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Favorite phrase of Fresh Cut Grass[28]

Fresh Cut Grass (originally called Faithful Care-Giver), or FCG for short, was an aeormaton[7] cleric and a member of Bells Hells, played by Sam Riegel.



Official art of Fresh Cut Grass, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 3]

FCG 2023 - Hannah Friederichs

Official art of FCG in 2023, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 4]


FCG had yellow metallic plating, with four chestplate stripes that look like blades of grass, and rolls around on a tiny wheel. He had big blue to white eyes of different shapes.[29] FCG was made of various alloys and, being dense, weighs twice as much as he looked like he would.[30] He was 3 foot 8 inches tall, making him taller than both Orym and Chetney.[31]

FCG ate metal rather than organic food for sustenance. They described it as a very complicated self-repairing system that needs raw materials to operate, and Imahara Joe later discovered that FCG's interior held a transmutation enchantment that converted and reallocated raw materials.[32] The portions of consumed materials that they don't require (such as the non-metallic components of ore) are excreted through their mouth.[33] FCG was also able to store liquids inside and pour them out later.[34] The inside of FCG's "stomach" was a small storage compartment, accessed through the mouth, with a number of shelf units and a modest amount of space. These items, unless secured in some way, could be heard rattling inside.[35]

When FCG accumulated enough stress points to tip him into an uncontrolled, vicious rage against the party, his eyes went red,[36] and they noticed that the four grass-like marks on his chest could have been caused by a bloodied hand dragging across it.[37]

When the party's souls were transported to another plane of existence, Fresh Cut Grass' spirit was slightly more ethereal and fuzzy than those of the others, as though the metal didn't define the spirit but rather the shape that was within was taking form.[38]

The examination made by Professor Vitro Isham confirmed that the cleric had an arcane accumulator that is larger than normal.[39] Thanks to him, the cleric also had an oven-like device inside of him.[40]

After the examination made by Jaquoby Macyl parts of some mithral armor were added to FCG's design (making him more resistant and more elegant-looking), as well as a compartment in their chest to keep their coin. They also got their bolt-thrower modified to look more like FRIDA's gun.[41] Moreover, one of his thumbs worked as a lighter.[42] He had a tattoo of a flaming bell in his forearm.[43]


FCG was extraordinarily kind, polite, and helpful. He considered Ashton Greymoore a close friend and was keen to aid in their various crude pursuits.

In the beginning of the campaign, FCG was well aware that he was an automaton, alien to the most of the creatures around, and did not believe that he has a soul. They were outwardly dismissive of their own feelings because they were not sure whether those feelings are genuine, or merely from how they were built[44] and was overall glad that people are interested in them in any shape or form.[45] However recently, prior to "Fight at the Museum..." (3x21), they with significant support from Bells Hells realized that it was not the ideal attitude toward themselves.[46]

FCG was also at times judgmental or passive-aggressive when upset, notably in response to Orym accidentally losing their special coin, which had been a gift from Dancer.[47]


FCG's past by Sabira Langevin

Fan art of Faithful Care-Giver's past (cropped from a larger image), by Sabira Langevin.[art 5]


Fresh Cut Grass had an ancient Aeorian design and was activated for the first time in the floating city. At some point during their life they were assigned to take care of an older woman, kinder than some of the Aeorian humanoids the aeormaton had met in his original city.[48] Under unknown circumstances Fresh Cut Grass ended up disassembled, and many centuries later he was purchased by Dancer from a merchant caravan[49] in about 838 PD, five years before the start of Campaign Three.[50] Dancer named her automatons after her favorite smells including Oatmeal, Apple Pie, and Pussy.[51] Each construct was designed for particular tasks, and each was unique. Fresh Cut Grass was given their new designation, and he had the function of healing, using magic that didn't come from a divine source.[52]

Division of Public Benefit - C3 intro

the Division of Public Benefit, by Kamille Areopagita and Kevin Areopagita from "A Gathering of Heroes" (3x76).[art 6]

He was later part of a group of adventurers called the Division of Public Benefit[53] led by Dancer and working out of Bassuras.[54] FCG has mentioned Axer and Terrawyn as also being members of this group.[55] According to FCG, a couple of months before the events of Campaign Three, the group was hired by the Rayia Family[56] to clear out their silver mine near Evishi in the Oderan Wilds[57] from unknown, possibly one-eyed monsters.[58] The adventurers camped outside the cave to rest for the night, with FCG going into a stasis not far from the group. On the following morning, he awoke from the stasis to find the other party members viciously and bloodily deceased.

A week later, FCG was found by Ashton, who had been sent in by the mine's owners to find out what happened.[59] FCG was glad that Ashton had come to help them, and behaved in a very kind and helpful manner, confusing and pleasing Ashton.[60] Together they buried the bodies, but FCG kept some of the other automaton parts with him, including Pussy's sawblade[61] and Oatmeal's grappling cannon,[62] which would later be useful in combat.

Campaign Three[]

Arc 1: Destiny's Call[]

FCG - Hathaniel Himawan

Fan art of Fresh Cut Grass, by Nathaniel Himawan (ninesicks).[art 7]

FCG had accompanied Ashton to the Spire by Fire Inn on a search for employment when a magical disturbance nearby created several animated objects that threatened to attack innocents. To fight the constructs, FCG and Ashton spontaneously coordinated with two other groups: Imogen Temult and Laudna; and Dorian Storm, Fearne Calloway, and Orym. The seven individuals' effectiveness as a team impressed Bertrand Bell, who promised to make introductions to high-placed people in the city to help them with their various goals, and took them to see Lord Ariks Eshteross.[63]

FCG and the rest of the party were challenged to combat by Lord Eshteross, who wanted to ensure he could trust their skill and spirit before presenting them with the opportunity to work for him; while in combat, Dorian was knocked unconscious, but FCG got him back on his feet.[64] Eshteross later proposed that they work for him to bring positive change to the Oderan Wilds, where criminal elements and mysterious dangers loomed ever closer.[65] The party took some time to discuss his offer while getting to know each other a little better. FCG let them take a look at his extra attachments, but appeared unsure about the origin of his healing abilities when asked, claiming he was "just built this way."[66]

FCG wondered if working for Eshteross aligned with everyone's plans considering their different paths and intentions, but it became clear that it was an ideal way forward for all of them. They accepted Eshteross' offer, and were given a preliminary objective as a test: to investigate Prudaj Textiles, his storage warehouse in the Lantern Spire, and look for clues about some supply thefts connected to the Dayal Hall.[67] At the location, both FCG and Orym found crates that appeared to have been recently opened and checked their interior, noticing some empty space and a residue that FCG identified as brumestone.[68] He also read the thoughts of Danas, one of the warehouse workers, and learned she wanted to get them out of there as quickly as possible.[69]

The party later reentered the warehouse once it was empty and found evidence proving that Danas had some involvement in the thefts.[70] Following her trail to the Weary Way tavern, FCG was able to sense the thoughts of people behind closed doors, locating Danas in one of the rooms. After overhearing Danas seemingly being injured, they entered and discovered the attacker: a pale dwarf wearing a black cloak.[71] FCG and the others fought against him and the shade creepers he summoned. Although these were small and not very resilient, the sheer amount of them pressured the group; FCG looked after his companions, bringing Orym back to health after he fell unconscious and halving the damage received by Imogen after a bad hit.[72][73] Once they finished disposing of the shade creepers, they noticed the dwarf had disappeared and found the deceased Danas under a table with her throat slit. They carried her body back to Lord Eshteross's estate, where they informed him about everything that happened; he was impressed and willing to provide them with more work.[74]

After Bertrand Bell's death at the hands of Dugger, the dwarf they fought a day earlier, FCG and the rest of the party returned to the site of the fight and investigated a deep hole descending straight into the rock of the spire. FCG gave Orym his coin of delving to help him as he entered the hole.[75] Orym dropped the coin and it fell for about 1200 feet before hitting bottom, which later led to some awkward exchanges as he couldn't give FCG the coin back.[76][77] FCG also encouraged the others to say their goodbyes to Bertrand; standing by his body, he thanked him for bringing the group together and trying to do good in the world.[78]

Seeking more information on Dugger, FCG and the rest of the party came into contact with the Hubatt Corsairs, a group of thieves he used to run with. To gain their trust, some members of the party had to provide the name and location of someone of importance in their lives as collateral. Ashton chose to name FCG, which pleased him.[79] They later managed to find Dugger's house and FCG discovered a hole similar to the one they had seen previously. Dugger appeared to fight them once again, summoning more shade creepers; Fearne was almost killed by one, but FCG healed her.[80] After Dugger had been killed, FCG finished off the last remaining creeper using his grappling hook. In doing so, he pulled it toward himself and was knocked out by its fiery disintegration, but Dorian quickly brought him back.[81]

Growing closer, FCG's companions took to sharing personal details about themselves with the rest. FCG was able to tell them he was created by Dancer and that he stayed with Dancer for around two years; he began to glitch when he was about to reveal further information about his past, leaving his friends confused.[82] After some coaxing, FCG accompanied the women of the party on their date with Pretty since he said he'd never been on one.[83]

He eventually told the party more of what he remembered of the attack in which the rest of his party was killed: the creature had one eye. It was early morning and he was still in stasis. He saw a lot of blood and some of his friends falling. He watched Dancer take her last breaths with the creature atop her, and then suddenly, it was gone. The memories were all partial and disjointed. Immediately following this and out of character, Matt told Sam that FCG took "two points".[84]

At the Ball in Jrusar, Gavis Aranda, the Face of the Chandei Quorum, expressed fascination with FCG.[85] During Ashton's fight with General Ratanish, FCG stayed close and pumped buffs and healing into Ashton. The group also discovered that FCG could store liquids in their body, making them a convenient flask.[86]

When the party went to the mines to confront the Shade Mother, it was FCG's relationship counseling of Ogdes Friez and the Green Seeker Gus that gained them access. FCG was then able to probe the thoughts of the foreman to learn of House Treshi's involvement with payments to keep the mines closed.[87] Following the battle against the Shade Mother, the badly wounded FCG's speech was again glitching very badly. Orym and Imogen were concerned that FCG was worrying about everyone but himself and urged him to take more care of himself.[88]

Lady Jiana Hexum was also very interested in FCG, speculating they could be sold for more than 20,000 gold. When Milo Krook inspected FCG's injuries, they diagnosed a form of pent-up energy within their metal body and was able to upgrade FCG so that switching arms was now included in their turn.[89] Later, FCG and Imogen simultaneously cast Detect Thoughts on each other, sharing their memories and emotions.[90]

Arc 2: Sand and Shadows[]

On the road to Heartmoor Hamlet, when FCG woke from stasis to find his friends in battle, his reaction was, "Oh, it's happening again."[91] FCG was then swallowed by the fairy-lure mantrap but eventually got the How do you want to do this? with his saw blade arm.[92] While the party was on the road back to Jrusar, FCG paid careful attention to Imogen, observing that she kept her hand near the pouch containing the gnarlrock shard and seemed to take comfort from it.[93]

Once in Jrusar, Jiana Hexum asked to speak to FCG alone, asking him who was his creator. He told her about Dancer while she inspected him closely, to which he eventually objected. Jiana was very interested in automatons and found that FCG's level of awareness was unique. On the way to Lord Eshteross's home, FCG told the party again about his past and the evisceration of Dancer and the rest of FCG's party, the Division of Public Benefit. At FCG's request, Milo crafted a propeller to substitute for his saw blade in swimming or falling situations. That night, FCG bonded with both Imogen and Ashton and stabilized Ashton while Imogen dove deeply into his mind with Detect Thoughts.[94]

On the voyage to Bassuras, FCG told Imogen that if she wanted, he thought he might be able to psychically connect her with Laudna so that Laudna could enter Imogen's dreams with her. Imogen and Laudna were both interested. They also talked about FCG's persisting belief that the world is flat and the possibility that people are living on the flip side of the coin-shaped world he imagined.[95] When the group later encountered a dusttra, FCG was able to speak with it and learn it was searching for its children.[96]

That night, Fearne heard what sounded like a large bird. During FCG's following watch, they also heard the bird and could see it nesting somewhere above. They were extremely nervous, and at the end of their watch woke Chetney, warning him there was something out there and asking him to investigate. Chetney saw only a normal-looking large hawk. FCG told him that on "the night everything changed", there was a bird. The bird hates FCG, and wants them dead or humiliated. FCG doesn't know why. But FCG's bird isn't a hawk, so this bird probably isn't it. Chetney pledged to protect FCG from the mysterious bird, which FCG named "Shithead". Chetney also became FCG's trusted companion.[97]

In Bassuras, FCG several times tried to engage other automatons in conversation without success. Laudna confided in him that she and Imogen had had a falling out since Laudna accidentally destroyed Imogen's gnarlrock shard. FCG volunteered to help facilitate a conversation between the two when they were both ready.[98]

FCG took several of the party members to Finders Takers, a boutique scrap and black powder shop run by Esmer, who recognized FCG and was surprised to see him, asking if Dancer sent them. FCG tried to gently tell her that Dancer was brutally murdered a few months ago, but Esmer told them that was impossible because Dancer came alone to the shop a month ago, but has now vanished again. Dancer now has one metal arm. After the others left, Fearne asked Esmer about Fresh Cut Grass' "fritzing" episodes, but Esmer could suggest only that they might be due to the melding of technologies when FCG was assembled. FCG was very shaken to learn that Dancer is still alive.[99]

When the group purchased a skirmish-crawler from Imahara Joe, they offered Fresh Cut Grass as potential collateral but Joe turned them down because of FCG's obvious sentience. Joe asked FCG if he used to run with someone named Dancer. He remembered that when the then-disabled FCG came through on a trade caravan, Joe wanted to buy him but Dancer got him first. FCG corrected him; Dancer didn't buy him, she built him. But Joe was certain that FCG is a grade-A scavenged pre-Divergence aeormaton, because only the Aeorians were able to create sentient automatons. When FCG insisted Dancer built him, Joe mentioned that there have been other aeormatons in the past five years coming online, reawakened. FCG was obviously shaken, but seemed to accept this. His concern was that his programming may turn out to be something other than what he had thought.[100]

