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"Frigid Propositions" (2x109) is the one hundred ninth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein return to the mainland where mysteries, shopping, job offers, and family reunions await their attention...



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Previously on Critical Role[]

So, last we left off, the Mighty Nein had done their preparation for the coming event of Traveler Con.

With the help of the remaining villagers of Vo that decided to stay behind and keep the island to themselves, you managed to create an entirely inspiring event for the visiting Traveler worshipers that included all manner of things, like the gracious dick hunt, a glorious performance on stage by our wonderful Yasha - and other performers, but mainly just Yasha. There was a fight ring, apparently. The golden dick was found, and permanently affixed to the hand of Celia, and culminated with a climb towards the cusp of Rumblecusp.

Looking down into the caldera of the volcano, there it was revealed that the Traveler was “technically” not– but really actually is still the Traveler, but told them he was the Moonweaver and took the form of the Moonweaver, and apparently drew the wrath of the Moonweaver, and in a harsh lesson to bring him down a peg, the people were disillusioned by the Traveler, but nevertheless, seemingly brought somewhat into the graces of Sehanine herself, and it seemed to be a success. After which, you said your goodbyes, you helped take the ships that were within the confines of the Heaven Falls outside, for those who needed to use them to take them to retrieve and go back home with, and you gave the Eden’s Horizon to the remaining crew of the now-sunken Balleater, and renamed it into Nein Heroez. Afterward, you made your way to Nicodranas.

Part I[]

Yasha's tattoo - Natalie Zelman

Cosplay of Yasha's tattoo, by Natalie Zelman.[art 1]

There is a brief flashback to Rumblecusp where Yasha gets an emerald and residuum tattoo increasing her dexterity before Orly and the party leave separately for Nicodranas. The tattoo spells "Orphanmaker" in runes interwoven with vines and flowers, and goes down Yasha's neck and left arm.

Back in Nicodranas, Caleb buys fine paper and ink. Caduceus buys saffron and a 5 gp token of the Wildmother. The party buys six diamonds of varying sizes. Veth asks Caleb to get her some incense or phosphorescent material and he gives her some incense from his supplies. Veth also buys toys for Luc and matching yellow coveralls for her family. At Seafloor's Bounty, Sheila Bobsnopper sells Beau ball bearings and a cart full of fireworks of dubious legality. Beau wheels it as surreptitiously as possible back to the Lavish Chateau, but she is followed by suspicious Zhelezo until Carlos Remedi lets her stash them inside the Chateau. Jester goes to surprise her mother, waking Bluud from a nap outside her door, and tells her about the party's adventures.

Fjord and Yasha go to Meandering Treasures at the Restless Wharf, where they are greeted by the tabaxi proprietor Deezma Simmin. They buy two regular healing potions and ten flasks of alchemical fire. There is also a Ring of Fire Resistance previously pawned and never reclaimed for which Deezma is asking 5000 gp. Fjord is extremely curious about the name of the prior owner and goes back and forth on whether to buy the ring, eventually leaving without it. He returns later and offers 4500 plus receiving the name of the prior owner. Deezma agrees and tells him: Diedric Sutan.

The Brenattos - Jeri Rose

Fan art of the Brenattos, by Jeri Rose.[art 2]

Veth visits Yeza and Luc at their new home and they have a happy reunion while Veth gives them their yellow overalls and Luc his toys. Luc and Yeza love living in Nicodranas and hearing about Veth's adventures. That evening, the party (except Veth, who stays with her family) are given a concert by the Ruby of the Sea and spend the night at the Chateau.

In the morning, Jester uses Sending to contact Vess DeRogna, who asks them to come see her in Rexxentrum regarding potential work. Beau has Caleb put a large selection of fireworks into the Vault of Amber and distributes some to the rest of the party. Jester asks her mother if she's heard from The Gentleman. She hasn't, but asks Jester to pass on to him that he's welcome to drop by the Chateau... but make sure he knows she was only casually curious about him. And Jester should also mention how pretty her mother looked.

Before they leave, Caleb gets a small turtle statue from Jester, and a monogrammed thong belonging to Yeza from Veth, to use for potentialTeleports to their homes. Veth decides to stay one more day in Nicodranas while the rest of the party goes on to Rexxentrum via Teleportation Circle, remembering to forewarn Archivist Kathedoc of their impending arrival.

Beau asks to see High Curator Yudala Fon and tells them about Vokodo and the Eyes of Nine, and Yudala promises to put their best researchers on it. Caleb uses Seeming to make the party all appear to be wearing the more severe and dull Rexxentrum styles, and they step out into the Court of Colors. Caleb suggests passing by the Soltryce Academy, and on the way they drop into Thaydeen's Endless Emporium of Enchanted Eccentricities, where they are greeted by the owner, Dimble Thaydeen.


