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I have no purpose without someone to protect. It's who I am.
Fy'ra Rai[10]

Fy'ra Rai is a fire genasi monk and a chosen of the Wildmother, who appeared in Exandria Unlimited Prime and Exandria Unlimited: Kymal. She is played by Anjali Bhimani.



Official full-body portrait of Fy'ra Rai, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 3]


Fy'ra Rai is tall and very dark-skinned, with gold sparkling on her arms and neck. She has fire for hair. When she first appears, she is wearing all black, including her tall boots. She carries a tall,[11] collapsible staff.[12]

She has several tattoos, which she explained meant that someone who loved her very much wanted her never to feel pain, but instead wanted others who tried to hurt her to feel pain.[13]

When she tried to remove the Circlet of Barbed Vision from Opal's head she received puncture wounds on her hands that acquired a greenish color.[14]


Fy'ra Rai always shows a calm and composed front, and fully believes in her purpose of guiding the group to complete their mission, whatever that may be. She gives great importance to following one's destiny, and relies on her "gift", which gives her hints about the present and future, often. She often gives the group instructions, but hides many things from them, such as their destination and the fact that she has met them before, during the week that the group forgot.[15] Fy'ra was deeply troubled by her sister's passing, which fueled her desire to protect others no matter what, even trying to control the situation they're in or what they do.[16]

As a fire genasi, Fy'ra Rai takes great pride in "being born from the Elemental Plane of Fire," giving her unwavering confidence. She is "a protector, a caretaker, and someone who used a very bad experience that she had as fuel for the rest of her life."[17] She believes she was born to protect other people.[18]



Fy'ra is not originally from the Material Plane, since she was born in the Elemental Plane of Fire, as the daughter of two powerful but strict parents.[19][20] She had a twin sister, Fy'ra Kai, and they used to compete with each other, with the younger sister being better at a lot of things. At one point, not long before they abandoned their home, they went climbing as a form of competition, and although Fy'ra Kai was faster, she ended up losing her footing, falling and causing the older twin to break her arm for trying to catch her. When they returned home, Fy'ra Kai lied to their parents, explaining she had broken her arm after falling from a fiery outcropping, which caused her to be punished instead of Fy'ra Kai, although she ended up resenting her older sister because of it.[21] Both left their home roughly at the same time, but separately, possibly because of Fy'ra Kai wanting to avoid Fy'ra Rai's protection; the younger twin disappeared at some point, making the monk believe that she had died, thus blaming herself for having hesitated instead of following Fy'ra Kai whether she wanted it or not.[22]

Fy'ra traveled by herself, and eventually met and befriended Dariax, Dorian, Fearne, Opal and Orym outside of Emon in 842 PD. They had some adventures together in the area,[23][24] and at some point in the same week the six adventurers traveled to a puddle that acted as a liminal space between Exandria and the Feywild. There, the group started to fight, and at the risk of ending up trapped there, Fy'ra decided to trade herself so her friends could leave; Dorian tried to fight the other genasi over that decision when the two of them were left alone, but the monk was stronger and sent him away, believing in the bard's potential. Due to the magic of the Fey Realm, the five adventurers returned to Exandria without most of the memories of the world they had spent together.[25]

At some point Fy'ra was able to return to Exandria on her own, and with Melora's guidance she found Niirdal-Poc, being accepted in the city, and receiving "The Gift", a power that gave her supernatural intuition.

"By the Road" (E1x04)[]

Fy'ra Rai by ElesirArt

Fan art of Fy'ra Rai, by ElesirArt.[art 4]

While the at the time unnamed Crown Keepers were confronting an evil version of Fearne in the Verdant Expanse, Fy'ra revealed herself to the party and intervened. Fy'ra joined them in combat and landed the killing blow on the creature. After their fight and the arrival of Myr'atta Niselor, Fy'ra explained that she was summoned to protect the party. When Myr'atta looked into Opal's thoughts, Fy'ra put herself in between them and pulled Opal away. She accompanied the party back to their carriage, and on the way used her Gift to sense the intentions of Myr'atta and her people. She sensed that Myr'atta's companions were not a threat, but that Myr'atta herself had some kind of intent towards them.

