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Gearhole Prison[1] is a prison in the Iron Lot district of Hupperdook.


The building has a large 15 foot by 20 foot, metal gate.[2] The gate has two doors opening in the center, and there are a set of smaller gnomish-sized doors built in the base of each of the sides.[3][4] The interior is very low-lit, reddish, almost oxidized iron that is just shadow and torches. There are large support beams of metal put against the rock and stone carved out of the interior of the mountain. There is one long hallway that splinters off into a number of hallways to the right and left.[5]


At the request of the warden Poppin Drokrusher, Cleff Tinkertop built a clockwork warden to help keep watch over some of the more dangerous and difficult inmates of the prison. Unfortunately on its first foray, it had some unexpected faults and couldn't be controlled, destroying whatever was in its way. Cleff hired the Mighty Nein to take care of the problem.[6]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

"Divergent Paths" (2x25)[]

The Mighty Nein, hired by Cleff Tinkertop, were able to destroy the warden and in exchange, Cleff gave them The Tinkertop Bolt Blaster 1000.[7]

Explorer's Guide to Wildemount[]

During the War of Ash and Light, Sken Zabriss was captured and imprisoned in the prison. Afterwards, a disgraced Kryn inventor and collaborator named Huron Stahlmast, helped her escape by blowing a hole in the prison wall. An adventuring group was hired by Watchmaster Bram Gulchswattle to track down and re-captured Sken.[8]


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