When Laudna and Imogen patched up their relationship they pretended to still be fighting so that FCG could participate in helping them, but the plan backfired when FCG only felt more guilt about not having been there when needed. His speech was glitching and he referred repeatedly to past events and people as still happening. Imogen point-blank asked if he wanted to find Dancer, and he did, but he was very worried about why she left him and who and what he really is. Imogen promised the party will help him find Dancer, but Laudna said he should be prepared to find she isn't fully who he thought she was. FCG's mental confusion seemed only to increase when he tried to describe Dancer, and they agreed maybe he needs rest. Laudna and Imogen quickly pretended to make up and thanked him for helping them.[101]

FCG and Laudna in the Deathwish Run - BlackSalander

Fan art of FCG and Laudna in the Run, by BlackSalander.[art 8]

During the Deathwish Run, FCG was glued to the front of one of Bells Hells' crawler as the front wheel, and Orym painted angry eyebrows on them. FCG was badly damaged from the stresses of the race, and their speech was glitching again.[102] The party slowly walked FCG, still attached to the crawler, to Imahara Joe who released them and and offered to repair and polish them overnight. Ashton remained there with them and they were both present the following morning when Birdie Calloway arrived at the shop.[103] When Dusk revealed their true identity as Yu Suffiad, FCG didn't participate in the battle but instead healed Yu after hearing Imogen say, "Let's talk."[104] During the battle against the Fist of the Ruiner brigands, FCG was knocked unconscious twice and cast multiple healing spells on others.[105]

At the Calloway's hideout and the location of the Veilscatter Scope, after Ira Wendagoth's escape, FCG and Imogen probed Oleander Calloway's mind and discovered missing stretches. FCG suggested Dancer could help them analyze and repair the Scope, and after telling Fearne that she needed to confront her parents with her feelings of anger about being abandoned, FCG realized he needed to do the same with Dancer.[106] Later, he privately cast Sending to Dancer, saying: "Dancer, Fresh Cut Grass reporting in. Awaiting designation and assignment. What is your current status?" After a long pause, the reply was: "How'd you find me? What do you want from me?"[107]

The next morning, FCG Sent to Dancer again, saying they might need her soon and asking where she was. Dancer's terrified voice responded, "Please, leave me alone. I barely got away. I hope I never see you again. You know what you did." FCG's mind filled with static and they took four stress points, going silent and limp. Imogen tried Detect Thoughts, but read only stress and anger coming from a cacophony of hundreds of voices and thoughts built up through years. When she tried pushing further, she was repelled and pulled back. Chetney tried to reset FCG by hitting them on the head, but FCG immediately attacked with their buzzsaw and cast Spiritual Weapon in the form of a chisel, shouting, "Why don't you shut up? Why don't you shut your fucking mouth?"[108]

Ashton grappled FCG, trying to keep them from doing more damage. The others, however, attacked, knocking FCG unconscious as they shouted hurtful words at Fearne and Laudna that reflected their deepest fears and insecurities. Orym removed FCG's buzzsaw arm and hung them upside down by a rope hanging from the ceiling. Fearne healed them to consciousness. FCG remembered nothing and was woozy and surprised to be hanging upside down, but felt great and was their normal cheerful self. They healed Chetney, but were speechless when told what they had done. The group realized that the horrific scene Ashton encountered when they first found FCG was indeed created by FCG themself. Imogen brought up the one-eyed creature FCG remembered, but Ashton realized one of FCG's ocular units was damaged when Ashton found them and had to be replaced.[109]

Imogen looked into FCG's mind (who did not resist), looking for the reasons behind the hurtful comments, and discovered that the memory of the past few minutes had somehow been edited out. The voices she heard earlier in their mind were memories of things they'd heard, folded into one moment. Laudna Mended the dents in FCG's head that her spell created. The party realized they needed to talk to Dancer, but without FCG. Ashton admitted that Ashton thought FCG might indeed have caused the bloody deaths of their prior adventuring party. They all agreed that talking to Dancer and hopefully bringing her to inspect the broken scope was now a must. Orym lowered the still-hanging FCG, who immediately removed their bolt-thrower and grapple cannon and handed them to Orym, but Orym returned the weapons. He reiterated they would do what they had to do to protect themselves if it happened again, and they all pledged to work together to try to protect FCG from that happening.[110]

Dancer meeting with FCG - Kiera James

Fan art of Dancer meeting with FCG, by Kiera James.[art 9]

Back in Bassuras, the party met with Dancer, who confirmed she didn't build FCG but bought and then repaired him. When she got him running, he already was cheerful, took care of people, and knew how to heal. The night he broke, he'd been acting a little strangely, having gone through "a few rougher scuffs", and then snapped, killing the entire Division of Public Benefit and nearly killing Dancer, who narrowly escaped. She believed it could happen again. She described a runic cable deep in FCG's interior, which if disconnected would seriously incapacitate him. When saying goodbye, FCG was anxious for her to take care of herself and to find someone to talk to.[111]

Imahara Joe described FCG's metal-masked seller, "D", who had come through town about three times in the past few years. They were tall and masculine-presenting, wore a "really intricate metal mask" and a dark hooded cloak, and sold various ancient bits and pieces of ancient pre-Calamity arcane machinery they said they find buried in the Rumedam Desert. He told them of "The Care and Culling", an event during the Age of Arcanum during which automatons acting as caretakers and helpful companions were created and distributed throughout Exandria by Aeorian political figures to their rivals as ostensible peace offerings. The aeormatons suddenly killed the people they had been gifted to, making Aeorian technology henceforth suspect. FCG was shaken, believing they must be one of those assassin Aermatons gifted to someone in Marquet, but Joe and Orym reassured them that what's important is what they want to become. Before they left, Joe gifted the still-shaken FCG a medallion of the Changebringer, saying he hoped it would help FCG find the right path.[112]

During the battle against Otohan Thull, FCG was one of the few party members never knocked unconscious, but was caught in the pulse of psychic energy Imogen released:

In this pure, endless void of all color, you feel the psychic pulse open a flood of memories: waking to Dancer's curious smile, enjoying polishing the armor of your other automaton companions, exploring this new world with fresh eyes and protecting your friends. Meeting Ashton in the depths of your despair, discovering a new family and righting wrongs. Lifting the spirits of those you admire. Older memories break through: an endless cloudscape rushing past a skyline of pristine lavender spires, a parade through prismatic cobblestone streets, thousands of metallic beings cheering, celebrating. A dark room. A man you fear, of short graying blond hair, shouting, his mouth making no words. None of this imagery makes a sound; it's just visual. But you know there's anger in his heart, the intent, the defiance. A green path of flowers and stone stairs. A kindly, older noblewoman greets you. You like her, and your new life away from him. She sits and speaks. Silence, but you know the words of confidence and vulnerability that she shares. You grant her perspective and encouragement, and understanding. She smiles. She frowns. She is gone.
FCG's vision.[113]

FCG was able to Revivify the fallen Fearne Calloway using their final spell slot to do so. When she found herself unable to decide whether to Revivify Orym or Laudna, they loaned her their Changebringer medallion to flip as a coin, saying it was from a god. Afterwards, they asked her to give it back but she refused. The next day, FCG apologized to Chetney for attacking him and gave him a wooden toolbox with "R.T.A." on its side, and Chetney reciprocated with a mood indicator dial that FCG could use to indicate what emotion they were feeling since their metallic face can't do so.[114]

When the party arrived back in Jrusar, Fresh Cut Grass again asked Fearne for the return of his Changebringer coin, and with some difficulty finally got it back. He tried to help her understand where the motivation for her constant pickpocketing might be coming from. He also Sent to Jiana Hexum asking if Jiana could help bring back Laudna. Jiana's response: "Sweet little metal boy. What you ask is extremely difficult and against the nature of fate. Maybe." The group pointed out that the potential cost was likely to be FCG himself, but FCG thought maybe that was reasonable. Ashton firmly said it wasn't, and there would be no more talk of it. That evening, at Ashton's request, Imogen and FCG jointly cast Detect Thoughts on Ashton. Cut off from Imogen and trapped in a series of crystal chambers, FCG began seeing Ashton's memories through Ashton's eyes. When he looked down, his body looked like Ashton's, and he felt the pain Ashton experiences with every movement.[115]

When Bells Hells traveled to Whitestone with Keyleth's help, FCG asked her if Avandra was trustworthy; she confirmed that the Changebringer was one of the good ones, free-spirited, and even fun, although she had not met her personally.[116] Later that same day, when they were planning their mission to help Laudna in Delilah Briarwood's shadow domain, Letters wasn't sure if they could join the rest of the team, since the plan involved sending their souls there, and the aeormaton didn't believe he had a soul. Pike checked it using her divine magic and confirmed that Fresh Cut Grass was alive and had a soul. She also noticed that Avandra had her attention on the cleric, pointing at the medallion with the symbol of the Changebringer.[117] During that mission FCG used Avandra's holy symbol to Channel Divinity, releasing an unexpected powerful beam of divine energy that destroyed most of the necromancer's undead minions. After Laudna was resurrected, Fresh Cut Grass cast Shared Dream to accompany Imogen into her red storm nightmare. They saw a spirit that looked like Ariks Eshteross disappearing into it. The next day the aeormaton visited the Horizon Temple in Whitestone, meeting Guide Osli Kámyda who talked with the cleric about how roads were sacred for Avandra, and that since she was probably paying attention to the aeormaton already, she would send signs for them. FCG dedicated a tentative prayer to the goddess, and as an offering he used some of his spell components, burning incense and leaving a little silver powder.[118]

Arc 3: The Solstice Approaches[]

After Bells Hells returned to Jrusar they discovered that Otohan had killed Eshteross, and that they had inherited the Silver Sun from the orcish noble. With the ship they started their journey to Yios, and during said journey FCG prayed to Avandra, asking for a sign: immediately after the skyship was attacked by several cockatrices and a chimera. Although initially Fresh Cut Grass had declared that their victory over the monsters was thanks to the Changebringer, later on, when their group was traveling through the Gloomed Jungles with the Gorgynei (a group of Lycanthropes that were going to help Chetney to better control his curse) the aeormaton expressed his confusion about Avandra's signs and asked Fearne (who was under the effects of an hallucinogenic mushroom) for insight. She, after interacting with a beetle that (from her perspective) had a humanoid face and a friendly demeanor, declared that FCG had the Changebringer's approval; the cleric also tried the same mushroom that Fearne had eaten, but he resisted its hallucinogenic effects.

Later, when they reached Zha'Vrollo and Chetney went through Sahyaadon's trial, Bells Hells had to fight a bigger and more terrifying incarnation of the gnome's wolf form, while he tried to regain control. FCG was particularly distressed about seeing their trusted companion attacking the rest of the group, specially since Chetney had been kind to the cleric about their fear of birds; nevertheless, the aeormaton faced the wolf, using his magic against him and trying to calm him, and at one point, even threatening the statue of the Wildmother in the chamber. After the trial ended successfully Bells Hells spent one last night with the Gorgynei, and in the morning FCG helped cooking a rabbit; when they returned to the Silver Sun the aeormaton also tried to bake Eshteross' cookies with Denalia's help.

When they arrived to Yios they went to a casino, where Bells Hells played several gambling games. In one of them, the cleric, nervous, casted Divination for the first time to ask Avandra what should he do: she advised him to fold, but FCG checked instead; however, he got scared and ended up folding, thanking the Changebringer after noticing how much gold Chetney and Fearne were using for the game; while they were around players the cleric also casted Detect Thoughts to make a quick evaluation of the people around. Later the aeormaton and Fearne tried to book a room for free, and when they failed, they paid Freya (who worked there) for the room on the condition that she pretended like they hadn't paid; later, FCG casted Sending to ask Freya to send them food to their room. The next day the adventurers (with the help of a guide, Landon Kreshawl) arrived to the Aydinlan Seminary.
Fearne sheltering FCG - Cae chromaheart Farrington

Fan art of Fearne sheltering FCG, by Cae "chromaheart" Farrington.[art 10]

However, before they walked in, they noticed a creature looking at them perched on a gargoyle: Shithead, the avian nemesis of Fresh Cut Grass. The bird defecated on FCG's head, and a short battle ensued, during which the group discovered that the creature was, in fact, undead, but it had regenerative powers that healed its body. FCG didn't want to kill it immediately, so they cast Spare the Dying and Speak with Animals, learning that Shithead was deliberately chasing the aeormaton, although it didn't reveal the reason; it fleed soon after.

When Bells Hells were in the Aydinlan Seminary they asked a few questions (including FCG's interest about studies connected to technology and automatons), but the cleric ended up casting Fast Friends so the receptionist Carolle would guide them to Ebenold Kai's home. After reaching the professor's house and finding him hiding in a basement with Baryn Vestisho, FCG and his friends (minus Ashton) were transported with them to the Elemental Plane of Fire, where they spoke with the two members of the Grim Verity and Planerider Ryn, exchanging information about Ruidus and the events connected to it. Bells Hells declared themselves willing to try and sabotage any plans that would affect Ruidus and endanger Exandria, although FCG refused to allow Imogen to become a double agent and go to Otohan, since that would probably be dangerous for her emotional health.

After Ryn sent them back to Ebenold's house, the adventurers discovered that three intruders were using an air elemental to explore the house and find the basement. The party tried to confuse the newcomers into thinking they were having a party with adult content, and FCG contributed by acting as he was the camera and director of the event, using Laudna's tracking orb as the "camera"; however, the farce eventually ended, and a brief battle ensued: Fresh Cut Grass cleverly used their magic, casting Command so one of their enemies would start commanding the other two intruders instead of doing something useful, and later casting Banishment for the first time to temporarily send away another of the enemies; during the battle they also extended their magical protection to Laudna, since helping resurrect her had made the cleric bond with her; however, the fight was very stressful for them, and they expressed it to their friends, pointing it out on the mood board that Chetney had given them. After combat the group escaped taking the enemy mage for questioning, loading him on Fearne's back (transformed into a horse). FCG had cast Spare the Dying on said enemy so he wouldn't bleed to death, and again when Chetney knocked him unconscious a second time while they were in the street.

When they found a place with enough privacy the adventurers interrogated Tuldus (for that was the mage's name), using Imogen's telepathy and FCG's Fast Friends. The aeormaton tried to act friendly, showing interest in specific details about the plans of Tuldus' organization and admitting that their group wasn't very religious; the cleric also analyzed the mage's disdain for divinity, and thanks to Imogen it was revealed that their prisoner had had a traumatic childhood, being punished for not being religious enough. After obtaining key information (including the nature of Tuldus' Bracers of Defense, which FCG identified) Bells Hells started planning and contacted Ryn. FCG expressed his reluctance to leave Yios to visit the Feywild, since that same day they had discovered that at Aydinlan Seminary there was a professor who could reveal things about their mechanical nature; although he suggested that his friends could leave without him, they refused and promised the aeormaton that they could come back eventually, when it wasn't too dangerous for them to stay in the City of Flowing Light. Later, after meeting with Ashton at the Aydinlan Seminary (having left Pâté watching over Tuldus), Fresh Cut Grass expressed how stressed they felt and asked their friends to be nice to each other, to which the adventurers agreed. After that the group divided, and Imogen, Fearne, FCG and Laudna went to visit Vitro Isham, an expert in automatons, although the first two left early to go see Professor Kadija Sumal.