Upon arriving at their flamboyant carriage, Fy'ra concluded that this method of transportation was a great way to get themselves killed. The party pointed out that they don't know anything about Fy'ra and she formally introduced herself to the group, explaining that although they did not know her, she knew them. She restated that she was here to protect them, and said that if her actions so far had not yet proved that to be true, she didn't know what would.

The party invited her to join them on their trek down to the ruins of Qoniira and she laughed, realizing why she had been sent to these people. Instead of explaining her statement, she hopped into the driver's seat of the cart and began leading them south.

The party then arrived in Byroden and while most of the party decided to partake in the Gem of Byroden pageant, Fy'ra elected not to. Instead, she and Orym watched from the crowd. When Orym was called to participate in Cinna Brightbow's axe-throwing during the talent contest, Fy'ra pushed her way to the front of the crowd to stop this from happening. She climbed onto the stage just as Cinna finished her performance and dragged Orym away. During Opal's turn in the evening wear portion of the competition, Fy'ra subtly cast flames around her, making her glow and sparkle.

Later that evening, as the festivities died down, Fy'ra befriended some of the city guards and joined them on their patrol, climbing the parapets. She took some satisfaction in knowing her friends were safe for the time being, but was worried for the difficulties that lay ahead.

"A Test of Worth" (E1x05)[]

Before leaving Byroden, Fy'ra warned the party that the Qoniiran ruins were special and would want to know what they wanted. They then continued their journey south.

That night, they made camp and Dorian and Dariax had a loud conversation about Dariax dreaming of The Spider Queen, waking the entire party, Fy'ra included. Fy'ra used her Gift, which told her to watch and wait, as important events were transpiring. She told the party of her deceased twin sister, Fy'ra Kai, whom she failed to protect.

Dorian told Fy'ra about the Circlet of Barbed Vision and that they were being pursued by Poska and the Nameless Ones. Fy'ra admitted that she had been following the party for some time, waiting to see if they needed her. Fearne offered to carry the circlet for a while, then suddenly, Dorian's nose began to bleed and his ears began to ring, which grew louder each time Fy'ra Rai approached him, or Fearne approached with the circlet. Spiders then began appearing on the party, and they agreed to put the circlet in the middle of the campsite and go back to sleep.

Dorian then dreamed of Fy'ra and the Spider Queen, and made a deal with the goddess resulting in her returning his memories of the past week to him. He remembered that Fy'ra traveled with them and they all entered a stopping-over place between Exandria and the Feywild together, where they fought. Fy'ra traded herself to let all of them leave, and she still retained her memories of this.

Fy'ra was still on watch when he awoke, and he looked towards her. She told him there was still time to sleep, so he rolled over but did not go back to sleep. Fy'ra told the jungle she thought it was time to "show them" and the vine in her hand burnt and withered away, which she interpreted as a dramatic agreement.

The party continued on their journey into the jungle and came across the ruins they had been seeking. As they approached, Fy'ra heard the voice of The Wildmother in her head, asking if the others of the party could see the truth or not. Fy'ra assured her they were good-hearted and would do the right thing. She watched as each member spoke to The Wildmother in turn, processing their reactions. As a giant fey crocodile approached the party, Fy'ra asked if they did so badly, to which The Wildmother said no.

After the fight, they continued deeper into the jungle at the Wildmother's urging, and discussed names for the party. At their terrible suggestions, Fy'ra teared up a little, and quietly mused that her sister would like them a lot.

"The Gift Among the Green" (E1x06)[]

Fy'ra lead the party to Niirdal-Poc and welcomed them to the city. At the gates, she gave a pass sign to the guards to be granted admittance and warned the party to be respectful of the city. She brought them to the home of her friend Elam Genar, who welcomed them in and cooked them a meal.

Fy'ra explained that the city was ruled by the four tetrarchs, and it had remained hidden in the jungle for uncountable years. She herself found her way to it with the aid of the Wildmother when she heard of her sister's death. Elam told them that Niirdal-Poc was once the capital of the five cities of the Qoniira Tetrarchy, but was now the only city remaining.

