Depiction of a frost giant, from D&D: Monster Manual, page 155.[art 1]

Frost giants are a type of highborn giantkin native to the material plane.




A group of frost giants make their home in the Neverfields, the frozen wasteland north of the Cliffkeep Mountains. Though their people are mostly nomadic reavers led by petty jarls, they all swear fealty to High King Jorskymmar, who rules from the fortress-city of Jotunborg. The frost giants are master animal-tamers, and are known to raid human villages with remorhazes, mammoths, and even white dragons at their side.[1]

Another group inhabits Eiselcross, where the Mighty Nein fought three undead frost giants.[2]


Frost giants are among the most pious of the highborn, and most pray to the Wildmother for safety before crossing the ice fields. Some giants who have suffered near-death experiences, being trapped beneath an icy lake or being smothered by an avalanche, clandestinely join one of the cults of the Chained Oblivion, seeking solace in the inevitability of eternal cold.[1]

Named Frost Giants


The Icelost Years

When Errevon the Rimelord invaded Tal'Dorei through a rift from the Frostfell, he did so with an army of frost giants.[3]

"Trial of the Take: Part 2" (1x19)

The white dragon Rimefang destroyed a society of ice giants in order to build his lair in a mountain range in the Vesper Timberland. He enslaved two of the giants, allowing them to live in exchange for their servitude. In a cavern at the base of his mountain-lair, the ruins of the giant's city lay strewn with bodies. A giant, roughshod effigy to Rimefang was erected from the rubble. The dragon's lair was located further up the mountain, where a large cavern covered in ice, had treasure frozen into the walls.

"Aeor" (2x132)

The Mighty Nein encountered and defeated three undead frost giants around the secret entrance to the ruins of Aeor in Eiselcross.



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