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Fresh Cut Grass[16]

Fresh Cut Grass, or F.C.G. for short, is an aeormaton[5] cleric and a member of Bells Hells. F.C.G. is played by Sam Riegel.


Official art of Fresh Cut Grass, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 2]


F.C.G. has yellow metallic plating, with four chestplate stripes that look like blades of grass, and rolls around on a tiny wheel. He has big blue eyes of different shapes.[17] F.C.G. is made of various alloys and, being dense, weighs twice as much as he looks like he would.[18] He is 3 foot 8 inches tall, making him taller than both Orym and Chetney.[19]

F.C.G. eats metal rather than organic food for sustenance. They described it as a very complicated self-repairing system that Dancer designed for them that needs raw materials to operate. The portions of consumed materials that they don't require (such as the non-metallic components of ore) are excreted through their mouth.[20] F.C.G. is also able to store liquids inside and pour them out later.[21] The inside of F.C.G.'s "stomach" is a small storage compartment, accessed through the mouth, with a number of shelf units and a modest amount of space. These items, unless secured in some way, can be heard rattling inside.[22]


F.C.G. is extraordinarily kind, polite, and helpful. He considers Ashton Greymoore a close friend and is keen to aid in their various crude pursuits.

In the beginning of the campaign, F.C.G. was well aware that he was an automaton, alien to the most of the creatures around, and did not believe that he has a soul. They were outwardly dismissive of their own feelings because they were not sure whether those feelings are genuine, or merely from how they were built[23] and was overall glad that people are interested in them in any shape or form.[24] However recently, prior to "Fight at the Museum..." (3x21), they with significant support from Bells Hells realized that it was not the ideal attitude toward themselves.[25]

F.C.G. is also at times judgemental or passive-aggressive when upset, notably in response to Orym accidentally losing their special coin, which had been a gift from Dancer.[26]


Fan art of Fresh Cut Grass, by Nathaniel Himawan (ninesicks).[art 3]


Fresh Cut Grass has an Aeorian design and was purchased by their former associate Dancer from a merchant caravan.[27] Dancer named her automatons after her favorite smells including Oatmeal, Apple Pie, and Pussy.[28] Each construct was designed for particular tasks, and each was unique. Fresh Cut Grass was designed to heal, and thus, their magic does not come from a divine source.[29]

He was later part of a group of adventurers called the Division of Public Benefit[30] led by Dancer and working out of Bassuras.[31] FCG has mentioned Axer and Terrawyn as also being members of this group.[32] A couple of months before the events of Campaign Three, the group was hired by the Rayia Family[33] to clear out their silver mine near Evishi in the Oderan Wilds[34] from unknown, possibly one-eyed monsters.[35] The adventurers camped outside the cave to rest for the night, with FCG going into a stasis not far from the group. On the following morning, he awoke from the stasis to find the other party members deceased.

A week later, FCG was found by Ashton, who had been sent in by the mine's owners to find out what happened.[36] FCG was glad that Ashton had come to help them. Together they buried the bodies, but FCG kept some of the other automaton parts with him, including Pussy's sawblade, which would later be useful in combat.[37]

Campaign Three

FCG had accompanied Ashton to the Spire by Fire Inn on a search for employment when a magical disturbance nearby created several animated objects that threatened to attack innocents. To fight the constructs, FCG and Ashton spontaneously coordinated with two other groups: Imogen Temult and Laudna; and Dorian Storm, Fearne Calloway, and Orym. The seven individuals' effectiveness as a team impressed Bertrand Bell, who promised to make introductions to high-placed people in the city to help them with their various goals, and took them to see Lord Ariks Eshteross.[38]

FCG and the rest of the party were challenged to combat by Lord Eshteross, who wanted to ensure he could trust their skill and spirit before presenting them with the opportunity to work for him; while in combat, Dorian was knocked unconscious, but FCG got him back on his feet.[39] Eshteross later proposed that they work for him to bring positive change to the Oderan Wilds, where criminal elements and mysterious dangers loomed ever closer.[40] The party took some time to discuss his offer while getting to know each other a little better. FCG let them take a look at his extra attachments, but appeared unsure about the origin of his healing abilities when asked, claiming he was "just built this way."[41]