Fy'ra told Elam she wished to bring the party before the tetrarchs, and asked how things have been. Elam told her off ill omens and Tetrarch Umeji going to scout out the Iron Authority. After dinner, Fy'ra lead the party to the civic hall, where they met Tetrarch Thrascuur. During their conversations, Fy'ra started to panic, speculating that as a fire genasi, she was drawn to the party to protect them from the rising power of the fire. When Thrascuur asked her what she really wanted, it was to see her family again, and she saw a vision of her sister, alive, waiting for her far northwest of Emon.

DireFearne, Fy'ra, and Opal - Nathan Long

Fan art of DireFearne, Fy'ra, and Opal, by Nathan Long.[art 5]

When the rest of the party left the room, Fy'ra ran back and told the Tetrarch she feared one of the party was being drawn south for the wrong reasons. Thrascuur agreed, saying he was losing himself to the thrall of something great and terrible.

The party were attacked in the city, and after fending off their attackers, Fy'ra Rai told the party she must go search for her sister and said her goodbyes. She then went to Dorian, took his head in her hands, and pulled their foreheads together. She told him that she knew something drove him to a terrible choice, making him think it was better to be alone. She urged him to stay with his new found family. He told her not to worry, he would do anything for his friends. She realized that they must do the next part alone, but when the time was right, she would return. With that, she moved on her way and was lost to darkness.

"Guest Battle Royale" (Sx64)[]

Fy'ra Rai - Guest Battle Royale

Fy'ra Rai from "Guest Battle Royale" (Sx64).[art 6]

During the (most likely non-canon) events of this special, Fy'ra Rai was summoned against her will to participate in the deadly alternate reality TV show Garyon Garrington's Plunder Games, whose prize is one use of a Wish spell. She was supposed to compete against Kashaw Vesh, Sprigg, Tova and Nila, but she was quick to make clear her discomfort at the idea of fighting for no reason and killing innocents, attacking only those who actively displayed aggression towards others (Tova very briefly and a very grouchy Kash later). Instead, the monk focused on attacking the different elements presented by the tournament itself, reaching Garyon and threatening him to stop the game. After killing and reviving Kashaw, an agreement was reached, Sprigg gave the prize (the Fulcrum Paradox box) to Jessie, one of the girls in the audience, and Garyon sent Fy'ra and the rest of the contestants to their respective homes, erasing their memories of the event.

"Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, Part 1" (E2x01)[]

In the following year, Fy'ra Rai used all her resources to locate her sister Fy'ra Kai, but was unsuccessful. In mid-843 PD, she rejoined Dariax Zaveon, Opal, and Dorian in the crime-ridden casino town of Kymal for a heist on The Maiden's Wish casino. She befriended a young tiefling thief, Jinoir, who informed her about the activity of the Nameless Ones in the city.

While obtaining the blueprints for the heist she distracted people disguised as Tharla Starr to help Morrighan Ferus, and later joined a battle and destroyed a cabinet to prevent that enemy creatures came through it.

"Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, Part 2" (E2x02)[]

Fy'ra met again with Jinoir in a Chroma Conclave-themed spa, where he told her that he had been forced to join the Nameless Ones, who were preventing people to leave the city; he also revealed that Fy'ra Kai was one of their members. During the heist a goliath lieutenant of the criminal organization taunted the monk about her sister, angering her, and when they defeated him, she kept his documents about the Nameless Ones. Later, in the vault, the fire genasi helped Morrighan destroying a carving representing the Raven Queen, since it was hurting the lagomore somehow, and before giving the last blow, she prayed to her mother for protection.

Thanks to Fy'ra's preparation the Crown Keepers were able to reach the glass skydeck successfully, and while to detach it from the rest of the building to use it to fly away, the monk cast Burning Hands to set off the dynamite Cyrus Wyvernwind had brought them. While they were leaving Fy'ra Kai arrived and made eye contact with her sister. Then, Fy'ra Rai's tigerstone shattered.

