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A Gambler's Blade is a cursed magical sword that allows a wielder to choose a magical bonus by taking a corresponding penalty to death saving throws. Bertrand Bell wielded a Gambler's Blade Rapier for over thirty years. After Bertrand's death in 843 PD, the rapier went into the ownership of Dorian Storm.


Bertrand Bell's Gambler's Blade

Official art of Bertrand Bell's Gambler's Rapier, by Kit Buss.[art 2]

The attuned wielder can choose a magical bonus of +1 to +3, giving the Gambler's Blade that bonus to its attack and damage rolls. The wielder takes a corresponding penalty, -1 to -3, to their death saving throws. The bonus can be changed each dawn.[1]

The sword is cursed, so the wielder bound to it wants to remain bound to it and feels a compulsion to keep it with them. A Remove Curse spell or similar magic cast upon the wielder ends this curse.[1]


Bertrand Bell owned a beautifully crafted[2] Gambler's Blade Rapier, sometimes referred to simply as a Gambler's Rapier, when he accompanied Vox Machina into Pandemonium in early 812 PD, during his appearances in "The Search For Grog" (Sx42) and "The Search For Bob" (Sx45). Over the course of these one-shots, Travis chose a bonus of +3.[3]

In Campaign Three, set thirty-one years later in 843 PD, Bertrand still carried his Gambler's Blade Rapier while living in Jrusar. As before, Travis always chose to take a weapon bonus of +3.[4][5] When Bertrand was cornered by Dugger in an alley at the end of "The Trail and the Toll" (3x03), Bertrand calmly drew the sword to stop Dugger's approach and to attempt to intimidate him. Bertrand was swiftly killed without opportunity to defend himself, losing consciousness after being stabbed twice and ultimately being stabbed six times total, and he died with the Gambler's Blade Rapier in hand.[6][7]

The rapier was found with his body shortly after by his allies, and Dorian Storm took it into his possession.[8] Dorian snuck it into a masquerade ball held by the Chandei Quorum by disguising it as an ornamental blade he called "Typhonus".[9] After many weeks traveling through Tal'Dorei with the Crown Keepers the genasi returned to Bells Hells, and at one point he showed them his blade, taking a moment to remember Bertrand, its original owner.[10] The following morning, as Dorian watched the sunrise, he used his jeweler's tools to add three lapis lazuli gems to the sword to act as "buttons", to activate the special property of the weapon; when he was done, he used it for the first time, acquiring a minimal increase in his fighting prowess that day, but taking equal risk if he was at risk of dying in the same time frame.[11]


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