FCG wondered if working for Eshteross aligned with everyone's plans considering their different paths and intentions, but it became clear that it was an ideal way forward for all of them. They accepted Eshteross' offer, and were given a preliminary objective as a test: to investigate Prudaj Textiles, his storage warehouse in the Lantern Spire, and look for clues about some supply thefts connected to the Dayal Hall.[42] At the location, both FCG and Orym found crates that appeared to have been recently opened and checked their interior, noticing some empty space and a residue that FCG identified as brumestone.[43] He also read the thoughts of Danas, one of the warehouse workers, and learned she wanted to get them out of there as quickly as possible.[44]

The party later reentered the warehouse once it was empty and found evidence proving that Danas had some involvement in the thefts.[45] Following her trail to the Weary Way tavern, FCG was able to sense the thoughts of people behind closed doors, locating Danas in one of the rooms. After overhearing Danas seemingly being injured, they entered and discovered the attacker: a pale dwarf wearing a black cloak.[46] FCG and the others fought against him and the shade creepers he summoned. Although these were small and not very resilient, the sheer amount of them pressured the group; FCG looked after his companions, bringing Orym back to health after he fell unconscious and halving the damage received by Imogen after a bad hit.[47][48] Once they finished disposing of the shade creepers, they noticed the dwarf had disappeared and found the deceased Danas under a table with her throat slit. They carried her body back to Lord Eshteross's estate, where they informed him about everything that happened; he was impressed and willing to provide them with more work.[49]

After Bertrand Bell's death at the hands of Dugger, the dwarf they fought a day earlier, FCG and the rest of the party returned to the site of the fight and investigated a deep hole descending straight into the rock of the spire. FCG gave Orym his coin of delving to help him as he entered the hole.[50] Orym dropped the coin and it fell for about 1200 feet before hitting bottom, which later led to some awkward exchanges as he couldn't give FCG the coin back.[51][52] FCG also encouraged the others to say their goodbyes to Bertrand; standing by his body, he thanked him for bringing the group together and trying to do good in the world.[53]

Seeking more information on Dugger, FCG and the rest of the party came into contact with the Hubatt Corsairs, a group of thieves he used to run with. To gain their trust, some members of the party had to provide the name and location of someone of importance in their lives as collateral. Ashton chose to name FCG, which pleased him.[54] They later managed to find Dugger's house and FCG discovered a hole similar to the one they had seen previously. Dugger appeared to fight them once again, summoning more shade creepers; Fearne was almost killed by one, but FCG healed her.[55] After Dugger had been killed, FCG finished off the last remaining creeper using his grappling hook. In doing so, he pulled it toward himself and was knocked out by its fiery disintegration, but Dorian quickly brought him back.[56]

Growing closer, FCG's companions took to sharing personal details about themselves with the rest. FCG was able to tell them he was created by Dancer and that he stayed with Dancer for around two years; he began to glitch when he was about to reveal further information about his past, leaving his friends confused.[57] After some coaxing, FCG accompanied the women of the party on their date with Pretty since he said he'd never been on one.[58]

He eventually told the party more of what he remembered of the attack in which the rest of his party was killed: the creature had one eye. It was early morning and he was still in stasis. He saw a lot of blood and some of his friends falling. He watched Dancer take her last breaths with the creature atop her, and then suddenly, it was gone. The memories were all partial and disjointed. Immediately following this and out of character, Matt told Sam that FCG took "two points".[59]

At the Ball in Jrusar, Gavis Aranda, the Face of the Chandei Quorum, expressed fascination with FCG.[60] During Ashton's fight with General Ratanish, FCG stayed close and pumped buffs and healing into Ashton. The group also discovered that FCG could store liquids in their body, making them a convenient flask.[61]

When the party went to the mines to confront the Shade Mother, it was FCG's relationship counseling of Ogdes Friez and the Green Seeker Gus that gained them access. FCG was then able to probe the thoughts of the foreman to learn of House Treshi's involvement with payments to keep the mines closed.[62] Following the battle against the Shade Mother, the badly wounded FCG's speech was again glitching very badly. Orym and Imogen were concerned that FCG was worrying about everyone but himself and urged him to take more care of himself.[63]