Before and during "Broken Roads" (3x92)[]

Fy'ra and the Crown Keepers stayed on the move to avoid Poska's agents, eventually heading towards Zephrah after Orym (despite the interference of the apogee solstice) contacted them and told them to find Keyleth. During that journey the monk was quite worried, reliving over and over the brief reunion with her twin and reflecting on why she would want to kill her. One day, while they were stopping in a small village, Fy'ra spent some time with Opal, speaking about their respective twin sisters, and hugged the monk, making her feel a bit better about Fy'ra Kai being their enemy now, explaining that maybe she had been keeping an image of her sister in her mind that no longer corresponded to reality; thankful, Fy'ra gave Opal half of her broken tiger's eye (and the human sprayed her with her perfume in return) and silently promised Lolth she wouldn't keep her friend for long.

Sadly, less than a week after that interaction the Spider Queen took control over Opal, and made her attack her friends, hitting Fy'ra Rai first with her Hexblade's Curse and some Eldritch Blasts. The rest of the group reacted to the attack, and Dorian gave some Bardic Inspiraction to the monk (calling her "Bossy Genasi", which she didn't quite appreciate as her new nickname). Fy'ra, who had been trying to commune with Melora with varying degrees of success since the solstice, asked how they could help Opal, and the Wildmother revealed that taking the Circlet of Barbed Vision from her would be the solution, although she also hinted that he had no intention of intervening directly in the fight against the champion of Lolth. Cautious, Fy'ra attacked her friend with her Lava Whip without hurting her too much. Morrighan healed the fire genasi a bit, and after they realized the gemstones Opal had summoned around them in the battlefield represented her connections and memories, they started to take them, and Fy'ra relived their bonding moment in the small village. Despite being able to see those visions through their Telepathic Bond, Opal kept attacking them with Eldritch Blast, and even kept her familiar, Ted 2, near Fy'ra.

"Bittersweet Reunions" (3x93)[]

The battle continued, and Fy'ra, in desperation, prayed once more to her goddess, promising to serve her more actively if she helped them, after which Melora conveyed the possibility of a reward if the fire genasi committed to her offer. Fy'ra jumped inside the globe of Darkness and tried to cast a Fireball to hit everyone there, including Opal and herself, but the warlock Counterspelled it; Fy'ra then accepted the Wildmother's offer, starting her journey as a Chosen of the Wildmother,[26] and the goddess, as an immediate reward, Dispelled the Darkness.

Fy'ra and Opal by Zeth

Fan art of Fy'ra and Opal, by Zeth.[art 7]

The monk stayed in the battlefield, as the rest of the Crown Keepers were persuaded (either magically or with words) to leave, until Fy'ra was left alone with Opal, who tried to convince her to hurt her body as much as possible before leaving (something the genasi wasn't willing to do). She reached for the Circlet of Barbed Vision, piercing her hands in the process, but realized that if she managed to remove it, that would kill her friend; thus, she confronted Lolth directly (filled with determination and supported by her friends' Bardic Inspirations), offering to join their cause, acting as a divine champion and protecting Opal, since ultimately they now shared the same goal: stopping Predathos. The Spider Queen agreed (although irritated about the possibility of interacting with Melora more often) and Fy'ra Rai and Opal left together.


Her family[]

Fy'ra Rai sees both her parents as severe and very powerful,[27] but she seems to respect her mother more.[28]

She has a twin sister, Fy'ra Kai, who she believed had died shortly after going off on an adventure.[29] When she learned Fy'ra Kai was actually alive she looked for her, and eventually discovered that she was very alive, and wanted her dead. This caused the monk to struggle, since although both sisters had always been competitive, she loved Fy'ra Kai, and didn't understand her intense hatred. When taunted by Lolth about her sister, the monk stated that she preferred to stay and protect Opal, her chosen sister, rather than seek out Fy'ra Kai.[30]

Crown Keepers[]

She has known the adventuring party[31] since they met, and they fought together in a space between the Feywild and the Material Plane, though the rest of the party forgot that time.[32] She believes she is meant to protect them.[33]

Dorian Storm[]