Isham turned out to be a very friendly firbolg teacher and an acquaintance of Imahara Joe who inspected Fresh Cut Grass after the cleric gave Laudna their potential weapons, since they still felt a bit anxious. Isham identified them as a Harmonious Aeormaton intended for peaceful and diplomatic activities, and confirmed that they had most likely been modified to participate in the Care and Culling. He also reassured the cleric, assuring him that he could choose his own path and that he should not let himself be defined by memories that he no longer had, and at the request of FCG himself, he installed an oven-like device in their body to be able to cook with the residual heat of his arcane accumulator. Later, when Vitro, who believed that the adventurers were students, encouraged them to notify him when they graduated, the warlock and the cleric went with it. After saying goodbye, Laudna and Imogen went to Professor Sumal's office. When Bells Hells met there, they found out that Imogen and Fearne had had an encounter with Ludinus Da'leth, who had cursed Kadija Sumal and stolen documents from her, leaving her in a fragile state that FCG was not yet powerful enough to heal. The party called Ryn, who told them that she would seek help for the professor and would take care of the still spellbound Tuldus. As promised, the Planerider transported Bells Hells to the Feywild.

The group appeared in the Harrowcall Fens, near the home of Fearne's grandmother. The faun, excited to be back in her childhood plane, began leading her friends around (although they were kept up by some music-loving flowers and an animated tree that tried to bar their way). However, they managed to successfully reach the Ligament Manor, the home of the Fatestitcher. There, they were welcomed by the strange hag, who hugged her granddaughter and offered them a cocktail. The group stayed at the mansion for the rest of the day, and Fearne caught up with her grandmother, who, despite her sinister appearance, was very welcoming. During that whole time FCG stated their stress, and when Laudna tried to speak about the reunion with Professor Isham, the cleric quickly silenced her to keep the surprise. Before going to bed in their quarters (whose decor FCG compared to drawings of people in therapy), having seen that Ruidus was visible in the fey sky, FCG decided to cast Shared Dream on Imogen, Laudna and himself; in the dream they were able to locate the ruins in Marquet where one of the Malleus Keys was being built, and Imogen was able to briefly interact with her mother before Liliana forced her to end the dream, sending FCG back into consciousness with her due to the bond between both. The next day FCG surprised their friends baking biscuits for them, using for the first time his new oven device.

On the way to Sun's Shadow the adventurers met first Dr. Nesbitt, a bird friend of Fearne's who had followed them to say goodbye to her; Fresh Cut Grass was immediately nervous around him, and was relieved when he left. Later the group heard someone approaching and they tried to hide, but the aeormaton did so next to a strange plant who hurt him and made him yelp, causing a patrol of three nomadic centaurs to find them. The centaurs spoke only Elvish and attacked FCG when he tried to cast Tongues, and thanks to that spell Bells Hells were able to determine that the nomads wanted to capture them to sell them to the Unseelie Court; however, the adventurers managed to knock two of them unconscious and kill the third and the animated tree they had summoned. As the group continued advancing FCG decided to use their coin to ask the Changebringer for guidance (without actually casting a spell), deciding to embrace faith in the goddess, to which their friends expressed their concern, explaining that they should trust their own judgment instead of blindly trusting in the divine will.

Once they managed to access the Shiver Keep (after a brief problem with Ashton and sentient ground) Fresh Cut Grass cast Banishment in one of the guards, bringing him back at the right moment for him to fall into the portable hole, where he and another guard suffocated. Shortly after, during the sabotage of the Malleus Key, the cleric used his Spiritual Weapon (shaped like a spilling cup of coffee) against the machine, and later, when Sorrowlord Zathuda came on Gloamglut's back FCG used their powers and spells to prevent Bells Hells from taking excessive damage. During the escape FCG healed their friends whenever they were injured, and continued to use their coin to make decisions, although the process was much faster and the results always pointed to the most logical course of action. When facing Terrosh, the portal guardian, the cleric improvised (with Chetney's help) a rap performance, offering cookies as payment to use the portal, which the strange fey being accepted, sending them through it to Exandria.

When Bells Hells discovered that they were in the Taloned Highlands, near Imogen's hometown, Fresh Cut Grass stressed that it might benefit them to visit the village and speak with the sorcerer's father, Relvin Temult, although she didn't seem very enthusiastic about it. FCG mentioned wanting to make a new recipe, and Ashton gave them a gift: ingredients he had stolen from a kitchen in Yios; the genasi expressed his interest in FCG cooking, and that if they could get the aeormaton to develop senses of taste and smell, it would be perfect if he could prepare his first meal himself. That night Orym took an interest in the cleric's well-being, and FCG confirmed that although the last few days had been very stressful, they liked having the guidance they felt Avandra was giving them through her coin, stating that they were now more interested in seeing what the future holds, instead of focusing on the past; the aeormaton was also interested in what gave Orym purpose, justice for his husband and father.

The next day FCG contacted Xandis to confirm that their skyship would pick them up in Gelvaan. The cleric and Imogen tried to cast Sending at the same time to talk to Ryn (whose communication had been interrupted the day before) but got no response. That night, using Imogen's dream powers, FCG sent himself, Laudna and Chetney with the sorcerer to try and find the Planerider in the Tishtan ruins she was exploring; in that dream space (in which the cleric took an interest in the design of the constructs working there) they located the tiefling wizard, petrified near the Malleus Key, but shortly after they were located by Otohan Thull, who managed to attack Chetney and Fresh Cut Grass with psychic energy before they managed to wake up; the next day the four friends were somewhat exhausted from the experience. Bells Hells confirmed the route to Gelvaan as their only option, and along the way FCG worried about Imogen's emotional state and how it might affect her powers; she compared said situation with that of the aeormaton himself. After another night of rest (after which both FCG and Chetney were still exhausted) the party arrived at Imogen's village, and when they met with Relvin Ashton advised their cleric friend not to feel responsible for whatever that encounter may cause. However, despite the initial tensions, the father-daughter reunion proved relatively productive, and when the Silver Sun arrived FCG and their friends left Gelvaan in dramatic fashion.

While Bells Hells were traveling to the Tishtan excavation site they were talking about which friends they could turn to and what resources they had to attack the Ruby Vanguard and destroy their main Malleus Key; FCG helped using their Sending spell to talk to potential allies, and also proposed an idea: disguise himself as one of the automatons in the ruins, detonate himself, and have his friends rebuild his body later; although Bells Hells flatly refused to allow such a thing, they agreed to turn to Imahara Joe for materials to use as arcane bombs. Later, the cleric cast Shared Dream to bring Fearne and Orym into Imogen's dream while she was trying to deal with her mom, Liliana, and before they went to sleep FCG offered the sorceress tea. After a mother-daughter conversation Imogen seemed to doubt her cause and the goodness of the gods, and Fresh Cut Grass used their coin to ask the Changebringer if she was good and if she was interested in the triumph of Bells Hells, with disturbing results for the first subject, and more positive for the second; the next day the cleric determined that Avandra was giving wrong answers about everything related to herself because, as a goddess, she wanted to be shrouded in mystery.

As part of communications with potential allies, the aeormaton alerted Pike Trickfoot to the approaching danger of a divine nature, and also warned Dancer to get her and Esmer to safety, but she did not reply. Encouraged by Imogen, FCG sent a message to the mysterious "D" who sold their inanimate body in Bassuras some time ago, obtaining as a response the satisfaction of the individual, who confirmed that there were more aeormatons out there, and that FCG had been pulled "from the wreckage"; Fresh Cut Grass rated D's voice as attractive, and was excited about the possibility of having siblings. When Bells Hells arrived to the Calloway Layaway Ira Wendagoth invited FCG to watch the Tishtan ruins through the Veilscatter Scope, and the cleric described to their friends what they were seeing. While they were there, Fresh Cut Grass also took the chance to do some family therapy with the Calloways.

After they started traveling again the Silver Sun encountered some arcane wind caused by the ley lines, and FCG cast Protection from Energy to Captain Xandis wouldn't be damaged by the stormy weather, but the magic became unstable, protecting the tiefling but striking everyone else. Later, when a seed Orym had carried for a long time started showing signs of life the cleric Identified it as a Message Bloom through which Keyleth managed to talk to the Ashari once they planted the seed. Fresh Cut Grass spent the night before their last day of trek baking profiteroles. The next morning the cleric and their companions discussed their plan to crash the Silver Sun into the Malleus Key, during which FCG consulted with the Changebringer if it would be right to sacrifice the lives of the crew in the process; despite the result of the coin toss, the aeormaton decided to interpret it in a more benign way (which relieved his companions, even if he later joked again about sacrificing the captain with the skyship). When it was established that Fearne, Xandis, Ira and FCG would stay on the ship to fulfill that part of the plan and then get off before crashing, the latter (who had initially proposed to stay on the ship alone despite the fact that their propeller would not allow them to fly away) reassured the druid and magically helped her practice handling the skyship on her own.

Before bidding farewell to the rest of the group, who would be infiltrating the ruins by land, FCG handed his friends three cherry danishes he had made the night before, and stated that it had been good to meet them. Orym told them he hoped Avandra favored them, a sentiment the aeormaton reciprocated.

FCG and Fearne stayed in the ship for a while, trying to understand a bit more how to fly it, and talking with Ira about his motivations and his similarities with Fearne. After contacting Orym and him commenting that he would like to have FCG with them, the cleric decided that he and Fearne would go down to join the rest of Bells Hells, leaving Ira and Xandis to charge of the skyship (and making Ira promise to save the captain when the time comes); before leaving, Fresh Cut Grass gave the captain a Potion of Possibility. After all the members of Bells Hells were reunited everyone except Imogen and Orym hid inside the defeated warder they had with them, and FCG took control over it using his "hair" wires, an strange but fascinating experience for the cleric, who liked it a lot, even if the antimagic waves slowed him a bit each time they happened.

FCG followed Imogen while carrying Orym, trying to behave like the rest of the automatons, eventually pretending to do a task while the rest of Bells Hells fought an exaltant and their team. When Otohan was nearby the aeormaton alerted their friends casting Message, and when the leader of Paragon's Call was leaving, following the sound of some explosions, FCG used their Warder body to throw a big rock at the fighter, who destroyed it without difficulty and spat in the automaton's direction, assuming it was just malfunctioning. After that FCG cast Sending to Ira, letting him know it was time to descend with the skyship, and them they approached the area were Ryn's statue was. The cleric tried to take her, but accidentally dropped part of the rocky ruins over the statue, breaking the Planerider's right arm. Liliana Temult noticed this, and using her magic, forced FCG's Warder body to stop working.

Because of the sabotages happening in the excavation, Ludinus decided to rush his plans with the Malleus Key, rallying his forces (and the captured Caleb and Beau) while delivering a speech, in the same area where Fresh Cut Grass was still trapped inside the automaton. After Enhancing their strength (and with some help from Orym) they were able to open the door in the Warder's body, and even though Ludinus wasn't able to see the cleric yet, he looked in their direction and started talking about how the gods hadn't given them life and how they existed because of mortals; this made the aeormaton hold their holy coin. After the Voice of the Tempest arrived, she was immediately ambushed by Otohan Thull; trying to help, Fresh Cut Grass took part of the damage suffered by the archdruid, and tried to Dispel the collar on the neck of the red-headed wizard (understanding he was one of the new allies Orym had talked about) but he failed.

Arc 4: Separated[]

After the Malleus Key activated, Bells Hells were sent far away, and FCG, Imogen, Chetney and Fearne appeared in the Crystalsands Tundra, near Uthodurn. After failing to contact Orym, Ashton and Laudna the party decided to head to Uthodurn to avoid the cold and get help; at dusk, FCG was carried by Fearne (who had used her Wild Shape to turn into a giant showbill) to reach a cave in which to take refuge. However, that place turned out to be the lair of a frost salamander that attacked them; they confronted it, and the cleric used his sawblade and his Spiritual Weapon against it, and eventually the group received the help of two other travelers: FRIDA, an aeormaton gunslinger, and Deanna Leimert, a gnome cleric of Pelor and Chetney's former lover; the two aeormatons immediately took an interest in each other, talking about their shared experiences and how had they woken up. They all decided to travel together to Uthodurn, where, according to FRIDA, they would find an expert in aeormaton history that could create functional legs for the cleric; the following morning, Fresh Cut Grass baked particularly delicious mango-flavored bundt cakes for the group. When talking about the gods and their purpose FCG expressed their confidence in the Changebringer, as well as their concern about the possibility that the connection between her and her cleric could be lost.

That evening, following Fearne's advice, Imogen tried to locate the rest of Bells Hells in her dreams (with the druid and FCG accompanying her thanks to the Shared Dream spell). Ruidus's dream energy drew them to the point where the Malleus Key had been activated and where it still remained, with its red beam anchoring Ruidus in the sky as it broke through little by little the barrier that surrounded it; since that energy seemed to captivate Imogen in a dangerous way and Fresh Cut Grass wasn't able to influence the dream, Fearne, after waking up first, forced the sorcerer to wake up too by slapping her, showing concern for what would happen if her friend came into contact with that strange energy. Since Chetney, in his wolf form, had entered the forest and FRIDA had followed him, FCG and the rest of the group went looking for them, finding the tall aeormaton injured by the werewolf's claws and teeth.