Lady Jiana Hexum was also very interested in FCG, speculating they could be sold for more than 20,000 gold. When Milo Krook inspected FCG's injuries, they diagnosed a form of pent-up energy within their metal body and was able to upgrade FCG so that switching arms was now included in their turn.[64] Later, FCG and Imogen simultaneously cast Detect Thoughts on each other, sharing their memories and emotions.[65]

On the road to Heartmoor Hamlet, when FCG woke from stasis to find his friends in battle, his reaction was, "Oh, it's happening again."[66] FCG was then swallowed by the fairy-lure mantrap but eventually got the How do you want to do this? with his saw blade arm.[67] While the party was on the road back to Jrusar, FCG paid careful attention to Imogen, observing that she kept her hand near the pouch containing the gnarlrock shard and seemed to take comfort from it.[68]

Once in Jrusar, Jiana Hexum asked to speak to FCG alone, asking him who was his creator. He told her about Dancer while she inspected him closely, to which he eventually objected. Jiana was very interested in automatons and found that FCG's level of awareness was unique. On the way to Lord Eshteross's home, FCG told the party again about his past and the evisceration of Dancer and the rest of FCG's party, the Division of Public Benefit. At FCG's request, Milo crafted a propeller to substitute for his saw blade in swimming or falling situations. That night, FCG bonded with both Imogen and Ashton and stabilized Ashton while Imogen dove deeply into his mind with Detect Thoughts.[69]

On the voyage to Bassuras, FCG told Imogen that if she wanted, he thought he might be able to psychically connect her with Laudna so that Laudna could enter Imogen's dreams with her. Imogen and Laudna were both interested. They also talked about FCG's persisting belief that the world is flat and the possibility that people are living on the flip side of the coin-shaped world he imagined.[70] When the group later encountered a dusttra, FCG was able to speak with it and learn it was searching for its children.[71]

That night, Fearne heard what sounded like a large bird. During FCG's following watch, they also heard the bird and could see it nesting somewhere above. They were extremely nervous, and at the end of their watch woke Chetney, warning him there was something out there and asking him to investigate. Chetney saw only a normal-looking large hawk. FCG told him that on "the night everything changed", there was a bird. The bird hates FCG, and wants them dead or humiliated. FCG doesn't know why. But FCG's bird isn't a hawk, so this bird probably isn't it. Chetney pledged to protect FCG from the mysterious bird, which FCG named "Shithead". Chetney also became FCG's trusted companion.[72]

In Bassuras, FCG several times tried to engage other automatons in conversation without success. Laudna confided in him that she and Imogen had had a falling out since Laudna accidentally destroyed Imogen's gnarlrock shard. FCG volunteered to help facilitate a conversation between the two when they were both ready.[73]

FCG took several of the party members to Finders Takers, a boutique scrap and black powder shop run by Esmer, who recognized FCG and was surprised to see him, asking if Dancer sent them. FCG tried to gently tell her that Dancer was brutally murdered a few months ago, but Esmer told them that was impossible because Dancer came alone to the shop a month ago, but has now vanished again. Dancer now has one metal arm. After the others left, Fearne asked Esmer about Fresh Cut Grass's "fritzing" episodes, but Esmer could suggest only that they might be due to the melding of technologies when FCG was assembled. FCG was very shaken to learn that Dancer is still alive.[74]

When the group purchased a skirmish-crawler from Imahara Joe, they offered Fresh Cut Grass as potential collateral but Joe turned them down because of FCG's obvious sentience. Joe asked FCG if he used to run with someone named Dancer. He remembered that when the then-disabled FCG came through on a trade caravan, Joe wanted to buy him but Dancer got him first. FCG corrected him; Dancer didn't buy him, she built him. But Joe was certain that FCG is a grade-A scavenged pre-Divergence aeormaton, because only the Aeorians were able to create sentient automatons. When FCG insisted Dancer built him, Joe mentioned that there have been other aeormatons in the past five years coming online, reawakened. FCG was obviously shaken, but seemed to accept this. His concern was that his programming may turn out to be something other than what he had thought.[75]