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Part II[]

Dimble Thaydeen - BlackSalander

Fan art of Dimble Thaydeen, by BlackSalander.[art 3]

Thaydeen is a smiling female goliath whose family-owned business is a combination of novelty store and antique thrift shop. Her stock is low because of the war, but she has celebones, oops-stones, chuckle dust, and a Ring of Spell Splitting that can make a targeted spell hit two targets rather than one. The party buys out her inventory, and Jester buys the ring. Fjord buys a small chipped porcelain unicorn statue.

Resuming their walk towards the Candles, they pass the Chantry of the Dawn, the still-damaged site of their battle against Obann and his allies, in the process of being repaired. They have a moment of introspection about the events that took place there, and Yasha tells the party she feels as though she's being rebuilt, like the temple.

Using the papers they received from Ludinus Da'leth on their last visit to the city, Caleb leads the way to the Soltryce Academy. He points out his old dorm room, and another dorm room where he spent a lot of time. Fjord notes that despite what happened to him, Caleb still has a reverence for the institution, and Caleb agrees. He also points out another tower with obviously darker memories, and then leads the way to a dance hall he, Astrid, and Eadwulf used to visit. He buys large steins of beer for the others, before leading Beau onto the dance floor while nudging Jester toward Fjord.

Fjord giving Jester the unicorn - Lap Pun Cheung

Fan art of Fjord giving Jester the unicorn, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 4]

Jester drops an oopstone while dancing with Fjord creating an uninhabitable area. Fjord gives her the tiny unicorn, thrilling her, and she kisses his cheek. A little later, she takes a turn dancing with Beau while Fjord dances with Caleb. She excitedly tells Beau about the unicorn, while encouraging Beau to put herself in a position where she and Yasha could get closer. Yasha and Caduceus talk about her wings, and he tells her that her chains are broken now -- what's still holding her back? He notices her hair has started turning white at the roots, as well as the tips, and in surprise, she says that's how it used to be. He urges her not to wait too long, but admits he himself doesn't want to go home yet, not until everyone in the group is safe or at least heading in the direction they need to be.

They head to the Candles and the home of Lady Vess DeRogna, the Two-Faceted Tower. It is simple and elegant both inside and out, forking into two towers of unequal heights. The party knock and enter when the door swings open, closing behind them. A voice bids them welcome, and to come upstairs to join her. Fjord's See Invisibility sees four Unseen Servants standing at the ready in the foyer.

Lady DeRogna greets them with tea and treats, which Jester eagerly pounces on. The tea grants 3d6 temporary hit points. DeRogna tells them the peace is holding, for now, and troops are being withdrawn, but she feels it is temporary. She warns them not to trust Ludinus. Caleb offers the Nein's collaboration in her project, and she warns them to keep the details to themselves. Outwardly, they are to be her bodyguards for her journey to Eiselcross to find and explore the ruins of the city of Aeor.

Aeor is an ancient pre-Calamity floating city destroyed by the gods when it developed powerful enough arcane weapons to eradicate divinity. Recently, relics and weapons of that age have been found on the island of Foren in Eiselcross, and all sides and countries have been exploring to find the actual crash site of the city. Vess DeRogna's interest is not only the weapons, but the history of what actually happened to bring Aeor down. She warns them that Ludinus seeks to protect his own position as the power behind the throne, and that they shouldn't trust her any more than they do Ludinus. But she asks for them to align their interests with hers. Whatever they find that is not of historical relevance is theirs to keep, her findings and research when completed will be shared with the Cobalt Soul, and she will pay them 75,000 gp in addition. They will leave within the next week for Palebank Village. From there they will travel to the village of Balenpost via ship, since teleportation is sometimes disrupted by the magical disturbances created by the presence of Aeor. Fjord is thrilled to learn there is a river of lava that divides the island of Foren to which they are headed.

As they exit the tower, a young student of about sixteen or seventeen years, in the robes of the Soltryce Academy, approaches and asks Caleb if he is Bren. He hands Caleb a letter and runs off.

It has come to my attention that you are visiting the capital this day. I must say word of your patriotic deeds for the Empire give my old heart a warming glow, as I suspect it seems that some pupils can only thrive when you let them go to find their own path a while. I am quite impressed by your accomplishments thus far and would greatly appreciate the presence of you and your companions as dinner guests at my manor tomorrow evening. Astrid and Eadwulf will be joining us as well, so consider this a proper family reunion. I do hope you'll consider my invitation, Bren. I gather we both have much we would like to say.
Trent Ikithon's letter to Caleb.[1]

Featured Characters[]

The Mighty Nein[]