The next morning, after Chetney returned, the group continued traveling, eventually reaching Uthodurn, discovering that the people there were nervous because magic wasn't working properly, and the streets were darker than usual; FCG stood out due to their automaton form, and they used their Detect Thoughts to make sure no one suspicious was around. The adventurers visited the Vellum Steeple Archive, learning that not only communication magic was being altered, but also transportation magic, scrying magic, as well as very old enchantments that they thought to be permanent. While Chetney spied inside (being magically enhanced by FCG, since the old gnome had been exhausted lately) his friends talked to Ressia Uvesic, revealing the information they had surrounding Ludinus and his plans, since the cleric decided to trust the Scribewarden. After that, following some commotion, the party went to the Grand Disk, which was being evacuated due to some sort of attack. Following FCG's heroic initiative (who cast Fast Friends so one of the glassblades would let them pass), the party decided to enter and confront the bull monster; while they were there, the cleric helped Deanna heal a half-elven girl that had been wounded, and he also offered magical baked goods to his friends. Once they discovered the creature they were looking for felt scared and confused, they decided to calm it down instead, and FCG's Tongues (combined with Imogen's telepathy and Fearne's Dominate Beast) allowed them to communicate with the Sentinel Beast, who was called Umudara. Since the celestial beast wanted to return to his home (Chetney deduced it was the Savalirwood) the party decided to bring him to the surface, and to prevent new attacks from the people of Uthodurn Fresh Cut Grass cast Calm Emotions, making sure the guards listen to them.

After receiving the general admiration of the people of Uthodurn, as well as an invitation to meet the dual monarchs the next day, Bells Hells retired to Deanna's house for the night, and after deciding who would sleep with whom, FCG and FRIDA were left alone; they talked for a bit about their mutual appreciation, as well as the drawings the gunslinger had in their room. As the cleric had promised before reaching Uthodurn, he cast Shared Dream to inspect FRIDA's witnessing their view of Exandria, as well as the image of a mysterious child. When they both woke up, Fresh Cut Grass helped their friend remember the kid's appearance so they could draw him. The next morning the group had breakfast together and FRIDA provided precious metals for FCG and themselves; FCG also offered to keep warm the remaining breakfast of his friends by putting it inside his oven. Bells Hells decided to visit Chetney's old working place, now called D&O Toy Emporium, and discovered that Oltgar Dradegon and his new partner, Drixlitch Ovana, had a problem due to some pymon firebugs. Bells Hells agreed to help them in exchange for money and the opportunity to inspect the workplace; once inside FCG supported Chetney's feeling by eating one of the metal toys; when they found the firebugs the cleric used their magic to try to manipulate and trap the bugs, as well as keep their friends safe; later, when they found Drixlitch's pet craskkalid, now in its monstrous adult form, FCG attacked it with their Spiritual Weapon and their bolt thrower, and later healed Fearne's wounds. When the group talked to Oltgar about the shady deals Drixlitch had involving child labor and the dwarf's eventual early death, Fresh Cut Grass tried to determine if the toymaker knew about any of that, but he wasn't able to read his behavior. After they were paid, FCG gave their share of the money to Chetney and encouraged the rest of the group to continue making their way.

During the meeting with the dual monarchs, FCG, in addition to participating in the conversation about failures in magic and the possibility of traveling to Molaesmyr to learn more about Ludinus, tried to deduce through body language if Simone Fruunast and Imathan Talviel had a romantic relationship (they didn't), and at one point suggested to the elven king that the embrace of a lover could make the memories of his fallen kingdom more bearable. After the meeting FCG accompanied FRIDA to Jaquoby Macyl's house, and along the way they talked about their feelings and the absence of special people in their respective romantic lives, which led to a kiss between the two aeormatons. Jaquoby received them, and at Fresh Cut Grass' request, he examined them, revealing their original designation, Faithful Care-Giver, and incorporating into the cleric's body part of a mithral armor that the family of a deceased guard had bequeathed to Bells Hells for their help dealing with Umudara; Jaquoby also promised to look into how to design legs for FCG.

FCG posing for FRIDA - Jenny Dolfen

Fan art of FCG posing for FRIDA, by Jenny Dolfen.[art 11]

At Catlyn's Clothier, while the rest of the group improved their outfits, Fresh Cut Grass asked for a dark blue coat, similar to the one FRIDA had. When noticing the two aeormatons' behavior with each other Imogen asked in the cleric's mind what had happened, and he said that it had been more than what happened between Pretty and Imogen; despite the emotional stress of the situation, FRIDA held FCG's hand in front of everyone, displaying their new closeness; that night their friends gossiped a bit about it but where supportive, even getting excited when hearing sounds from the aeormaton's room, although they were just screwing FCG's joints. FRIDA attempted to draw him, and they later fell asleep holding hands. The next morning FCG Identified the Weavepiercer Gloves and an expensive but common ring Fearn had stolen from Desavon Kamash, and bought some components for himself. The adventurers got flot goats to travel through the mountains, and FCG chose a specimen with a white and brown-spotted luxurious coat that they named Fabio.

FCG and their friends successfully traversed the Flotket Alps (the cleric was hit by a rock thrown by a frost giant, but wasn't too injured) and reached the Boreal Omen River. There FRIDA asked Deanna to prioritize FCG's safety over their own, so she talked to the other cleric, having a conversation with him about relationships (his with FRIDA and her past with Chetney), whereupon she agreed to place her Death Ward in FCG; later Fresh Cut Grass cast Commune for the first time, tentatively asking if the Changebringer was there, and if she was real: the goddess indicated her presence by curving the image of the river, and then, through the wind, allowing the aeormaton to catch glimpses of her long hair, as well as her figure on the horizon; when the cleric asked if Avandra had been watching them, she used the wind to toss their coin to the ground, yielding a positive result; finally, when Fresh Cut Grass asked the Prime Deity if she needed help, she gave a positive, if distant, answer before walking away; FCG was able to watch as their goddess was reunited with other figures in the distance, presumably other gods. After such event, they spoke again with Deanna, this time about religion. That good impression on the Changebringer caused the gnome to alter her Death Ward protecting FCG the next day to sport the symbol of the goddess of luck instead of the Dawnfather's.

The next day the group used their newly built raft to travel faster using the river, leaving their goats behind, and FCG used his propeler to travel faster. When they were already in the Savalirwood they approached a bog wretch and a group of pixies, and ended up fighting, killing the bigger monster and scaring the tiny fey away with Deanna's Control Water; during the whole battle FCG showed concern about FRIDA's safety, and when they were within reach of each other they even kissed, with the cleric's Shield of Help protecting the gunslinger. After both Deanna and Fearne were weakened by a miasma emitted from cracks in the forest floor (because Chetney didn't warn them in time), FCG shared with them savory muffins made with goat's blood (from Jerry, Deanna's former mount) to restore some of their health. In the last leg of the journey on foot, during which FRIDA shared a piece of sapphire with FCG as a snack, and when they reached the ruins of Molaesmyr FCG cast Telepathic Bond so the whole group could communicate mentally without making any noise. While the adventurers explored the ruins, FCG's magic turned out to be very useful: with Divination he chose the best route to reach Gildhollow Tower, his Spirit Guardians (looking like miniature copies of FRIDA, which flattered the gunslinger) helped fend off some ghosts, and later he used Stone Shape to hide from the Wolf-King. Between those two encounters the cleric also entered in contact with the dark miasma of the forest, being weakened by it, although not exhausted like Deanna and Fearne.

Once the group was inside the tower, they found a corpse with a golden ring that FCG was about to eat until Imogen mentioned that people used said jewels as symbols of romantic commitment, so the cleric kept it. When FRIDA was unable to determine why a specific device inside the building was familiar, Fresh Cut Grass and Imogen offered to use their double Detect Thoughts on them, as they had done with another of their friends in the past. In the tower Bells Hells confronted a hatemonger, and during the battle FCG used their cleric abilities to protect their friends and keep them alive; before leaving the now burning building the aoermaton's powerful Command made the circle on the wall reveal a compartment with a satchel that they took away before leaving, imprisoning the strange monstrous humanoid that emerged from the remains of the hatemonger when FCG cast Stone Shape, sealing the burning building.

Once they were back into the forest Bells Hells inspected the magical bag that used to belong to Ludinus, and checked some magical items (including the Staff of Dark Odyssey that Fresh Cut Grass Identified), as well as the archmage's old notes. After that, FRIDA requested that Imogen and FCG check their mind as they had promised at the Gildhollow Tower, and the two spellcasters (after FRIDA gave their significant other matching hoodies made by Deanna) did that, finding memories of the gunslinger living in Aeor and fighting for the city, being there defending a strange machine when the floating city was destroyed; when they finished the gunslinger was very disturbed by their own memories, but they eventually calmed down, and spent the night contemplating the moon with FCG.

Avandra's vision by Cha Cha Rae

Fan art of Avandra's warning, by Cha Cha Rae.[art 12]

The following day, before leaving, FCG cast Commune to ask Avandra about the well-being of Ashton, Orym and Laudna and find out where it would be easier to locate them; the aeormaton also took the opportunity to ask about the future of his relationship with FRIDA. The goddess confirmed that Fresh Cut Grass' friends were alive, that they would be found in Jrusar, and that the future of the cleric's relationship with the gunslinger was yet to be determined; however, before the spell ended the Changebringer also warned FCG of the approaching danger, demanding that they and their friends help stop the release of Predathos. The cleric informed their friends about all this, although they told FRIDA that Avandra had predicted that they would be together for a long time. After confirming that Deanna and FRIDA would stay with them, the whole group (using the Staff of Dark Odyssey, held by Imogen) Teleported.

Arc 5: Race to the Moon[]

Team Wildemount suffered great magical damage before appearing in a mountain (still in the same continent), being attacked by local birdfolk who, after some aggressive discussion, agreed to bring the adventurers down the mountain as long as they were blindfolded. During the whole process FCG, damaged and stressed, was panicking due to the presence of the avian humanoids, convinced that they were somehow connected to Shithead. While they were being carried by one of the creatures, the stress became too much, and only Imogen's Calm Emotions prevented the cleric from attacking people (they would then cast the spell on himself again, since it only lasted a minute). Once in the ground, FRIDA's kiss helped calming FCG, who then, after failing a Divine Intervention (so that Avandra would restore the charges in Imogen's new staff), proceeded to sleep for the rest of the day in order to relax; during that time his partner read some of his thoughts, identifying the aeormaton's rage and killer instinct as something strong and alien within his mind.

The following morning the group managed to successfully Teleport to Jrusar (with Fresh Cut Grass helping by Commanding Imogen to succeed). Back in Marquet, the cleric was still a bit nervous about the simurghs there, but they stayed calm; later, while they were using a brumeskipper, they even cast Calm Emotions to help Imogen with her fear of heights; FCG also tried to Locate Orym, without success. In the Spire by Fire Inn the aeormaton showed some jealousy when a slightly drunk Imogen started speaking to FRIDA, so the two friends argued a bit.

When both halves of Bells Hells reunited, they shared anecdotes and information. FCG introduced FRIDA to their friends, and the gunslinger revealed their romantic partner's true name to Team Issylra, who were very surprised. The cleric shared a bundt cake with the group, as well as their recent opinions on divinity after a close encounter with the Change ringer that made him feel special; however, they soon felt stressed after noticing Mother, Prism's Raven familiar, who immediately disliked him in return, shitting all over the aeormaton; FCG tried to Banish the familiar, but Prism stopped him with Counterspell (the cleric, however, ended up having a more positive reaction when they met Dynios, Prism's sentient spellbook).

Eventually it was decided that Prism, Deanna and FRIDA would go on their own research mission to find useful information for Bells Hells, who would return to the Tishtan excavation site. Fresh Cut Grass didn't want to leave FRIDA, and briefly considered going with them, but Orym's words, as well as the gunslinger's opinión and FCG's own sense of duty towards Avandra convinced him to stay with his friends. The group exchanged farewells, during which Prism and FCG, now less hostile with each other, made a promise (she would keep FRIDA safe and he would do the same with Orym); she also gave some cigarettes to the aeormaton, although they left them when FRIDA mentioned smoking was unattractive. The two aeormaton exchanged affectionate words, and reacted positively when Prism unsummoned Mother to gain their trust.

Once the seven original members of Bells Hells were left alone, they continued to share the information and discoveries they had made on their respective trips; however, Laudna was particularly irritated by how apparently enjoyable Team Wildemount's adventure had been, complaining about it, which made FCG feel bad for focusing too much on their newfound love instead of the mission. Seeing that the warlock urgently needed to relax a bit, the party agreed to put off their plans until the next morning and take the rest of the day to rest and make preparations. Fresh Cut Grass and Ashton visited the Krook House, talking to Milo about some updates for the barbarian's weapon; while they were there Anni Aughta praised the cleric's new coat, joking about wanting it for herself (and clarifying it was a joke when the aeormaton tried to take it off). Ashton and FCG talked about FRIDA, and the former admitted he was very happy, since his friend had found in the gunslinger something he had been trying to give them for the very beginning: a reason to live.

When FCG and Ashton returned with their friends the aeormaton presented Laudna with thematic baked goods connected to the adventures of Team Wildemount, so that she would feel included. Bells Hells shared their recent discoveries, and argued about how important faith was in their mission; Fresh Cut Grass liked the idea of his friends trusting in a deity of their choosing (or in Avandra, if they wanted), although not all of them seemed very confident about the idea. Later the cleric and Fearne cast Scrying at the same time to find Liliana and Ludinus, and he succeeded (since his target wasn't protected like the archmage), locating them on the surface of Ruidus; after that event the aeormaton was very impressed by the vision of Exandria from space, and used the Guided Grace of the Coin of the Changebringer to ask if Exandria was round (the coin revealed that indeed, it was). The group had to stay one extra day, during which FCG cast Identify on the harness found in Molaesmyr, understanding how it worked a little bit better; they also tried to Scry on the Nightmare King, but this time it was Fearne who succeeded.

When Bells Hells arrived in Zephrah they met several Air Ashari using their skysails, including Orym's sister-in-law, Maeve; Fresh Cut Grass was very impressed by the flying devices, and also by his friend's complicated family tree, so they asked about it while the group was being brought to a very weakened Keyleth. She asked them for their help healing her wounds (by fetching a special flower in the Grey Valley); FCG asked about how the flower worked, and later, before they left, he wondered if the archdruid had a god she followed, to which the Voice of the Tempest answered explaining the Ashari's relationship with nature, although she appreciated it when the aeormaton said he would pray for her. When talking to Orym's sister-in-law, Leeta, Fearne asked the half-elf if there was anyone she didn't trust in Zephrah, and Fresh Cut Grass offered to use their Detect Thoughts to help uncovering traitors, which the Master of Defense rejected, because she did not want to become paranoid overthinking that matter. When the group visited Orym's mom, Alma, FCG noticed how much they looked like each other, and acted friendly (if shy) around her; he also paid attention to Fearne, telling her not to steal from the kind halfling (she said that she wouldn't do such a thing). The cleric asked about his friend's childhood in Zephrah, and when discovering that some of his toys had been made by Chetney, they tried to ascertain if the fighter had gnomish features. Before they left FCG asked Alma for her carrot bran muffin recipe, so they could bake them for their friends, and she wrote it down for them.

