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Fan art of Yasha's tattoo, by Aurex Aldori.[art 2]

Gemstone tattoos are magical tattoos that, as their name implies, are infused with gemstone dust that enhance the physical capabilities of the person they are tattooed upon.


The process of making gemstone tattoos was invented by the Ki'Nau.[1] The tattoos alter a person's physical capabilities, either increasing an ability score, or granting resistance to a damage type, depending on the gemstone used.[2] A creature can only have one such tattoo.[3]

The gem dusts in the amounts listed below are the ones currently known to give the following effects when used:[4][5]

  • Ruby dust: +1 Strength (2200gp)
  • Emerald dust: +1 Dexterity (2200gp)
  • Diamond dust: +1 Constitution (2500gp)
  • Jade dust: +1 Wisdom (2200gp)
  • Sapphire dust: +1 Intelligence (2200gp)
  • Aquamarine dust: +1 Charisma (2200gp)
  • Fire Opal dust: Fire resistance (5000gp)
  • Black Sapphire dust: Cold resistance (5000gp)

Residuum can also substitute for any of the types of gems.[6]



  • Orly Skiffback: Aquamarine arm tattoos in the shape of swirling water.[7]
  • Beauregard Lionett: Jade tattoo on the upper back in the shape of an all-seeing eye, which extends to the back of the head.[8]
  • Jester Lavorre: Diamond tattoo on the upper chest and shoulders in the shape of clasped hands.[9]
  • Veth Brenatto: Aquamarine face tattoo similar to a Mardi Gras mask highlighting her eyes and temples.[10]
  • Yasha Nydoorin: Emerald and residuum tattoo running from the left ear down her arm, spelling "Orphanmaker" in runes, with vines and flowers weaving in between the runes.[11]


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