When Laudna and Imogen patched up their relationship they pretended to still be fighting so that FCG could participate in helping them, but the plan backfired when FCG only felt more guilt about not having been there when needed. His speech was glitching and he referred repeatedly to past events and people as still happening. Imogen point-blank asked if he wanted to find Dancer, and he did, but he was very worried about why she left him and who and what he really is. Imogen promised the party will help him find Dancer, but Laudna said he should be prepared to find she isn't fully who he thought she was. FCG's mental confusion seemed only to increase when he tried to describe Dancer, and they agreed maybe he needs rest. Laudna and Imogen quickly pretended to make up and thanked him for helping them.[76]

During the Deathwish Run, FCG was glued to the front of one of Bells Hells' crawler as the front wheel, and Orym painted angry eyebrows on them. FCG was badly damaged from the stresses of the race, and their speech was glitching again.[77] The party slowly walked FCG, still attached to the crawler, to Imahara Joe who released him and and offered to repair and polish him overnight. Ashton remained there with him and they were both present the following morning when Birdie Calloway arrived at the shop.[78]


Ashton Greymoore

Fan art of Ashton and F.C.G., by DaftHux.[art 4]

Ashton has been F.C.G.'s closest companion since the incident at the mines. The two both live at the Krook House, and F.C.G. occasionally helps Ashton cheat at cards.

Character information

Notable items

Current items

  • Arm attachments
    • Sawblade[79]
    • Grappling cannon:[80] Makes a ranged weapon attack that, on a hit, deals 1d10 damage and the target creature is grappled. If the target creature is Medium or smaller, the creature can be pulled 20 feet toward Fresh Cut Grass. If the target creature is Large or bigger, F.C.G. can be pulled 20 feet toward the creature.[81]
    • Bolt thrower[82]
    • Propeller: Intended to help F.C.G. swim.[83]
  • Goggles of Object Reading[84]

Former items


Fan art of Fresh Cut Grass, by Adam Richards.[art 5]

Aeormaton abilities

The following abilities are assumed identical to the warforged traits from Eberron: Rising from the Last War, except where noted otherwise:[87]

  • Constructed Resilience
    • Resistant to poison damage[88] and advantage on saves against the poisoned condition[89]
    • Doesn't require air, food, or drink[90]
    • Doesn't require sleep and can't be put to sleep by magic.[91] Rather than sleep, F.C.G. enters "Stasis Mode".[92]
    • Immune to disease[93]
  • Integrated Protection: +1 AC, must spend 1 hour to integrate armor onto their body, integrated armor can't be removed unwillingly
  • Specialized Design: Proficiency in one skill and one tool

Cleric abilities

Fresh Cut Grass is a cleric of the Empathy Domain, a subclass homebrewed by Matthew Mercer.[6] Though they use the game mechanics of a cleric, their magical abilities appear to be something they were built with, rather than something they get through worship of a god.[94]

  • Channel Divinity
    • Turn Undead, Destroy Undead (CR 1/2)
  • Divine Domain: Empathy Domain[6]
    • Channel Divinity: Sympathetic Binding: FCG magically binds themself to up to two creatures they can see.[95][96]
      • Ardent Armor: As a bonus action on each turn for 1 minute, FCG can give one bound creature 4 temporary hit points.[97][98]
      • Bonded Blessing: As a bonus action on each turn for 1 minute, FCG can allow one bound "trusted companion" to add a d6 to an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.[99]
    • Transfer Suffering: As a reaction, FCG can halve the damage dealt to a nearby creature, and gains temporary hit points equal to his cleric level plus his Wisdom modifier.[100][101] If FCG then attacks a creature and hits, they deal additional damage equal to the temporary hit points, which then disappear.[102] If FCG is injured the temporary hit points are used first. If there are none remaining at the end of their turn, they take no additional damage. If FCG doesn't hit a creature or lose the hit points through being damaged before the end of their next turn, they lose the temporary hit points and take damage equal to that amount.[103]

Domain spells

Fresh Cut Grass always has access to these spells.

1st level
2nd level
3rd level

Cleric spells

Fan art of Fresh Cut Grass, by MateuszWilma.[art 6]

In addition to their domain spells, F.C.G. knowns four cantrips and has access to all cleric class spells. As a 6th-level cleric, they can prepare up to nine of these spells per day.