When Maeve sent Bells Hells to the Grey Valley with her magic, FCG cast Divination to determine in which direction should they walk; later, he also Enhanced Fearne's Wisdom so she could help the group while they were looking for the flowers. On their way there the cleric cast Detect Thoughts to make sure no one else was following the group, but when they finally found a bush of blue perennem flowers, they were attacked by several undead and a devourer-like demon. Although initially FCG had cast Shield of Help to protect Chetney, he let that spell go to try to Compel the undead to move away. The cleric later summoned a sawblade-shaped Spiritual Weapon to attack their enemies (who were recently deceased Ashari), and when Fearne fell unconscious, his Mass Cure Wounds healed her and most of the party, and the aeormaton and Imogen made sure no other creature would attack the druid for the rest of the fight. Later Fresh Cut Grass suggested that they should gather the personal belongings of the fallen Ashari, and Orym did so.[119]

Voting about the gods by Melissa Hahn

Fan art of Bells Hells voting, by Melissa Hahn.[art 13]

While the group was doing a short rest FCG, after checking if Orym was okay (and wondering if he would be able to do an Aramenté when he explained what it was), asked the group about the gods, revealing that most of them were unsure (except for Chetney, who pretended to like them, and Ashton, who didn't vote). Later, Bells Hells were attacked by vrocks and the cleric cast Spirit Guardians to keep the bird-like demons away. Eventually the party reached the Iridon Bastion, which had been taken by demons that had killed some people and captured the rest in cages. FCG cast Tongues to understand what they were saying, and when the battle began Commanded them to mime. Fresh Cut Grass used their magic during combat to help their friends and interfere with the demons' plans; when they saw that Imogen was badly hurt, Fearne (in the form of a giant shoebill) helped FCG reach the sorcerer so she could be healed.

When the battle was over the group talked for a bit with their unexpected ally, Teven Klask, a champion of Asmodeus, and FCG was enthusiastic when he noticed that Fearne had become a bit more interested in divinity after that conversation, even if it was about the Lord of the Nine Hells. Later the cleric helped Baernie (Orym's sister-in-law, that they had just rescued) while she was healing her own dislocated shoulder.[120] That night, when Chetney showed the group the talking sword he had found, Fresh Cut Grass cast Identify and confirmed the name was Graz'tchar the Luminary Blade; it told them it was once a great king opposing dark forces who placed his spirit inside the blade with his dying breath, losing most of his memories since, and FCG initially believed the story. However, later they cast Legend Lore, revealing that the weapon's apparent radiance hid the will of a Prince of Hell (Graz'tchar assured that the demonic influence was the residual power of Extovass, its previous wielder). That night, before going to sleep, the aeormaton had a short conversation with Avandra via Commune, during which she confirmed that the gods could be helpful to the group, that she was worth saving and that she was scared. After one night thinking about it Chetney attuned to Graz'tchar, and FCG said that even if the sword was somehow cursed, he should be able to fix it.[121]

After the group Teleported back to Zephrah, they checked on Keyleth and FCG told her they had met a champion of the Lord of the Hells. He wondered if having a common enemy would end the hostility between Prime Deities and Betrayer Gods permanently, but Keyleth simply praised his optimism. FCG also wondered if the primordials or whatever was left of them and their followers would be willing to help the gods. They discussed the leather harness, and whether Dancer and D was the best person to repair it. Fresh Cut Grass, nervous about both options, Scryed on both, finding the former in an undetermined building, and the latter somewhere on the Menagerie Coast. FCG then tried using Divination to learn which choice was best. He casting the spell three times, but on each occasion the answer was more ambiguous. Ashton argued that FCG liked meeting new people, and the group seemed to prefer D; Imogen even suggested that the cleric could attune to her Staff of Dark Odyssey the following day so they could Teleport directly to wherever they had seen that mysterious individual.[122]

FCG and Fearne accompanied Orym to visit his mother-in-law and pay their respects at the graves of Derrig and Will. During the visit, Fresh Cut Grass was polite (and surprised when Nel mentioned she had met another automaton before), and when their host offered biscuits they asked for the recipe, just like they had done with Alma; as they left the memorial platform, Orym told the cleric he had brought them to see his family to show him how complicated and beautiful life was, and made it clear how much he appreciated his friends' presence. Later, when Bells Hells were partying, Chetney mentioned FRIDA, which reminded the cleric of how much they missed them; they talked once again about the gods, and they joked for a bit about the possibility of turning Fresh Cut Grass into their personal idol. When the aeormaton heard Imogen and Laudna trying to pray to the Moonweaver by screaming he felt proud of them. Later, when they went to Alma's house, FCG convinced Fearne to Scry on Dancer, revealing she was in Yios.[123]

The following morning they visited Keyleth again, and FCG offered her biscuits (which were good but dry) before telling her about their new plan of going to Yios; the archdruid decided to go with them, and FCG was particularly excited when she revealed she was able to regrow missing limbs, since that would potentially make their interaction with Dancer easier. However, when he Located her in the City of Flowing Light, Dancer didn't want a new arm or to reconnect with him, although after some conversation she agreed to help Bells Hells fix their harness. She made it clear that FCG would have to deal on his own with his feelings of guilt and make peace with their shared past. Imogen, who had witnessed their interaction, used her mental powers to tell FCG that he was a good person, despite everything. When they were looking for a tree to go to Bassuras and visit Imahara Joe, Shithead appeared again, attacking Fresh Cut Grass, and after a brief combat during which it was killed a couple of times and the aeormaton seriously considered putting the undead bird inside their body, Fearne cast Speak with Animals and tried to talk to the creature. Like the last time they had encountered it, the avian revenant manifested its dislike for the world, and for FCG in particular, but revealed its true name, "Gargo", as well as its inability to die, since its previous master had been long gone. Shortly after that the bird got free and tried to attack the cleric, being destroyed by his Turn Undead ability. FCG kept some of its feathers, and declared that now that the incarnation of his guilt was gone, he would be able to move on and leave his past crimes behind.[124]

When they arrived in Bassuras they discovered that Imahara Joe and his friend Verna were being held in the former's shop by General Ratanish and six other members of Paragon's Call. When a battle ensued FCG cast Shield of Help on Dancer and told her to hide; shortly afterwards they confronted General Ratanish, Banishing him. FCG was attacked several times, but managed to maintain concentration on his spell while he fought against the mercenaries, so when only the general remained, Bells Hells prepared for his return to the Material Plane, after which they mercilessly killed him (the cleric contributed with Scramble the Dead). The group and the rescued tinkerers went to Hondir's abandoned home, where they started inspecting Ludinus Da'leth's arcane harness, and when it was mentioned that they would need residuum to repair it, Fresh Cut Grass told them about Whitestone and Lord Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III.[125]

After Keyleth transported Bells Hells to Slival the party camped in the forest. During FCG's watch with Pâté he noticed several dolabos that had been following them, and tried communicating with gestures and sounds, then got (from Chetney's pocket) some meat for them. He eventually cast Tongues on one of the dolabos, who he called "Me". From Me, FCG learned about the island and its inhabitants, including Bari Mondolo, as well as the dolabos' general love for fire. The cleric liked the winged creatures very much, and when Pâté asked if he could eat one, he was denied. When the rest of the adventurers woke up, FCG did the presentations, and following the dolabos' advice, they went to a hill to summon Toriz, using the fire the creatures loved so much (they, in exchange, produced for them lavender-smelling faeces to hide their smell from dangerous animals, as the cleric had learnt). The fire caused a brief battle, since it attracted Bari Mondolo, and FCG focused on driving it away with his magic, although it didn't work. When Toriz and Jirana arrived (scaring the creature away), the old galapa made a very good impression on the cleric, who baked some tea cookies for her. Jirana shared her wisdom with them, and FCG confessed that, like her, they also liked to help people, although they had less experience dealing with emotions; she told them to visit her again to chat whenever they needed it.[126]

After Jirana and Toriz brought Bells Hells to the shore, FCG cast Speak with Dead twice so Imogen (disguised as her mother) could interrogate the desert warden druid and General Ratanish. FCG also Enhanced Chetney's charisma to negotiate with the summoned Captain Urlu Novos and his ghost ship; however, the undead captain ended up being more aggressive than expected, and a battle ensued. Although Fresh Cut Grass successfully used is Turn Undead ability (turning Laudna as well, despite not intending to), they were badly hurt by the crew of the Crimson Abyss, falling unconscious twice; Fearne healed her friend, although she showed her displeasure because FCG's abilities had affected Laudna. During Bells Hells' three day journey to Kalutha aboard the phantom ship, they discovered that there was no food and FCG took the responsibility of cooking for his friends if necessary.[127] During their time on board, Fresh Cut Grass attempted to Scry on multiple people, including D (who was still near the coast, in a city). When they talked with Laudna about her connection with Delilah, they also tried to Scry on the archmage, failing immediately; they also used their Shared Dream spell to see if they could find the warlock's patron that way, unsuccessfully. When Bells Hells organized a dance party for their last day on the vessel, the cleric baked for the crew (although none of them could eat) and made some remix and looping of Fearne's panflute music.[128]

In Kalutha, when Bells Hells were about to fight a basalt caecilian, FCG cast Death Ward on Ashton to protect them. After the monster was killed, the aeormaton Identified a raito charm belonging to one of its victims.[129] While traveling through the jungles, FCG used his coin's Guided Grace to find the best path to follow, which led them to a river where he had (through magic) a tense conversation with a mother hippo who didn't like having adventurers near her babies (she used very bad language, despite the cleric's protests). That night Fresh Cut Grass cooked trout in their oven, although the experience was new to them, since they were more used to baked goods; later, when shadow creatures attacked Orym and Laudna, Ashton held the warlock so that the aeormaton could use Turn Undead to send the monsters away. The following morning FCG insisted on casting Find the Path using Ashton's alleged connection to the area to focus, and got angry when it didn't work; they, however, got the chance to use their magic shortly after, when they were found by Aishio hunters, although their Tongues spell turned out to be unnecessary, since the leading huntress spoke Common. Despite those issues, Bells Hells found the dark sinkhole, and before going in, FCG (supported by Chetney), asked Avandra if they would die in that place (the goddess confirmed they wouldn't). When they found the Tree, both FCG and Imogen sensed its ancient mind, and before Ashton interacted with the former Gau Drashari, the aeormaton Enhanced his Charisma; the rest of Bells Hells got the chance to interact with Evontra'vir too, and FCG asked about the possible destiny of the gods if the adventurers failed on their quest (the tree showed them a vision of the deities being chased away by the Red End).[130]

After Bells Hells were sent to Igthuldus they found a crack in the Athos Peak, and went inside. FCG had difficulty moving in such a narrow space, especially given the lack of flexibility of their body, so on several occasions they offered to allow their friends to disassemble them. In the end it was not necessary, and although with some difficulties (and a little magical assistance), the aeormaton arrived with the rest of the team in a chamber with a pool of magma, full of mephits. Fresh Cut Grass cast Tongues on Fearne, to act as mediator between the elementals and the adventurers; when they discovered that the spark of Rau'shan was in the lava, Ashton jumped in to get it, followed by Fearne, and the cleric used his magic to keep the genasi alive, even taking some damage to turn it into healing for his friend. When Ludinus and his allies appeared, FCG prepared to Teleport away using the Staff of Dark Odyssey, stressed because the team was scattered. FCG attacked the archmage's Simulacrum several times with Spiritual Weapon and Sacred Flame, and after the battle, Bells Hells Teleported to Whitestone.[131]

After Bells Hells Teleported to Whitestone, Orym checked in on FCG. He and Imogen complained about the damage caused by the magic of the Staff of Dark Odyssey. Fresh Cut Grass later expressed concern about what Dancer, Imahara Joe, and Verna would do now, and as a result they were granted the right to stay in Whitestone as refugees since they could not return to Bassuras. Dancer told FCG that, although she didn't feel completely comfortable around him yet, she was happy to see him thriving with his new friends; she shared with him what little she knew about D, and the two exchanged an awkward hug. In the following meeting in the war room, when their allies were asking about Bells Hells and their capacities, FCG asked for an expensive bowl, since they needed it for a spell. The adventurers talked briefly about seeking allies among the followers of the Betrayer Gods, and FCG commented they might be able to cast Planar Ally to potentially summon Teven Klask without spending Fearne's one-time call. Afterwards, FCG visited the Horizon Temple again, greeting Osli Kámyda and learning that the followers of Avandra had been going to the temple even in recent times. The aeormaton prayed in front of the Changebringer's statue, asking to receive any harm that would otherwise hurt his friends in the future, and received a vision in which the goddess spoke through the stone, assuring him that he was walking a path of bravery, but reminding him that he still had free will and could choose to do things differently; she also told him that she wouldn't be able to show Ashton any miracle if they didn't have an interest in the first place. FCG realized that Avandra was being more gentle and less demanding in an attempt to better appeal to him. When Bells Hells reunited they went back to the castle to rest.[132]

The following morning FCG received a metal wok as a gift from the witches, who had stolen it during their nocturnal adventures in the castle. They thought it would be useful for the cleric to cook fish in it, so he could bake inside his body again (Imogen, in fact, took the chance and used Prestidigitation to clean the aeormaton's baking space); instead, Fresh Cut Grass used it as a sled in the snow, and Ashton joined him in a competition against Chetney and Orym, who won because they were lighter and were using a proper sled.