Although Fy'ra felt some kinship with Dorian since he was a genasi too, even calling him little brother, he wasn't entirely comfortable with her attention, especially after knowing she had known them since before they met in the forest as a group on their journey to Niirdal-Poc. Although their personalities were very different, eventually they grew closer, and by the time of the apogee solstice Dorian was comfortable enough to give her the nickname "Bossy Genasi".[34]


Sisters - Elaine Tipping

Fan art of the sisters, by Elaine Tipping.[art 8]

Despite having very different families, Fy'ra and Opal have bonded because of their common experience dealing with twin sisters who are different from themselves. Opal considers Fy'ra her sister too, and the genasi is willing to fight the Spider Queen's will in order to free the warlock from her influence,[35] and to make a deal with the Wildmother as a means to help her friend. Even after Opal tried to kill her and her friend, Fy'ra embraced her bond with her and agreed to stay as her protector, prioritizing her relationship with her chosen sister.[36]

When Fy'ra made a bad joke Opal tried to laugh to protect her feelings, even though they both knew it wasn't that funny.

Character information[]

Notable items[]



Skills: Acrobatics,[40] Insight,[41] Perception[42]

Genasi traits[]

Fy'ra Rai - Heart of Pack

Fan art of Fy'ra Rai, by HeartofPack.[art 9]

  • Subrace: Fire Genasi
    • Darkvision (60 ft.)
    • Fire resistance[43]
    • Reach to the Blaze
      • Produce Flame cantrip
      • Burning Hands (1/Day)[44]

Monk abilities[]

  • Unarmored Defense
  • Martial Arts
  • Ki
    • Flurry of Blows[45]
    • Patient Defense
    • Step of the Wind
  • Unarmored Movement
  • Monastic Tradition: Way of the Four Elements[46]
    • Disciple of the Elements
      • Elemental Attunement
      • Fist of Four Thunders[47]
      • Lava Whip,[48] likely a reskinned Water Whip
      • Flames of the Phoenix[49]
  • Deflect Missiles
  • Slow Fall
  • Extra Attack
  • Stunning Strike
  • Ki Empowered Strikes
  • Evasion
  • Stillness of Mind
  • Purity of Body
  • Tongue of the Sun and Moon

Special abilities[]

  • The Gift: This power, although not deeply defined, gives Fy'ra enhanced intuition and allows her to commune more easily with the divine.


  • "Not all family is blood. Much family is chosen."[50]
  • (to Lolth) "I was born to be a protector. I was not born to walk alone for solitary purpose. This [Opal] is my sister now."[51]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • In-universe, Fy'ra Rai, like her sister, has two names,[52] each with its own meaning: fy'ra means "fire", and rai means "just". The parents of the twins meant rai and kai (warrior) to represent two sides of a coin.[53]
  • In Exandria Unlimited Prime, Fy'ra Rai was two levels above the other player characters.[54]
  • When creating Fy'ra Rai, Anjali "wanted her to be someone who was from somewhere far far away and wasn’t really OF any place on Exandria… which is part of why her accent is a combination of several different ones from different lands". She gave Fy'ra Rai traits that she would hope to have in similar situations, and some of her own traits, but magnified.[55]
  • In #RollForCharity live stream organized by Roll for Persuasion, Anjali played another fire genasi character who was vastly different from Fy'ra Rai "in every other way".[55]
  • Although she made a deal with the Wildmother and began the process to become her champion, Aabria Iyengar explained Fy'ra isn't a full champion yet.[56]
  • Fy'ra mentioned that her mother was the one who gave her her magic. However, she also said that her mother was from Exandria,[57] making possible that she is a genasi who left the Material Plane.
    • Before destroying a carving of the Matron of Ravens Fy'ra prayed to her mother in her tongue,[58] which, along with the fact that both of her parents had some sort of epic cataclysmic fight,[59] suggests that the genasi's mother is very powerful.
  • Fy'ra has a strange sense of humor and is not good at making jokes.[60]
  • Anjali and Fy'ra wear the same type of high-heeled boots, perfect for walking, according to the player.[61]

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