Fort Daxio is to the west of the Cliffkeep Mountains in northern Tal'Dorei.

Fort Daxio is located on the western side of the Cliffkeep Mountains, north of Emon and Kraghammer.

Fort Daxio is a massive stronghold and has a series of military structures. They were under the rule of the Tal'Dorei Council.

Following the Scattered War the fortress was constructed against the opportunistic assaults of the giant clans from the Cliffkeep mountains, and as a hidden reserve of military might against Errevon during the Icelost Years.[1]

The fort can hold around 4,400 standing soldiers and 500 civilians. They are responsible for the upkeep of Fort Daxio and supplying the needs of the army.

Fort Daxio had four different regiments: The Dusk Regiment, the Gale Regiment, the Aegis Regiment, and the Tide Regiment. Each regiment is lead by their own assigned general, all answering directly to Warmaster Mikael Daxio. It’s not uncommon for regiments to be sent out across the land to aid and defend other territories or allies to the Council.

Regiments[edit | edit source]

Dusk Regiment: Fanart Concept

Dusk Regiment.png Dusk Regiment[edit | edit source]

This regiment was lead by the unusually cheery commander, General Fei Yujian.[1]

Gale Regiment: Fanart Concept

Gale Regiment[edit | edit source]

Gale Regiment.png

This regiment was overseen by the calm, tactical commander, General Jillian Sylph.[1]

Aegis Regiment: Fanart Concept

Aegis Regiment[edit | edit source]


This regiment was lead by the dour General Elle Gorgofon.[1][2]

Their shields are large, heavy tower shields, with a goldish, circular symbol on the front that has an inlay that's almost like a polished mirror. That looks like, a big old oval mirror as part of the center shield itself.[3]

Tide Regiment: Fanart Concept

Tide Regiment[edit | edit source]

Tide Regiment.png

This regiment was lead by the spell-slinging commander, General Kay Clearsight.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

"Path of Brass" (1x74)[edit | edit source]

"Clash at Daxio" (1x77)[edit | edit source]

"The Siege of Emon" (1x78)[edit | edit source]

General Gorgofon fought alongside her soldiers as Fort Daxio was under siege by Thordak's forces. After the battle ended, she thanked Vox Machina for their assistance. She then went to help her soldiers gather the bodies of the dead.[4]

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