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Galdric, the Moonlit Wolf[2] is a wolf and former companion of Purvan Suul, the Champion of the Raven Queen.

As an NPC, Galdric is played by Matthew Mercer in Critical Role and Brennan Lee Mulligan in Exandria Unlimited: Calamity.



Galdric is a large dark gray and black wolf.[3]




During the Calamity,[2] Galdric was an ally and animal companion of Purvan Suul. Together, they fought fiends from the Nine Hells and a faction of the Abyss. At some point, Galdric was sealed within the Raven's Slumber amulet and interred with Purvan. Vex'ahlia's history book contained few details on the creature, though it did refer to the "dangerous and respected Galdric".[4]

"Those Who Walk Away" (1x45)

When Vox Machina looted the Raven's Slumber from Purvan Suul's corpse,[5] they unwittingly acquired Galdric, who was magically stored within a pocket plane inside the enchanted crystal.[6] The Raven's Slumber was identified by Keeper Yennen in Whitestone,[7] and Vox Machina decided to release the creature outside the city, hoping to form an alliance if friendly or defeat it in a safe area if hostile.[8] Once they reached their destination, Scanlan activated the Raven's Slumber to release the creature inside.[9] After multiple failed attempts by the rest of Vox Machina to communicate with the wolf,[10] Keyleth cast Speak with Animals and asked the wolf if he was Galdric. Galdric seemed to respond to this, so Keyleth continued and explained that, while Purvan had since died, the Raven Queen had chosen a new master, and gestured toward Vax'ildan. Galdric did not seem impressed by Vax, and turned to leave, but was stopped by Grog yelling for him to heel.[11]

Grog believed Galdric to be a powerful creature and suggested that the group give Galdric a task. Galdric followed Grog as the party re-entered the city, and Keyleth, again via Speak with Animals and with Grog's help, successfully assigned the wolf to the task of protecting the lands around Whitestone. Galdric turned and set out into the wilderness to begin his guardianship.[12]

"A Cycle of Vengeance" (1x58)

When Hotis hired several assassins from the Clasp and tried to kill Vax and the other members (and allies) of Vox Machina in Whitestone, Galdric killed one of the fleeing assassins.[13]

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115)

Fan art of Pike and Galdric howling, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 2]

Vox Machina returned to Whitestone after Vax'ildan fulfilled the terms of his deal with the Raven Queen and passed on. That evening, Pike Trickfoot found a clearing in the woods to sit and think. She was joined unexpectedly by Galdric. He recognized Pike and let out a howl that Pike understood to be a tribute to Vax. Galdric allowed Pike to hug him and the two howled together in Vax's memory.[14]

After the Campaign of Vox Machina

Fan art of Galdric, by Callum Lyall.[art 3]

Galdric continued wandering and protecting the Parchwood near Whitestone, and is rumored to sometimes visit the city's shrine to the Matron of Ravens at night.[1] As of 836 PD, Galdric had become something of a local legend, and attained a small degree of divine power that classifies him as a lesser idol; he could grant some of that power back to mortals as either a Celestial or Undying patron.[15]


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