The Frigid Depths, also known as The Frozen Depths, is the ocean separating the mainlands of Wildemount and Tal'Dorei from Eiselcross.[1] The Dwendalian Empire is landlocked aside from its northern coast on the Frigid Depths.[2]

The ocean is known for its ice floes and treacherous waters.[2] Those who sail its dangerous waters are known as Ice Sailors.[3]

Points of InterestEdit


The Dwendalian Empire's sole port, Icehaven is a small, isolated town (population approximately 5000) and harbor for a dozen or so ships outfitted to brave the ice of the Frigid Depths.[4] Ol' Blemmy, whom the Mighty Nein encountered in Hupperdook, was a native of Icehaven,[5] as was the human woman from whom Beau bought a bone bracelet in a tent at the crossroads of the Gravelway Path and the Rillway Road in "Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23).[6]

Palebank VillageEdit

Located at the northern edge of the Greying Wildlands on the shores of the Frigid Depths, Palebank Village is a dwarven/elven settlement surviving mostly by fishing, trapping, and hunting, and more recently by acting as a gateway for expeditions to Eiselcross.[7] The Vellum Steeple in Uthodurn holds a teleportation circle to Palebank.[8]


Syrinlya is a tiny, mostly dwarven outpost of yurts on the Eiselcross island of Foren that acts as a landing area and trading outpost for expeditions to the ruins of Aeor. It maintains trade links with Uthodurn and Palebank Village.[9]


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