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Fy'ra Rai is a fire genasi monk who appeared in Exandria Unlimited. She is played by Anjali Bhimani.


Official full-body portrait of Fy'ra Rai, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 3]


Fy'ra Rai is tall and very dark-skinned, with gold sparkling on her arms and neck. She has fire for hair. When she first appears, she is wearing all black, including her tall boots. She carries a tall,[8] collapsible staff.[9]

She has several tattoos, which she explained meant that someone who loved her very much wanted her never to feel pain, but instead wanted others who tried to hurt her to feel pain.[10]


Fy'ra Rai always shows a calm and composed front, and fully believes in her purpose of guiding the group to complete their mission, whatever that may be. She gives great importance to following one's destiny, and relies on her "gift", which gives her hints about the present and future, often. She often gives the group instructions, but hides many things from them, such as their destination and the fact that she has met them before, during the week that the group forgot.[11] Fy'ra was deeply troubled by her sister's passing, which fueled her desire to protect others no matter what, even trying to control the situation they're in or what they do.[12]

As a fire genasi, Fy'ra Rai takes great pride in "being born from the Elemental Plane of Fire," giving her unwavering confidence. She is "a protector, a caretaker, and someone who used a very bad experience that she had as fuel for the rest of her life."[13]



Fy'ra is not originally from the Material Plane.[14]

"By the Road" (E1x04)

While the at the time unnamed Crown Keepers were confronting an evil version of Fearne in the Verdant Expanse, Fy'ra revealed herself to the party and intervened. Fy'ra joined them in combat and landed the killing blow on the creature. After their fight and the arrival of Myr'atta Niselor, Fy'ra explained that she was summoned to protect the party. When Myr'atta looked into Opal's thoughts, Fy'ra put herself in between them and pulled Opal away. She accompanied the party back to their carriage, and on the way used her Gift to sense the intentions of Myr'atta and her people. She sensed that Myr'atta's companions were not a threat, but that Myr'atta herself had some kind of intent towards them.

Upon arriving at their flamboyant carriage, Fy'ra concluded that this method of transportation was a great way to get themselves killed. The party pointed out that they don't know anything about Fy'ra and she formally introduced herself to the group, explaining that although they did not know her, she knew them. She restated that she was here to protect them, and said that if her actions so far had not yet proved that to be true, she didn't know what would.

The party invited her to join them on their trek down to the ruins of Qoniira and she laughed, realizing why she had been sent to these people. Instead of explaining her statement, she hopped into the driver's seat of the cart and began leading them south.

The party then arrived in Byroden and while most of the party decided to partake in the Gem of Byroden pageant, Fy'ra elected not to. Instead, she and Orym watched from the crowd. When Orym was called to participate in Cinna Brightbow's axe-throwing during the talent contest, Fy'ra pushed her way to the front of the crowd to stop this from happening. She climbed onto the stage just as Cinna finished her performance and dragged Orym away. During Opal's turn in the evening wear portion of the competition, Fy'ra subtly cast flames around her, making her glow and sparkle.

Later that evening, as the festivities died down, Fy'ra befriended some of the city guards and joined them on their patrol, climbing the parapets. She took some satisfaction in knowing her friends were safe for the time being, but was worried for the difficulties that lay ahead.

"A Test of Worth" (E1x05)

Before leaving Byroden, Fy'ra warned the party that the Qoniiran ruins were special and would want to know what they wanted. They then continued their journey south.

That night, they made camp and Dorian and Dariax had a loud conversation about Dariax dreaming of The Spider Queen, waking the entire party, Fy'ra included. Fy'ra used her Gift, which told her to watch and wait, as important events were transpiring. She told the party of her deceased twin sister, Fy'ra Kai, whom she failed to protect.

Dorian told Fy'ra about the Circlet of Barbed Vision and that they were being pursued by Poska and the Nameless Ones. Fy'ra admitted that she had been following the party for some time, waiting to see if they needed her. Fearne offered to carry the circlet for a while, then suddenly, Dorian's nose began to bleed and his ears began to ring, which grew louder each time Fy'ra Rai approached him, or Fearne approached with the circlet. Spiders then began appearing on the party, and they agreed to put the circlet in the middle of the campsite and go back to sleep.

Dorian then dreamed of Fy'ra and the Spider Queen, and made a deal with the goddess resulting in her returning his memories of the past week to him. He remembered that Fy'ra traveled with them and they all entered a stopping-over place between Exandria and the Feywild together, where they fought. Fy'ra traded herself to let all of them leave, and she still retained her memories of this.

Fy'ra was still on watch when he awoke, and he looked towards her. She told him there was still time to sleep, so he rolled over but did not go back to sleep. Fy'ra told the jungle she thought it was time to "show them" and the vine in her hand burnt and withered away, which she interpreted as a dramatic agreement.