1st level
2nd level
3rd level

Behind the scenes

Fresh Cut Grass's race and class were decided by Liam in a manner similar to how Sam's previous characters Scanlan Shorthalt and Veth Brenatto (as a goblin) had a race and class suggested by Liam O'Brien, though Liam stated that it was a mandate in Campaign Three.[134] Fresh Cut Grass as a character is mainly inspired by Jack McBrayer, who is a friend of Sam's. He felt that McBrayer's personality as "a ray of sunshine and optimism" perfectly suited an automaton's programming. He also noted Ted Lasso as a likely influence, as he was watching the series before the campaign. He further asked Matt if he could play as a therapist, and this resulted in the development of the homebrewed Empathy Domain.[6] The inspiration for this came from "Titles and Tattoos" (2x84), when in an aside, Taliesin Jaffe asked Matt if they could make a therapy character class.[135]

Appearances and mentions


  • FCG: Smiley day there.[136]
  • FCG: (after someone accidentally dumps a piss bucket on him) Sorry I was in your way. I apologize.[137]
  • FCG: Shiny day to you![138]
  • FCG: When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with puppy smooches.[139]
  • FCG: You know, they say that the word goodbye is the hardest word to say, but it's not. It's Worcestershire.[140]
  • FCG: Of all the cities in the world, Generosity is the capital of Kindness.[141]
  • FCG: Carpe BM. When we're in a real shitty situation, you just got to seize it.[142]
  • FCG: (discussing Lord Eshteross's sponsorship of the group) When you accept sponsorships, isn't that sort of selling out a little bit?[143]
  • FCG: Dancer always said that love equals friendship plus alcohol, but I think there's more to it than that.[144]
  • FCG: The only thing more fun than a new friend is a new friend with a secret.[145]
  • FCG: You can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself, or if you have wealthy parents.[146]
  • Orym: Is there anything you want?
    FCG: Sure. Lots of things, but I want you all to get what you want first. But yeah, I want things. I need to find out who did that to my friends, and figure out if I can get them some sort of— not vengeance, but justice, I suppose? I'd like to find out what I am. That would be nice. And if there's more of me.[147]
  • Imogen: I think you are alive, FCG.
    FCG: Well, that's an opinion. And opinions are like opera. Sure, you can listen to them, but why would you, really?[148]
  • FCG: Just because you have a soul doesn't mean you know how to use it too good.[149]
  • FCG: I would really like to know what I am and where I came from.
    Dusk: What do you want to be?
    FCG: I'd like to be like you all. I'd like to be able to smell and taste and dream.[150]


  • FCG and Ashton's "session zero" included the scene at which Ashton discovered FCG and the aftermath of whatever violence befell Dancer and the other automatons.[151]
  • Fresh Cut Grass's miniature was accidentally broken by Matthew Mercer during his debut episode.[152]
  • The animation on their stat card features drifting motes of bright light.[1]
  • As they are both a "robot" and an apparently healing-oriented cleric, Fresh Cut Grass is, in a different sense, literally a "healbot". The actual definition doesn't apply to them as it usually describes a support player who focuses only on healing other members of the party, often to the point of ignoring other abilities they may have and often in a manner considered repetitive and rote.
  • F.C.G. is the first cleric played by a main cast member in a campaign to have no apparent connection to a deity or lesser idol.
  • F.C.G. doesn't like birds and finds them annoying.[153] FCG later told Chetney that he is being pursued by a large, mangy bird (that they call "Shithead") who mysteriously wanted him dead or humiliated.[154]
  • A recurring joke among players started by Sam himself is that the only organic element in F.C.G. is his flesh tongue, which Matt insists isn't canon. In "A Race for the Prize" (3x27) it was referenced that the cleric's eyelids were also made of flesh, and later that he had real hair, and the cast joked about how Fresh Cut Grass was a weird version of Pinocchio, slowly giving them human attributes until they eventually turned into a real boy.[155]
  • Fresh Cut Grass's "trusted companions" for purposes of his Empathy Domain Cleric abilities are, to date:

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Bells Hells Playlist: Fresh Cut Grass (April 15, 2022) - The binary translates to "Fresh Cut Grass loves you."


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