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Frankfurt is a dwarf paladin. He was played by Eric Bauza in "Critical Role: Bar Room Blitz" (Sx21).



Frankfurt is a stout dwarf, young and strong, with a braided beard and piercing eyes. He carries a heavy maul.




Cult of the Chained Oblivion massacred the village where Frankfurt lived. Since then, he sworn to seek revenge on anyone associated with the cult of the Chained Oblivion.[2]

At some point, Frankfurt seduced Kingston's wife.

Prior to the beggining of "Critical Role: Bar Room Blitz" (Sx21), Frankfurt and Obby were commissioned by Garello to bring the girl named Holly for 100 gold coins. They agreed to meet in the Ass Sailor.

"Critical Role: Bar Room Blitz" (Sx21)[]

Frankfurt came to the "Ass Sailor" to meet with his client and complete the delivery. However, before it happened, Clothesline attacked Gryffin Earandil, yelling: "sorry, Xavier! bar fight!". As the fight started, Jayne Merriweather seized the opportunity to bewitch Holly, Commanding her to follow her out of the premises. Her plan is scuppered, however, when Frankfurt and Obby move to secure Holly.

Suddenly, a new figure burst into the bar, radiating the heat not comparable to a fireplace – the intruder looked human but with glowing red eyes and a tail under his cloak. The intruder grabbed Holly and yanked her from Frankfurt’s grasp. Killing a patron in the way with a mere touch, the mysterious man bolted down a trapdoor into the basement, taking Holly with him.

During the fight under the tavern, Jayne's holy symbol of the Chained Oblivion was exposed. Frankfurt immediately recognized her as an enemy he swore to kill, making him turn on her.

On the next day, the group was interrogated in turn by the town constables. Frankfurt established that he just was doing his job, transporting Holly for Garello.


Kingston LaForge[]


Character Information[]


Paladin Abilities[]

  • Divine Health
  • Divine Sense
  • Divine Smite
  • Fighting Style: [unknown]
  • Lay on Hands
  • Sacred Oath: Oath of Vengeance
    • Channel Divinity
      • Abjure Enemy
      • Vow of Enmity
    • Oath Spells
  • Spellcasting (Charisma-based ability)
  • Vow of Enmity

Oath Spells[]

Frankfurt has access to the following spells, which do not count against the number of spells he can prepare.

  • Bane
  • Hunter's Mark

Notable Items[]

Appearances and mentions[]





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