The party continued on their journey into the jungle and came across the ruins they had been seeking. As they approached, Fy'ra heard the voice of The Wildmother in her head, asking if the others of the party could see the truth or not. Fy'ra assured her they were good-hearted and would do the right thing. She watched as each member spoke to The Wildmother in turn, processing their reactions. As a giant fey crocodile approached the party, Fy'ra asked if they did so badly, to which The Wildmother said no.

After the fight, they continued deeper into the jungle at the Wildmother's urging, and discussed names for the party. At their terrible suggestions, Fy'ra teared up a little, and quietly mused that her sister would like them a lot.

"The Gift Among the Green" (E1x06)

Fy'ra lead the party to Niirdal-Poc and welcomed them to the city. At the gates, she gave a pass sign to the guards to be granted admittance and warned the party to be respectful of the city. She brought them to the home of her friend Elam Genar, who welcomed them in and cooked them a meal.

Fy'ra explained that the city was ruled by the four tetrarchs, and it had remained hidden in the jungle for uncountable years. She herself found her way to it with the aid of the Wildmother when she heard of her sister's death. Elam told them that Niirdal-Poc was once the capital of the five cities of the Qoniira Tetrarchy, but was now the only city remaining.

Fy'ra told Elam she wished to bring the party before the tetrarchs, and asked how things have been. Elam told her off ill omens and Tetrarch Umeji going to scout out the Iron Authority. After dinner, Fy'ra lead the party to the civic hall, where they met Tetrarch Thrascuur. During their conversations, Fy'ra started to panic, speculating that as a fire genasi, she was drawn to the party to protect them from the rising power of the fire. When Thrascuur asked her what she really wanted, it was to see her family again, and she saw a vision of her sister, alive, waiting for her far northwest of Emon.

When the rest of the party left the room, Fy'ra ran back and told the Tetrarch she feared one of the party was being drawn south for the wrong reasons. Thrascuur agreed, saying he was losing himself to the thrall of something great and terrible.

The party were attacked in the city, and after fending off their attackers, Fy'ra Rai told the party she must go search for her sister and said her goodbyes. She then went to Dorian, took his head in her hands, and pulled their foreheads together. She told him that she knew something drove him to a terrible choice, making him think it was better to be alone. She urged him to stay with his new found family. He told her not to worry, he would do anything for his friends. She realized that they must do the next part alone, but when the time was right, she would return. With that, she moved on her way and was lost to darkness.

"Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, Part 1" (E2x01)

In the following year, Fy'ra Rai used all her resources to locate her sister Fy'ra Kai, but was unsuccessful. In mid-843 PD, she re-joined Dariax Zaveon, Opal, and Dorian in the crime-ridden casino town of Kymal for a heist on The Maiden's Wish casino.


She has known the adventuring party[15] since they met, and they fought together in a space between the Feywild and the Material Plane, though the rest of the party forgot that time.[16] She believes she is meant to protect them.[17]

She had a twin sister, Fy'ra Kai, whom she believed had died shortly after going off on an adventure.[18] Fy'ra Rai has mentioned their parents, saying that the only time she had heard of anything like Fearne's creation of Little Mister from the breach into the Elemental Plane of Fire in Emon was when her parents fought, "long ago."[19]

Character information

Notable items


Genasi traits

Fan art of Fy'ra Rai, by HeartofPack.[art 4]

  • Subrace: Fire Genasi
    • Darkvision (60 ft.)
    • Fire resistance[22]
    • Reach to the Blaze
      • Produce Flame cantrip
      • Burning Hands (1/Day)[23]

Monk abilities

  • Flurry of Blows[24]
  • Monastic Tradition: Way of the Four Elements[25]
    • Disciple of the Elements
      • Elemental Attunement
      • Fist of Four Thunders[26]
      • Lava Whip,[27] likely a reskinned Water Whip


  • "Not all family is blood. Much family is chosen."[28]

Appearances and mentions


  • In Exandria Unlimited, Fy'ra Rai was two levels above the other player characters.[29]
  • When creating Fy'ra Rai, Anjali "wanted her to be someone who was from somewhere far far away and wasn’t really OF any place on Exandria… which is part of why her accent is a combination of several different ones from different lands". She gave Fy'ra Rai traits that she would hope to have in similar situations, and some of her own traits, but magnified.[30]
  • In #RollForCharity live stream organized by Roll for Persuasion, Anjali played another fire genasi character who was vastly different from Fy'ra Rai "in every other way".[30]
  • Because her sister is named "Fy'ra Kai", their family name is suggested to be "Fy'ra". Anjali confirmed that "Fy'ra Rai" is two names, but did not confirm whether "Fy'ra" is the family name. When asked how best to refer to the character using a single name, Anjali said she would personally choose "Fy'ra", not "Rai", but generally thinks of the character with her full name.[31]
  • Fy'ra mentioned that her mother was the one who gave her her magic. However, she also said that her mother was from Exandria,[32] making possible that she is a genasi who left the Material Plane.

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