Fearne and FCG's healing by Kaw

Fan art of FCG and Fearne healing Ashton, by Kaw.[art 14]

Later, FCG was disturbed when Orym brought purchased baked goods to a meeting instead of asking them. The group then went to the ziggurat under the castle to use the harness and when Ashton was dying as a result of attempting to absorb it themself, FCG cast Death Ward on him followed by multiple healing spells and a failed attempt at Divine Intervention). Fresh Cut Grass stopped a furious Fearne when she tried to hit Ashton with their hammer, but immediately directed his own harsh words at the barbarian, explaining that they had angered their friends and that they didn't seem to care too much what they thought. Ashton denied this, stating that they did care about FCG and that they saw similarities between the aeormaton and themself.[133]

Before going to sleep, Imogen told FCG how worried she was about the missing Laudna, and FCG used their coin to confirm Laudna was fine, offering to cast Locate Creature in the morning to find her. They did, and were able to find the Hollow One in the forest. The group reconciled (with some tension). FCG suggested they needed to reconnect with each other before going on their next mission, and they decided to travel (with Allura) to Ligament Manor where Nana Morri was excited when she was told that was some sort of retreat with a scavenger hunt and agreed to collaborate with Fresh Cut Grass designing activities. When he realized he would have to join the activities himself, he gave permission to the Fatestitcher to erase his memories of the preparations, so they could be part of the event without spoiling it.[134]

Accordingly, the two planned the day's activities but Morrigan erased the memory from FCG's mind (who, however, did remember the excitement of the process). When Bells Hells learned Sorrowlord Zathuda was Fearne's biological father), Fresh Cut Grass wondered if that would help her deal with the spark of Rau'shan, But Nana Morri answered that fey and primordials were very different. When the team-building activities started, FCG made confessions during the phase about honesty by admitting that he liked silver, that he felt that his friends weren't doing enough with their organic lives, that killing made him feel more relaxed, and that he was afraid the Changebringer was just manipulating him. He tried to guide the blinded people during the phase about communication, but the volume of his instructions and reactions ended up attracting thunder wasps, so he had to use his magic to heal the wounds caused by the insects.[135] During the phase about trust, the cleric used his magic to heal their friends' wounds and to communicate with a strange squirrel called Kenny in order to find ivory branches in a fey elven ruin; they, however, ended up being attacked and restrained by monsters and brambles several times, and the fear for doppelgangers made their friends be cautious around them, and the aeormaton themself went as far as to cast Divination to confirm with the Changebringer that Orym wasn't a shapeshifter; the team ended up trusting each other and successfully completing the test, at which point it was revealed that the doppelgangers hadn't intervened during the whole phase.

After the trials Bells Hells spoke for a bit and Morri confirmed to FCG that he had come with the original idea of each phase of the hunt, and she had develop each of them in her own way. Fearne decided she was ready to take the shard and after some preparation in the garden (during which FCG enhanced her Constitution and bonded with her), the Quintessence Array began to absorb the spark of Rau'shan. The faun took a lot of damage, but with her friends' help she managed to survive; FCG used themself as a conduit between the people they had bonded with, channeling Ashton's health into the druid, but this process made the cleric too stressed and they went berserk, trying to attack people and shouting to Fearne. Morri Silenced FCG so he wouldn't distract her granddaughter, and Chetney and Orym kept him away so he wouldn't hurt anybody until he calmed down.[136] After having calmed down, FCG expressed confidence in their team's new trust, honesty, and communication capacity, and spoke with Chetney about his wishes while Ashton and Fearne were gone trying their new powers; eventually, when the whole group was together again, they (and Allura) enjoyed a magnificent Heroes' Feast prepared by the cleric in order to make them stronger for 24 hours. After that, they used FCG's Shared Dream to check Imogen's attempt approaching the red moon (with only Fearne and Chetney staying awake), although the spell abruptly ended when the sorcerer got too close to the core of the satellite (waking up herself a few moments after the rest).

The following morning they all had breakfast in Ligament Manor, during which Morri, remembering that FCG preferred the taste of silver, offered him a piece of said metal with faces carved into it; the aeormaton ate it, and although several screams were produced (maybe from souls trapped inside the carvings), FCG was surprisingly satisfied with the meal. Bells Hells and Allura (supported by FCG's Guidance) returned to Exandria, appearing near the Red Center the same day they had left. They had a meeting with some allies, during which Fresh Cut Grass, after learning that Earthbreaker Groon was a man of faith (as a follower of the Stormlord), asked him to believe in the adventurers; the cleric also gained the trust of Mythtaker Qi Mandozi by maintaining a sense of humor, joking at the meeting, which the orc appreciated. Keyleth decided to escort them as close to the excavation site as possible, and as part of the preparations FCG cast Telepathic Bond (to allow Bells Hells to talk to each other) and Death Ward (on Imogen).[137]

When they arrived at the ruins, the adventurers tried to interfere with their enemies' plans on the way to Bloody Bridge (with FCG giving Chetney one of Lord Percival's devices so that the gnome could use it against one of the Warders). Later they killed two reilora in order to rescue a prisoner, and Fresh Cut Grass healed him, bringing him back to consciousness; they also healed Imogen, who was somewhat hurt after the fighting. When Orym activated a trap glyph by mistake, being affected by its Flesh to Stone spell, FCG stopped it by casting Greater Restoration on the halfling. When they were closer to the Malleus Key and its red beam the adventurers, knowing people in the excavation were increasingly alert, used a diversion, and Fearne and Laudna helped detonate two bombs the cleric had in his inventory, and that Imogen Catapulted into the air. A brief battle with reilora and members of the Vanguard ensued, during which the members of Bells Hells touched the Bloody Bridge one by one, with FCG being the first, after attacking the reilora with a Guiding Bolt made of souls. Eventually the entire group reached the Moon of Ill Omen,[138] and to deal with the juggernaut Fearne had Polymorphed into a possum FCG put it in the bag of holding.

Arc 6[]

The adventurers spent some time trying to avoid the enemies in the area, and FCG helped with their magic several times, by casting Passwall with their staff to create an opening (later realizing that meant they could no longer cast Teleport with it), Banishing the Thought Eater that was chasing them, and Commanding an enemy to make them stay quiet; they also used their coin to bend luck and become stealthier, which restored some of their faith in Avandra. Eventually Bells Hells managed to leave and turned into clouds (still able to communicate thanks to the cleric's Telepathic Bond) to fly above the surface of the red moon, spending some time moving with a herd of buffalo-like creatures until they found a cave to hide. While they were there, the adventurers discovered that the Ruidian warrior in the bag of holding had suffocated, so Fresh Cut Grass dismembered it to take it out (although they kept the head and the arms); while they were there he also baked apple fritters for his friends. Bells Hells continued traveling in cloud form until they found a Ruidian village.[139]

After they gained the trust of one of the local bormodos, Dono, he agreed to introduce them to Elder Barthie, so they traveled to his home, and only there did all members of Bell Hells recover their physicial form. After some initial cautiousness about their potential connection with the Ruby Vanguard Barthie agreed to speak with them and exchange information about Ruidus and Exandria; during that conversation FCG offered him food, since the old bormodo was curious about the Exandrian flavors. Shortly after Willmaster Edmuda and her allies (other reiloran warriors and some members of the Ruby Vanguard) arrived to the Elder's home, and when Fresh Cut Grass tried (and failed) to cast Fast Friends on the leader, a battle ensued. The cleric felt bad for starting the conflict, especially when they saw how innocent villagers were being controlled by the Willmaster to act as meat shields, so he tried to minimize the damage with their powers, Calming Emotions after Edmuda was knocked unconscious and using a healing potion to help one of the local elders Chetney had hit. The combat noise caused a wuukor stampede, but using Stone Shape FCG kept the cattle away from the villagers.[140]

The adventurers took Edmuda, Petrov Godo and Verdo in order to interrogate them, but first they had to deal with the people that had approached the area after the commotion, so when Imogen dealt with them she used Fresh Cut Grass as an excuse, explaining that their automaton had been malfunctioning and that had caused an explosion. Once they were left alone, after using the Quintessence Array to leave Edmuda powerless for a day (something that concerned FCG and Fearne a bit knowing how Ludinus used it in the past), the group started interrogating her and the other two prisoners: although they had to use Dominate Person to force the Willmaster to collaborate, they were able to gain the trust of the two young Vanguard recruits, convincing them that Edmuda was a dangerous traitor but that they would be ok. After FCG healed Verdo a bit and Fearne did the same with Petrov, the two adventurers escorted them to the caravan, since Bells Hells were planning on infiltrating as members of the Vanguard themselves. However, when they arrived they discovered that Otohan was there, looking for Imogen. FCG and Fearne tried to flee, but the Legend of the Peaks spotted them and threatened them, asking questions.

FCG's Banishment - Secret

Fan art of FCG casting Banishment, by Secret.[art 15]

The cleric tried to convince her that Imogen was waiting for her in the Bloody Bridge to talk, but it didn't work; when Fearne mentioned she was also a Ruidusborn Thull, seen her as relevant, but prepared to kill FCG, attacking them mercilessly. They initially used their telepathy to warn the rest of their group, telling them to flee, but then decided to used their last spell, and cast a powerful Banishment targeting the three of them: Otohan resisted the effect, but Fearne and the aeormaton were sent to a harmless demi-plane, where they stayed for a minute turning into clouds. When they reappeared Otohan's echoes were waiting for them, but despite being attacked, the now-misty adventurers managed to flee, too fast for the Psi Warrior to reach. FCG and Fearne returned with Bells Hells and they all left Razora.

The adventurers traveled as fast as they could in cloud form, eventually hiding from a storm in a deep cleft in the ground. There, led by Fresh Cut Grass, convinced that Avandra was helping them, they explored deeper until they found a stream of underground water that led them to a waterfall and the ruins of an elven building with gardens still flourishing. They found the remains of the local inhabitants, probably taken away along with the Exandrian land used to form Ruidus.[141]

After Fearne discovered an aquatic portal connected to Exandria and the witches spoke in favor of taking a risk, the adventurers went through it, appearing in Lake Umamu near the abandoned village of Ria'Doin. They investigated, and through Speak with Animals a creepy bird let FCG know that the settlement had been empty for a long time, and even thieves hadn't been seen around there for five years. Despite this, Bells Hells decided to rest in one of the houses, and before going to bed FCG Identified one of the rings they had stolen from the Ruidians, determining it was a Ring of Life Awareness. During the night, people started behaving strangely, feeling the urge to go outside, and Fresh Cut Grass and Chetney specifically believed the portal had closed; they, along with Orym and Ashton, walked into Lake Umamu (although still protected by Fearne's Water Breathing), where a strange entity grabbed them with its tendrils. Their friends swam down to help, and Fearne summoned a very uncomfortable Little Mister that touched FCG and used his Fiery Teleportation to appear with the cleric closer to the surface; FCG was very grateful, although he immediately noticed how stressed the fire elemental was being surrounded by water. The aeormaton and Chetney got on the Queen de Rolo (a rotten boat Laudna had Animated), and FCG, after failing once trying to Turn the undead entity, made a second attempt, and it worked, with Avandra's power flowing through the coin very intensely, causing the shadowy entity to retreat, and Laudna to command her boat to bring them to the surface as fast as possible.

Since the influence of the undead creature of the lake was too dangerous to stay the rest of the night, Bells Hells decided to return to Ruidus through the portal. The next day FCG Identified the second magical ring they had as a Ring of protection, and tried to Scry on the Nightmare King, with the spell failing sooner than expected because his connection with the Changebringer was weaker in the Moon of Ill Omen. After that, the group traveled to Kreviris, and on their way there FCG warned them that their staff had now enough power to Teleport them if needed, but there was a small chance that, after doing it, the item would disappear permanently.[142] As they were approaching Kreviris the adventurers encountered a strange furred tadpole, but when FCG used Speak with Animals he was unable to communicate with it; the adventurers decided to be cautious and moved away floating on top of a rock Imogen was moving with Telekinesis. Shortly after, Fresh Cut Grass decided to contact Ira and let him know they were in Ruidus, but although they tried to determine his whereabouts, the Nightmare King kept wasting the words of the Sending spell, curious about how interested they were in finding him.

Bells Hells stopped in one of the outposts of Kreviris, Tyran A, where Fearne pretended to be a Willmaster helped by Imogen's mental powers and FCG's Enhance Ability, and while they were getting some water without raising suspicion the cleric pretended to behave like a mindless automaton, disguising the process of ritually casting Telepathic Bond so that the group stayed mentally connected. They continued, and after chatting for a bit with a couple of Ruidian children in the Clutch, a humble neighborhood, the adventurers were stopped and interrogated by a group of reilora riding avadons, but that conversation led to combat. FCG Banished a juggernaut that had attacked Orym, but a few seconds later they lost concentration and the warrior returned; despite this, the Exandrians managed to kill all the enemies, with the cleric finishing one of the avadons with Scramble the Dead. They found the Jagged Edge after FCG Located the owner, Jidoh, thanks to whom they met with Zhesh; since they worked with glass FCG commissioned them to create a mood ring for him. The adventurers then hid in the cellar, and after Chetney determined the box they had stolen after their last battle ws magically locked and likely trapped, FCG offered to Dispel Magic the following day. While they were planning their next move, the aeormaton, thinking about the possibility of contacting FRIDA, wondered about why Sending worked only in certain circumstances.[143]

When an Imperium patrol visited the shop Bells Hells stayed in the cellar, hidden by Laudna's Darkness, and with FCG Sympathetically Bonding with everyone but Imogen and Fearne, while slithers looked for them burrowing through the walls and the floor. One of the creatures found Imogen and tried to devour her, so while Fearne distracted the Ruidian forces FCG and Orym attacked the monster, with the aeormaton attacking it with Guiding Bolt before the halfling finished it, freeing Imogen, who was healed by FCG. When it was safe to come out Fresh Cut Grass had to telepathically help Fearne, since she had transformed into a slither but got disoriented burrowing; combining Locate Creature with some instructions they guided the druid back to the group. The adventurers stayed with Zhesh for a while longer, and acquired new gear made of Ruidian glass; FCG expressed interest in getting a new buzzsaw blade, and before they left the glassmith managed to create that and finish the mood ring the cleric had commissioned earlier. The group also managed to open the box they had stolen, revealing an Aeorian relic inside, that FCG recognized as something similar to the devices in the Red Center, interfering with other forms of magic. Then the adventuring party left and managed to locate the safe house of the Volition, meeting with Rashinna of the Golden Hammer, leader of the rebels, and convincing them that they were on their side.[144]

Bells Hells spoke with Rashinna and her people about the potential missions they could join, and they reunited with Ira, who had been working with the Volition. They also met another Exandrian ally: Vezoden Amerai, a follower of the Strife Emperor, who immediately noticed that FCG was a follower of the Changebringer and expressed her disdain (especially after the cleric claimed that his god was more powerful than hers). When Rashinna's right hand, Gaz Tomo, mentioned a confidential plan by accident, FCG cast Detect Thoughts, noticing the juggernaut's concern and a telepathic conversation with the Golden Hammer; with their own Telepathic Bond, Fresh Cut Grass informed Imogen that they were planning an assassination attempt on her mother. Because of that, when the adventurers were alone they spoke about the possibility of meeting with her to attempt to bring her to their side. FCG used his coin to ask the Changebringer if redemption for Liliana was possible, but the magic item fell on its edge, meaning that the answer was not clear. Imogen decided to speak with her in her dreams, and as a precaution FCG joined her using the Shared Dream spell, witnessing the conversation between Ruidusborn, although without interfering. The following morning, Fearne, FCG, and Ashton joined Ira's mission to sabotage Sorrowlord Zathuda's plans. FCG cast Greater Restoration on Ashton, so his still lingering exhaustion wouldn't affect his skills; they also maintained the Telepathic Bonds, so the members of their party could stay in contact. To move easily among enemies, the Nightmare King disguised them with the Seeming spell, making Fresh Cut Grass look like a myceit.[145]