  • Jester: (talking about her Rumblecusp experience) It was really hard, but at the end of all of it, it kind of made me realize what's important, and how important everyone around me is.
    Marion: It's funny. I had an experience just like that.
    Jester: You did?
    Marion: Many years ago. When I had you.[2]
  • Caleb: (to Beau, about becoming High Curator someday) I think your intelligence is wasted on being a footsoldier. One day, maybe.
    Jester: Yeah, but you're so adventurous. It would suck to be stuck behind books all day. (to Caleb) Not that there's anything wrong with books, Caleb! Books are great.
    Caleb: You are on thin ice, Lavorre.[3]
  • Beau: (at the Chantry) You did good work here. You know, retrospectively.
    Yasha: Yeah. I think so. And I'm also glad that I did not kill you.
    Beau: Me too.
    Yasha: Or any of you.
    Beau: I'm glad we didn't kill you.
    Caleb: You came out stronger than when you went in.
    Yasha: Yeah, that's for sure. I think I am being rebuilt, just like the temple.[4]
  • Beau: (about Yasha, to Jester) Do you think she's into me?
    Jester: I think she's so into you. I'm going to assume from you asking that you have not kissed her yet.
    Beau: No. I feel like the ball's in her court, 'cause she's the one with the dead wife.[5]
  • Caduceus: (to Yasha) Don't think that you have more time, necessarily, than you might have. Patience is fine, but it can curdle into apathy.[6]
  • Caleb: (about Ludinus Da'leth) I sensed a bit of tension between the two of you.
    Vess DeRogna: There is plenty of tension between all of us.
    Caleb: And why should we trust you--
    DeRogna: Oh, you shouldn't.[7]


Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Transferred 1 Large emerald The party Orly Worth 250 gp. Given to Orly for Yasha's tattoo.
Transferred 1200 gp Emeralds from the bag o'gems The party Orly Given to Orly for Yasha's tattoo
Transferred 750 Powdered residuum Veth and Caduceus Orly Technically, Veth had previously given all her residuum to Jester and Caduceus for Greater Restorations.[8]
Acquired 700 gp Fine paper and ink Various Nicodranas shops Caleb 700 gp worth was the maximum available in the city.
Acquired 1 Token of the Wildmother Various Nicodranas shops Caduceus Worth 5 gp.
Acquired 50 gp Saffron Various Nicodranas shops Caduceus
Acquired 1 Diamond Various Nicodranas shops Jester Worth 1000 gp.
Acquired 3 Diamond Various Nicodranas shops Caduceus Worth 300 gp each.
Acquired 2 Diamond Various Nicodranas shops Jester Worth 500 gp each.
Transferred 10 gp Incense Caleb Veth Probably for the Hypnotic Pattern spell.
Acquired 630 Ball bearings Seafloor's Bounty Beau Paid 4 sp.
Acquired 1 Cart of fireworks Seafloor's Bounty Beau Paid 50 gp, plus a 5 gp tip.
Acquired Toys Various Nicodranas shops Veth Crossbow targets and a set of blocks.
Acquired 3 Matching yellow coveralls Various Nicodranas shops Veth One each for Veth, Yeza, and Luc.
Acquired 2 Regular healing potions Meandering Treasures Fjord
Acquired 10 flasks Alchemical fire Meandering Treasures 40 gp per flask.
Acquired 1 Ring of Fire Resistance Meandering Treasures Fjord Pawned but never reclaimed by Diedric Sutan. Fjord paid 4500 and received the name of the prior owner.
Transferred Misc. fireworks Beau The party It appeared that Fjord, Jester, Caleb, and Yasha took some.
Transferred Misc. fireworks Beau Caleb's Vault of Amber
Transferred 1 Small turtle sculpture Jester Caleb For use in the Teleport spell.
Transferred 1 Yeza's monogrammed thong Veth Caleb For use in the Teleport spell.
Acquired 1 Ring of Spell Splitting Thaydeen's Endless Emporium of Enchanted Eccentricities Jester Allows a spell to hit two targets rather than one, once per day.
Acquired 26 Oops-stones Thaydeen's E4 The party When activated and thrown, produces a noxious odor in a 20 ft radius for 10 minutes. 5 gp each.
Acquired 10 Celebones Thaydeen's E4 The party Reusable rod that when twisted, gives off bright colored lights for one hour once a day. 20 gp each.
Acquired 11 Chuckle dust Thaydeen's E4 The party Each pouch has 10 uses. Sprinkled in a 1 sq. ft. area, produces laughter for 10 minutes. Used over a wide area, produces a variety of laughs. 10 gp per pouch.
Acquired 2 Small clay dogs Thaydeen's E4 Yasha 2 sp each.
Acquired 50 gp Fine incense Thaydeen's E4 Caleb
Acquired 1 Tiny chipped porcelain unicorn Thaydeen's E4 Fjord Paid 5 copper.
Transferred 1 Tiny chipped porcelain unicorn Fjord Jester As a gift.
Acquired Several plates full Cookies Vess DeRogna Jester Leftovers from their tea.


  • Sam's flask has a signed photo of Burt Reynolds, hearkening back to C1; the back says "Tax Lien".
  • To get around the COVID restrictions, Matt hid a copy of Trent's letter in the back of Liam's folder in advance; he apparently also hid a D&D Beyond "advert" in Sam's.


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