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Fort Venture is a Righteous Brand outpost in the Brokenveil Marsh erected during the War of Ash and Light.


Fort Venture is built at the eastern base of the Brokenveil Bluffs within the marsh. An octagonal ten-foot-tall palisade of freshly cut timber surrounds a squat keep, as well as several rows of tents and an open training yard. Surrounding the palisade are rows of spiked barricades and hidden bear traps. Watch towers are situated at every corner of the palisade. The eastern gate is the only entrance to the fort.[1]

The tent yard on the southern side of the fort contains thirty tents which act as barracks for the Righteous Brand soldiers stationed at the fort, as well as a larger tent for its commander. Behind this is a row of latrines. The training yard sits open for soldiers to spar.[2] To the north is an armory tent, a storehouse, a jail with four cages, and a kennel in which guard dogs are kept.[3]

The keep is squat and built from freshly quarried stone, and has no windows. The main hall here has three long tables where the soldiers eat. At the back of the keep is a small chapel secretly dedicated to Vesh the Bloody Siren, which the inquisitor uses as a torture chamber.[4]


Fort Venture - Deven Rue

Official map of Fort Venture, by Deven Rue from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount pg. 259.[art 1]



Fort Venture was likely built shortly into the start of the War of Ash and Light in 835 PD, atop the foundations of an old pre-Calamity ruin.[5] The fort was garrisoned by around thirty soldiers lead by Commander Struther Felmont, as well as the Imperial Inquisitor Parson Pellinost. The cruel inquisitor undertook inhumane experiments on humanoids living within the marsh, and the soldiers stationed there became callous under his leadership.

Captured by the soldiers at the fort was Alonne Frith, a Hollow One cultist of Ceratos who came to the marsh to find eldritch relics. His undead nature was identified as a curiosity by Pellinost and was experimented on. Another prisoner was the goblin seer of Urzin, Bol'bara. She was captured while performing a ceremony communing with her patron, the shadow demon Trush.[6]

Unwelcome Spirits[]

An adventuring party hired by Buhfal II sought to rescue Bol'bara from the fort, where she was being tortued by Pellinost, who would repeatedly kill and resurrect her. On the third day of this torture, Bol'bara was possessed by Trush, who granted her the strength to kill Pellinost as well as every other soldier stationed at the fort. Alonne was left as the only survivor to be found by the adventuring party,[7] who tracked her back towards Urzin and exorcized Trush from her body.[8]



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