FCG and his friends followed Ira through the streets of Vaterra Kreviris to the excavation site, where they were brought to a room in which Sorrowlord Zathuda and Sunder King Ozo Cruth were arguing. While they were there, an avadon showed interest in the disguised Exandrians. Initially Fearne tried to convince it to leave, and seeing that she needed help, FCG combined Speak with Animals and Command to send it away; one of the enemies noticed this and was suspicious (since the cleric looked like a myceit), but the Nightmare King quickly messed with their mind, making them forget. The team continued making their way deeper into the tunnels, and when they encountered a big stone door FCG used Passwall to create an opening that Ira hid with illusions. When they finally reached the end of the tunnel, FCG used Sympathetic Binding on both Fearne and Ashton as a precaution, and after the enemies present were dealt with, Fresh Cut Grass joined the Nightmare King while he prepared the bombs; however, there was a misunderstanding while they were speaking, which led Ira to set them to explode after only one minute.
FCG being carried from the explosion by Ashton - Jesstin (@WaterFaulter)

Fan art of FCG being carried from the explosion by Ashton, by Jesstin (@WaterFaulter).[art 16]

Realizing they had such a short time left, FCG cast Silence to somewhat muffle the sound of the explosion and the entire team ran off, with Ashton taking the aeormaton in his arms to go faster. When Ira transported himself and Fearne out with Dimension Door, Ashton and FCG were alone. FCG failed when trying to use Divine Intervention, since the strange barrier surrounding Ruidus was interfering. Ashton tried to use the portable hole to protect his friend, and although it partially worked, both ended up whooshed out of the tunnel, taking damage from the explosion and from the fall. Despite their daze, FCG managed to heal Ashton a bit while Fearne joined them,[146] and healed himself a bit as well.

FCG and their tongue by Elaine Tipping

Fan art of FCG enjoying having a tongue, by Elaine Tipping.[art 17]

After the Prime Pillar released a wave of magic that dispelled their Seeming spell, as well as FCG's Telepathic Bond, the adventurers tried to hide as Gloamglut and Sorrowlord Zathuda got closer. As the dragon chased them, it attacked with its fiery gaze that Fresh Cut Grass managed to avoid. To evade the pursuit, Fearne Polymorphed FCG into a slither before transforming herself, and all three sank into the rock beneath. They searched for their friends, with Fresh Cut Grass enjoying having a tongue and tasting stuff with it. When the party reunited, Fearne dropped her Polymorph on FCG so that he could heal Evoroa. Following the rescued scientist's instructions, the party located the tunnels that would lead them outside Vaterra Kreviris. Laudna noticed through her orb that Otohan was near, and as they fled the cleric used Sympathetic Binding with most of his friends. However, the Legend of the Peaks caught the group and a battle ensued.

FCG is alive by Rachel F

Fan art of FCG's last moments, by Rachel F. (TheWhaleLord).[art 18]

FCG's sacrifice by Melissa Hahn

Fan art of FCG's sacrifice, by Melissa Hahn.[art 19]

In just a few seconds Otohan killed Chetney, and Fresh Cut Grass used their only available diamond to Revivify him. During the fight the aeormaton used his magic to keep his friends safe, casting Mass Cure Wounds to help the most wounded ones, although he ended up targeted by Otohan too, falling unconscious until Laudna cast Wither and Bloom. Worried about the dire situation, the cleric used his coin to ask Avandra if they should run away, but it landed on its side, indicating the answer was not clear. FCG then cast Mass Cure Wounds again to help Chetney and Orym, but strengthening Orym through their Bond increased FCG's stress. In a new wave of attacks, Otohan knocked both Ashton and Orym unconscious, and Fearne barely resisted thanks to her Shield. A very stressed but determined FCG, wanting to save the friends that had made him feel alive, sacrificed himself by detonating his arcane core with a Guiding Bolt, killing both himself and Otohan in the process in a concentrated explosion in which the enemy was burned to death and the body of the aeormaton burst into pieces. Fresh Cut Grass's last thoughts were for Bells Hells, as well as memories of Bertrand Bell, Dorian Storm, and FRIDA. The whole group, devastated, took Otohan's corpse and Fresh Cut Grass's metal remains (among which the emblem of the blades of grass and a piece of their metallic smile had been preserved) and magical belongings including the Coin of the Changebringer kept by Ashton).[147]

The following day, when Bells Hells traveled to Zadash on their way to the ruins of Aeor, they decided to adapt their outfits, and following Ashton's suggestion, they decided to add elements to their clothes to honour FCG; Orym and Chetney even decided to incorporate the cleric's metal shoulder pads to their own armors.[148]


Ashton Greymoore[]

Ashton and FCG - DaftHux

Fan art of Ashton and F.C.G., by DaftHux.[art 20]

Ashton has been FCG's closest companion since the incident at the mines. The two both live at the Krook House, and FCG occasionally helps Ashton cheat at cards. They care a lot about each other, and Ashton has been quite aggressive about it, stating that they would hurt whoever made FCG feel bad.

All the time they had been together Ashton wanted to give the aeormaton a true reason to live, being exhausted by their self-destructive tendencies.[149] In the same way, after the barbarian showed similar tendencies, FCG scolded him for it.


Dancer and FCG had a close and friendly relationship before FCG's berserk rage. She referred to FCG as a friend, although she no longer wanted to be anywhere near them because she feared their break could happen again.[150] FCG understood, but gave her life advice when saying goodbye, reminding her not to drink too late, to sleep because she gets cranky when she doesn't, to remember to eat, and to find someone to talk to because she always does better when she does.[151] FCG still hopes to get her approval and forgiveness, and to have her be able to look at him as a friend again.[152]


FCG in the Horizon Temple - KarrahE

Fan art of FCG in the Horizon Temple, by KarrahE.[art 21]

Unlike most clerics, FCG did not initially worship any deities, and their aeormaton design allowed them to use magic. However, after Imahara Joe gave him a symbol of the Changebringer, Fresh Cut Grass began to take a tentative interest in the goddess, resorting to the coin-like medallion at times when he had to make a decision.

While the cleric's trust in this deity ebbed and flowed, they were able to channel her power into magical acts, even hearing her voice in Yios. During the mission in the Feywild Fresh Cut Grass decided to trust more not only the Changebringer, but also the coin that represented her, casting it more often, and convincing himself that the results were either Avandra's will or an encouragement to act in a certain way.

Avandra and FCG by @viridializard

Fan art of Avandra and Fresh Cut Grass, by @viridializard.[art 22]

Eventually, FCG gained the ability to Commune with the Changebringer. Following the Apogee Solstice, the towering deity appeared close to him, and asked his aid in combating the looming threat of the release of Predathos, ending, "The Red End stirs in its slumber. Do not let it wake."[153] When talking to their friends about it, FCG confessed that they felt good about having that mission, and that they saw Avandra as any other person that was trying her best, but that, since she had the potential to help so many people, she deserved to be helped.[154] A few days later FCG asked her if she was worth saving, and the goddess confirmed she was, calmly, and latter admitted to her cleric that she was scared, reaffirming their desire to help her. However, when they interacted again in the Horizon Temple in Whitestone, FCG noticed that Avandra was changing the way she approached him, which made him obsess about the possibility of her manipulating him. However, when they arrived on Ruidus and the coin blessed by the goddess helped FCG with their stealth, that seemed to restore some of his faith in the Changebringer.[155]

Sam Riegel has stated FCG would love to have a direct, heart-to-heart conversation with the goddess in order to clarify things and become a better follower, but circumstances are making it increasingly difficult.[156]


Aeormatons kissing - Sabira Langevin

Fan art of the kiss, by Sabira Langevin.[art 23]

FCG is fascinated by FRIDA, since they are the only other aeormaton they know. They both like each other a lot and admire their respective exclusive abilities, with Fresh Cut Grass initially being slightly jealous of the gunslinger's design, but they quickly grew closer, offering help to each other whenever they needed it.

When FRIDA, who had a bit of a crush, started asking about FCG's love life, he explained there wasn't a special person for him, which led to the gunslinger kissing him. This situation was exciting but very new for the cleric, and despite feeling stressed about it, they deliberately show to display their affection to FRIDA in front of the rest of the group. Eventually the gunslinger's presence became rather calming for him, so the idea of leaving them behind made FCG sad.

One of FCG's last thoughts was for FRIDA.

Character information[]

Notable items[]

Current items[]

  • Arm attachments
    • Sawblade[157] Scavenged from his former associate Pussy.
    • Ruidian glass buzzsaw blade with six jagged shark fin-like teeth, made by Zhesh[158]
    • Grappling cannon:[159] Scavenged from his former associate Oatmeal. Makes a ranged weapon attack that, on a hit, deals 1d10 damage and the target creature is grappled. If the target creature is Medium or smaller, the creature can be pulled 20 feet toward Fresh Cut Grass. If the target creature is Large or bigger, FCG can be pulled 20 feet toward the creature.[160] FCG unattuned to the cannon in order to attune to the Ivory Branch.[161]
    • Bolt thrower[162]
    • Propeller: Intended to help FCG swim[163] or fly[164]
    • Hammer[165]
  • Coin of the Changebringer, it was gifted as a common coin by Imahara Joe to Fresh Cut Grass,[166] who loaned it to Fearne to help her decide whether to Revivify Orym or Laudna. When the aeormaton first asked her to give them back the medallion she refused,[167] but later relented and returned it.[168] It was later infused with magical properties after a communion with the Changebringer following the Apogee Solstice.
  • Pearl of Power, taken by FCG after Laudna's death[169] and kept by them with her permission.[170] The Pearl was very likely traded to Imogen when she gave FCG the Staff of Dark Odyssey.[171]
  • Goggles of Object Reading: Allow FCG to cast Identify[172][173]
  • Two Potions of Possibility, from a crate stolen from Paragon's Call[174]
  • Integrated +1 Mithril Half Plate Armor inherited from a soldier killed by Umudara[175]
  • A green hoodie[176]
  • Small wooden rod, for use in Plane Shifting to the Fey Realm[177]
  • Alma's carrot bran muffin recipe, written on a parchment sheet[178]
  • Nel's biscuit recipe[179]
  • Some feathers from Gargo kept as a memento[180]
  • A small bag of mind altering drugs, given to Laudna originally by Justi of All-Minds-Burn[181]. Laudna gave them to FCG.[182]
  • Staff of Dark Odyssey
  • Two devices designed to temporarily scramble or destroy mechanical and arcane constructs. They have blue and silver levers for timed (60 seconds) or immediate activation respectively[183]
  • Ivory Branch, acquired as a prize from Morrigan the Fatestitcher. Grants +1 to spell attack and plus 1d4 to healing spells. Requires attunement.[184]
  • 400 gold worth of diamond dust for casting Greater Restoration, as of "Divisive Portents" (3x89).
  • Ruidian glass mood gem, worn on FCG's chest to indicate their current stress level[185]

Former items[]


The one-eyed monster - SharpDim

Fan art of the one-eyed monster, by SharpDim.[art 24]

Stress Points[]

Throughout the campaign, when FCG was badly damaged, performed certain of his cleric abilities, or was in a stressful situation (particularly when he remembered his previous compatriots and their murder), he accumulated "stress points".[192] When the points reached a certain level, he tipped over into a murderous rage and attacked those around him until he was knocked unconscious, or succeeded on a Wisdom saving throw at the end of each turn with a DC equal to his current number of stress points. In either case, the stress points then reset to zero.[193][194] While in the berserk rage, FCG had temporary hit points equal to twice his cleric level and advantage on attacks, and had to move toward and make a weapon attack against the nearest creature, with advantage.[195]

Stress points recovered 1d4 after each long rest.[196] When FCG was exposed to a calming influence (such as FRIDA kissing him), he could attempt to make a Wisdom saving throw, reducing his stress points if he succeeded.[197] Paradoxically, when he hurt or killed something, it felt "really good" and his stress points were reduced.[198]

When perceived by the Detect Thoughts spell, the aeormaton's killing instinct felt like an exceptionally powerful intrusive thought, something alien within the mind.[199]

Activities that cause stress points to accumulate include Sympathetic Binding and Transfer Suffering.[200]



Aeormaton abilities[]

The following abilities are assumed identical to the warforged traits from Eberron: Rising from the Last War, except where noted otherwise:[213]

  • Constructed Resilience
    • Resistant to poison damage[214] and advantage on saves against the poisoned condition[215]
    • Doesn't require air, food, or drink[216]
    • Doesn't require sleep and can't be put to sleep by magic.[217] Rather than sleep, FCG enters "Stasis Mode".[218]
    • Immune to disease[219]
  • Integrated Protection: +1 AC, must spend 1 hour to integrate armor onto their body, integrated armor can't be removed unwillingly
  • Specialized Design: Proficiency in one skill and one tool
  • Subrace: Harmonious Aeormaton

When FCG cast Guiding Bolt into the arcane core in his chest, it exploded for 20d8 damage that ignored resistances, destroying him but creating a narrow blast radius of damage as well,[220] which had its own gravitational pull.[221]

Cleric abilities[]

FCG - Adam Richards

Fan art of Fresh Cut Grass, by Adam Richards.[art 25]

Fresh Cut Grass is a cleric of the Empathy Domain, a subclass homebrewed by Matthew Mercer.[8] Though they use the game mechanics of a cleric, their magical abilities appear to be something they were built with, rather than something they get through worship of a god.[222]

  • Channel Divinity
    • Turn Undead, Destroy Undead (CR 2)
  • Divine Domain: Empathy Domain[8]
    • Transfer Suffering: As a reaction, FCG can halve the damage dealt to a nearby creature, and gains temporary hit points equal to his cleric level plus his Wisdom modifier.[223][224] If FCG then attacks a creature and hits, they deal additional damage equal to the temporary hit points, which then disappear.[225] If FCG is injured the temporary hit points are used first. If there are none remaining at the end of their turn, they take no additional damage. If FCG doesn't hit a creature or lose the hit points through being damaged before the end of their next turn, they lose the temporary hit points and take damage equal to that amount.[226]
    • Channel Divinity: Sympathetic Binding: FCG magically binds themself to up to two creatures they can see.[227][228]
      • Ardent Armor: As a bonus action on each turn for 1 minute, FCG can give one bound creature 4 temporary hit points.[229][230]
      • Bonded Blessing: As a bonus action on each turn for 1 minute, FCG can allow one bound "trusted companion" to add a d6 to an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.[231] Using this ability causes FCG to accumulate at least 1 stress point.[232]
      • Scatter Vigor: As a bonus action, FCG or a creature bonded to him can take 3d8 necrotic damage, and transform that same amount plus twice his Wisdom modifier into healing for one bound "close friend".[233][234] Using this ability causes FCG to accumulate at least 1 stress point.[235]
    • Shared Exuberance:[236] At level 6, FCG gained the ability to have advantage on his next d20 roll when an ally within 60 feet of him[237] rolls a natural 20 on an attack.[238]
    • Divine Strike[239]
  • Divine Intervention[240]

Domain spells[]

Fresh Cut Grass always has access to these spells.

