Coast

Both sailors and pirates on the Menagerie Coast are interested in using a genasi's elemental abilities on the ocean.[2]


In the plains of Xhorhas outside of the Kryn Dynasty, there are air, fire, and water genasi born to those who pray for Kord, the Stormlord's blessings. These genasi typically serve as shamans. Xhorhassian earth genasi, on the other hand, are typically born and live in the Vermaloc Wildwood.

Very few if any genasi are born within the Kryn Dynasty, and as such the Kryn do not know much about them. Therefore Kryn scouts received orders to bring any genasi they find to Rosohna to learn about them.[2]

Dwendalian Empire

Fan art of Oremid Hass, by @tshortik.[art 4]

Those high up in the Cerberus Assembly are fascinated with genasi, to the extent that a genasi may be press-ganged into joining the Assembly or face death or exile. Most genasi accept the offer; however, those who do not often join the Myriad.[14] Oremid Hass is an earth genasi and among the highest-ranking members of the Assembly.[15]


The Wyvernwind family is native to Marquet,[16][17] leading the air genasi people who are fractured and scattered across Exandria.[18][19]. As of the end of 842 to the middle of 843 PD,[20] the family resides in a nomadic floating city called the Silken Squall last known to be located near Aeshanadoor.[21]

Notable genasi

Fan art of Dorian, by LornArt.[art 5]

Air genasi

Earth genasi

Fan art of Ashton Greymoore, by Nathaniel Himawan (ninesicks).[art 6]

Fire genasi

Water genasi


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