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The Frostweald is a forested region south of the Foramere Basin in Tal'Dorei, shrouded in an eternal winter.[2]


The Frostweald is a pine forest that is constantly covered in snow and ice, regardless of the season, thanks to the curse of the Icelost Years. It is also the site of considerable planar activity, with a known entrance to the Feywild[3] and a former entrance to the Frostfell.[4]

At some unknown point in history, the area may have been a holy site to Ioun, as many obelisks and Ioun Stones have been found there, and the secret Cavern of Axiom is a shrine to the goddess of knowledge.[5]

The only humanoid population in the Frostweald is the Shivergut tribe. Though often helpful to travelers, some sects of the tribe are isolationists and attack such outsiders.[6]

Notable Locations[]


Frostweald - Kiyoko

Fan art of the Frostweald, by Kiyoko.[art 3]

Icelost Years[]

The Frostweald, then simply a forested area, became the initial site of the Icelost Years when Errevon and his forces came through an existing portal to the Material Plane and began conquering the region, and eventually a large portion of central Tal'Dorei, with perpetual ice storms. It was several years before he was defeated, and the rift itself sealed by the Ashari. Skysunder, the white dragon scout of Errevon, was defeated and sealed beneath the Frostweald by the Arcana Pansophical,[9] imprisoned within a giant crystaline egg.[10][11] Because of this, the Frostweald remains in permanent magical winter. The Air Ashari of Zephrah have since watched the Frostweald for other elemental rifts.[12]

Vox Machina Origins[]

Series II[]

In late 809 PD, Vox Machina traveled to the Frostweald to find a "heart of a nymph" in order to extract the phylactery implanted in Grog's chest by Drath Mephruhn. There they fought with basilisks and discovered a portal to the Feywild, from which the nymph Nahla emerged and took Grog to the Feywild. When he returned, he was given a stone, the heart of a nymph.[13]

Series III[]

During the Winter's Crest festival in Westruun that year, the crystal egg containing Skysunder was brought to the town square where the dragon was released. Vox Machina followed her through a portal o the Frostfell, where she was killed.[14] Eskil Ryndarien later theorized that her death would cause the Frostweald to thaw.[9] Despite this however, the Frostweald remained frozen.[15]

Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

"Into the Frostweald" (1x48)[]

Cartographer Tyriok Gadsworth travelled through the Frostweald, but he was turned to stone by a basilisk until Vox Machina restored him to flesh.[16]

"A Name Is Earned" (1x49)[]

Vox Machina returned to the Frostweald after the Chroma Conclave attacked Emon to find the androsphinx Kamaljiori's lair[17].


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