Spell level Spell Notes
1st Speak with Animals[241][242]
2nd Detect Thoughts[243]
3rd Aura of Vitality[244]
4th Compulsion[245]
5th Telepathic Bond[246]

Cleric spells[]

FCG - Mateusz Wilma

Fan art of Fresh Cut Grass, by MateuszWilma.[art 26]

In addition to their domain spells, FCG knows four cantrips and has access to all cleric class spells. As a 13th-level cleric, they can prepare up to seventeen of these spells per day. FCG has cast the following at least once:

Spell level Spell Notes
0 (cantrip) Guidance[247]
0 (cantrip) Light[248]
0 (cantrip) Message[249]
0 (cantrip) Sacred Flame[250]
0 (cantrip) Scramble The Dead[251] Reskinned Toll The Dead
0 (cantrip) Spare the Dying[252]
1st Bless[253]
1st Detect Evil and Good[254]
1st Detect Magic[255]
1st Guiding Bolt[256]
1st Healing Word[257]
1st Shield of Help[258] (renamed Shield of Faith)
1st Command[259]
1st Cure Wounds[260]
2nd Blindness/Deafness[261]
2nd Calm Emotions[262]
2nd Enhance Ability[263]
2nd Find Traps[264]
2nd Gentle Repose[265]
2nd Hold Person[266]
2nd Locate Object[267]
2nd Silence[268]
2nd Spiritual Weapon[269]
2nd Shared Dream[270]
3rd Animate Dead[271]
3rd Beacon of Hope[272]
3rd Dispel Magic[273]
3rd Fast Friends[274]
3rd Feign Death[275]
3rd Magic Circle[276]
3rd Mass Healing Word[277]
3rd Protection From Energy[278]
3rd Remove Curse[279]
3rd Revivify[280]
3rd Sending[281]
3rd Speak with Dead[282][283]
3rd Spirit Guardians[284]
3rd Tongues[285]
4th Banishment[286]
4th Death Ward[287]
4th Divination[288]
4th Locate Creature[289]
4th Stone Shape[290]
5th Commune[291]
5th Flame Strike[292]
5th Legend Lore[293]
5th Mass Cure Wounds[294]
5th Scrying[295]
6th Find the Path[296]
6th Heroes' Feast[297]
6th Planar Ally[298]

Behind the scenes[]

Fresh Cut Grass' race and class were decided by Liam in a manner similar to how Sam's previous characters Scanlan Shorthalt and Veth Brenatto (as a goblin) had a race and class suggested by Liam O'Brien, though Liam stated that it was a mandate in Campaign Three.[299]

Fresh Cut Grass as a character is mainly inspired by actor Jack McBrayer, who is a friend of Sam's. He felt that McBrayer's personality as "a ray of sunshine and optimism" perfectly suited an automaton's programming. He also noted Ted Lasso as a likely influence, as he was watching the series before the campaign.

Sam further asked Matt if he could play as a therapist, and this resulted in the development of the homebrewed Empathy Domain.[8] The inspiration for this came from "Titles and Tattoos" (2x84), when in an aside, Taliesin Jaffe asked Matt if they could make a therapy character class.[300]

Sam chose the name "Fresh Cut Grass" based on the phenomenon that the pleasant smell of fresh cut grass is actually grass sending out a warning signal (or "scream") of distress.[301] Much later, Matthew Mercer established that FCG's original designation (engraved under his faceplate) was "Faithful Care-Giver", abbreviated to FCG.[302]

The name of Fresh Cut Grass' former guardian Dancer is possibly a reference to the 2008 song "Human" by the Killers. In "The Fey Key" (3x47) FCG says, "Am I human, or am I Dancer's?"[303] In "Human", the chorus goes: "Are we human or are we dancer? / My sign is vital, my hands are cold. / And I'm on my knees looking for the answer: / Are we human, or are we dancer?" (The use of dancer in this song comes from a quote from journalist Hunter S. Thompson: "We're raising a generation of dancers, afraid to take one step out of line".)[304]

FCG and Ashton's "session zero" included the scene at which Ashton discovered FCG and the aftermath of whatever violence befell Dancer and the other automatons.[305]

When Sam knew he had cancer and needed to take a break from Campaign Three in order to receive treatment, Matt had considered the possibility of using a Ruidian flare to leave FCG deactivated for as long as needed, allowing the player to leave.[306] However, Sam decided to give his character a more defined ending when they sacrificed themself defeating Otohan (although he did it because he thought Bells Hells were losing the battle, not only to have an excuse to leave).[307]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "Smiley day there."[308]
  • FCG: (after someone accidentally dumps a piss bucket on him) "Sorry I was in your way. I apologize."[309]
  • "Shiny day to you!"[310]
  • "When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with puppy smooches."[311]
  • "You know, they say that the word goodbye is the hardest word to say, but it's not. It's Worcestershire."[312]
  • "Of all the cities in the world, Generosity is the capital of Kindness."[313]
  • "Carpe BM. When we're in a real shitty situation, you just got to seize it."[314]
  • FCG: (discussing Lord Eshteross's sponsorship of the group) "When you accept sponsorships, isn't that sort of selling out a little bit?"[315]
  • "Dancer always said that love equals friendship plus alcohol, but I think there's more to it than that."[316]
  • "The only thing more fun than a new friend is a new friend with a secret."[317]
  • "You can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself, or if you have wealthy parents."[318]
  • Orym: Is there anything you want?
    FCG: Sure. Lots of things, but I want you all to get what you want first. But yeah, I want things. I need to find out who did that to my friends, and figure out if I can get them some sort of— not vengeance, but justice, I suppose? I'd like to find out what I am. That would be nice. And if there's more of me.[319]
  • Imogen: I think you are alive, FCG.
    FCG: Well, that's an opinion. And opinions are like opera. Sure, you can listen to them, but why would you, really?[320]
  • "Just because you have a soul doesn't mean you know how to use it too good."[321]
  • FCG: I would really like to know what I am and where I came from.
    Dusk: What do you want to be?
    FCG: I'd like to be like you all. I'd like to be able to smell and taste and dream.[322]
  • "Of all the nesses, forgiveness is my favorite."[323]
  • "Maybe we're truth seekers in this moment. Maybe we're trying to figure out the truth of things for all of us as individuals."[324]
  • "We're Bells Hells. We're like an adventuring party. Sometimes people hire us for jobs or pay us to do things, but we're trying to do good in the world."[325]
  • (about the Changebringer medallion) "I'm really drawn to it. It's little and it's metal, but it seems to have a purpose. I've been doing a lot of thinking about where I came from and who I am and who made me, but I think maybe I should just be looking ahead more at what I want to be, or what I should do, or what my purpose is."[326]
  • (FCG's first prayer to Avandra): "I don't know if you can hear me, and I don't know if you can speak, but I'll be listening and I'll be waiting, and I guess I'll be hoping for you to... I guess just me know that you're there. I guess that's the first step. I don't need anything more than that, just to know that someone out there knows who I am and that I exist. Amen."[327]
  • "It would be way easier if you were just to tell me that I was made to kill, and that's my purpose, or made to heal, and that's my purpose. But if I've got to find my own purpose, that's... that's harder."[328]
  • "It feels like my purpose in the last few years has been to make people feel better, to protect their feelings. But it also seems like I was created to do the opposite a long time ago, maybe instead to convince people that I was nice, to let me inside their walls, and then kill them."[329]
  • "It's tricky because there's this big lady in the sky who's helped me figure out who I am, and what I'm meant to do, and then there's this automaton down here on Exandria with us who's helped me figure out why I want to do those things. And I want to serve them both. But Orym's right. If we don't save the gods-- My whole existence is to help people and to make people feel better and to keep them safe. And a god can keep so many people safe. So many more than I'll ever get to. So if I'm really following my duty and my purpose, I've got to help her because she can help so many. So... I don't need to flip [a coin]. I'll go with ya'll and I'll help. We got to save her.[330]
  • "[Life's] really great! I know that they're gone, but think how lucky they were. Both of them. All of them in the cemetery. Because even if you're poor, you still get to enjoy food and smell beautiful smells, and even if you're lonely, you get to see the beauty of the world and enjoy breathing."[331]
  • "We made our peace with giving our lives long ago. We know that not all of us will come back from this."[332]
  • "For the first time, I realize that I am made of metal and wires, but I am alive. I am alive for the first time, and I am alive not because I was made by D or Dancer, or even the Changebringer, I'm alive because they made me alive. It's the connections that I made with all of them. It's a feeling of joy, and I'm happy to do this because they saved my life, and I'll save theirs."[333]
  • "Some connections are made with wires, and some are made with blood, and some are made with bone, and some are made with wood, but they all matter. Even in this dark, dark cave, they make every day a smiley day."[334]


FCG's bonds by Maddy Marshall

Fan art of FCG and their friends, by Maddy Marshall.[art 27]

  • According to Sam Riegel he didn't know that FCG's original name was Faithful Care-Giver, but he did talk to Matthew Mercer about the subject after discovering that F.R.I.D.A.'s character had their own name inscribed behind their face.[335]
  • The animation on FCG's stat card features drifting motes of bright light.[3]
  • FCG is the first cleric played by a main cast member in a campaign to have no apparent connection to a deity or lesser idol at the beginning of the adventure. This eventually changed, since they took an interest in Avandra the Changebringer through a coin that Imahara Joe gave them, flipping it and interpreting the results as the voice of the goddess.[336]. Sam Riegel admitted that he is reaching a point where he won't be able to flavor his cleric spells to be robot-themed, since the most powerful of them rely in a connection with deities or celestials.[337][338]
  • Dancer noted that FCG's accent had been borrowed from her.[339]
  • As they are both a "robot" and an apparently healing-oriented cleric, Fresh Cut Grass is, in a different sense, literally a "healbot". The actual definition doesn't apply to them as it usually describes a support player who focuses only on healing other members of the party, often to the point of ignoring other abilities they may have and often in a manner considered repetitive and rote.
  • A recurring joke among players started by Sam himself is that the only organic element in FCG is his flesh tongue, which Matt insists isn't canon.[340] In "A Race for the Prize" (3x27) it was referenced that the cleric's eyelids were also made of flesh, and later that he had real hair, and the cast joked about how Fresh Cut Grass was a weird version of Pinocchio, slowly giving him human attributes until he eventually turned into a real boy.[341]
  • Fresh Cut Grass' miniature was accidentally broken by Matthew Mercer during their debut episode.[342]
  • FCG's dreams consist of reviews of memories of recent events, but within their deepest thoughts there are some memories of their construction.[343]
  • Although FCG is unique in the way that their role as a therapist is mechanically applied to their class, Matthew Mercer has confirmed that the traditional profession of therapist exists in Exandria (although not all cultures give it that name); some, in fact, are also clergy and/or philosophers who help people through spiritual guidance. Furthermore, certain sex workers and companions also act as therapists for their clients.[344]
  • As FCG helped resurrect Laudna, they referenced a conversation between her and Orym, but as if the aeormaton had lived through it. It's possible that this is a sign of the cleric's powers, which in previous episodes was shown to have picked up memories and feelings from the minds of his friends whenever his magic contacted them.[345]
  • Fresh Cut Grass' "trusted companions" for purposes of Empathy Domain Cleric abilities are, to date:
  • After FCG stole baking supplies from Ebenold Kai's home (and took the "Chef" feat), he has baked inside himself many things, including:
    • Cookies (nicknamed "boon biscuits")[350]
    • Cherry danish[351]
    • Mango flavored bundt cakes[352]
    • Cinnamon raisin bagels[353]
  • In the episode of 4-Sided Dive following the split party arc in Wildemount, Sam commented: "My character has gotten such gifts and boons that he doesn't really care that much about the past anymore because he's got this bright future. He's got a connection with his god. He's got a connection with his wife. He's on a path now where it doesn't really matter if he gets all the questions answered."[354]
  • An idea Sam had about his character during early Campaign Three was that they enjoyed savoring different types of oils, but he ended up discarding the idea.[355]
  • Apparently Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey's son, Ronin, is very fond of his Fresh Cut Grass plushie.[356]
    Fresh Cut Grass cameo - DLH

    Screenshot of FCG swearing not to kill Baldur, by Destripando la Historia.[art 28]

  • Fresh Cut Grass made a cameo in Destripando la Historia ("Gutting the Story" in Spanish), a very popular series of videos created by Pascu and Rodri and their team in which they tell the origins of different tales and legends through animations and parody songs. In their video about Baldur, the Norse god, FCG was among those who swore not to kill Baldur.
  • FCG enjoys eating silver more than copper.[357]
  • According to Vezoden Amerai FCG smells like broken road, which identifies them as a follower of Avandra, the Changebringer.[358]
  • There is a reference in the movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves to one of the player characters casting a spell that makes the air smell like "fresh cut grass". According to Sam Riegel, this may or may not be a reference to his character Fresh Cut Grass.
  • When Bells Hells leveled up to level 13 at the end of "Mission Improbable" (3x90), Sam considered taking a Conjuration spell (like Conjure Celestial) as FCG's 7th level spell.[359]

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Bells Hells Playlist: Fresh Cut Grass (April 15, 2022) - The binary translates to "Fresh Cut Grass loves you."


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