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Fort Daxio is a massive stronghold under the rule of the Tal'Dorei Council. It is built at the western base of the Cliffkeep Mountains and guards the Othendin Pass and the approach to Emon. The fort serves as the training ground and base for the Republic's only standing army during peacetime, the Daxio Outriders.


As of 812 PD the fortress held around 4,400 standing Daxio Outriders and 500 civilian support staff.[1] Half of the Outriders are stationed in the Fort and its surroundings all time. The other half of the Outriders are stationed accross the continent, protecting villages, patrolling the Silvercut Roadway, and hunting down the Ravagers.[2]

The Master of Defense of the Tal'Dorei Council is the High Commander of Fort Daxio. As of 843 PD, Guardian Tofor Brotoras still occupies this post ever since 810 PD.[3] During wartime, The Master of War, a temporary position on the Council, is responsible for mobolizing the elite warriors of Fort Daxio.[4]

General Elle Gorgofon told Vox Machina that Fort Daxio was about five or six days from Emon on foot, but the distance could be traversed with a horse in one day's breakneck travel without rest.[5]


Notable people[]

  • Warmaster Mikael Daxio: Leader of Fort Daxio until retirement in 831 PD.
  • General Elle Gorgofon: General of the Aegis Regiment and leader of Fort Daxio as of 836 PD.
  • General Fei Yujian: General of the Dusk Regiment.
  • General Jillian Sylph: General of the Gale Regiment.
  • General Kay Clearsight: General of the Tide Regiment.


Main article: Daxio Outriders

As for 812 PD, Fort Daxio had four regiments: the Dusk Regiment, the Gale Regiment, the Aegis Regiment, and the Tide Regiment. Each regiment is lead by one general, each of whom in turn reports directly to Warmaster Mikael Daxio. Regiments are at times sent to support other areas of the Republic of Tal'Dorei or allies of the council.



The Othendin Pass was stone giant territory until humans arrived and discovered rich mineral deposits, leading to clashes with the giants over the territory until the giants were forced to retreat into their caves higher in the mountains to the northeast. After the Scattered War the humans established Fort Daxio to hold on to the land by guarding against potential attacks from the giants.[6]

Since then, Fort Daxio has been the seat of Emon, and Tal'Dorei's, military might. Fort Daxio soldiers were mustered against Errevon during the Icelost Years,[1] and against Thordak in the 790s PD and later during the Chroma Crisis.[7]

Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

Prior to the attack on Emon, Fort Daxio had dispatched the majority of their forces, save for the Aegis regiment, to Syngorn on a "diplomatic military mission".[8] Those forces remained within the city when it was transported to the Feywild.

"Path of Brass" (1x74)[]

During the Chroma Crisis, Vox Machina visited Fort Daxio to determine whether it was a good place to gather their forces to for a siege on Emon. The forces there were wary of their approach, but allowed them to enter when Allura Vysoren announced her presence. The party met with General Elle Gorgofon, who was anxious to hear word of the regiments that had left the fort and disheartened to learn they were still in Syngorn.

General Gorgofon filled Vox Machina in on the status of the fort: They were very low on supplies, lacking in information, many of their siege weapons are in disrepair, and their trade routes have been harried by wyvern riders. They couldn't hope to mount an attack against Emon without the forces currently in Syngorn. Vox Machina informed the general they planned to send several allied forces to Fort Daxio for such an attack, and General Gorgofon agreed to this plan.

Vox Machina then began to resupply the forces of Fort Daxio, providing food for the soldiers through the use of Scanlan's Magnificent Mansion. They also prepared for a siege, with Percival de Rolo repairing one of their trebuchets and Keyleth creating flameproof bunkers with Stone Shape.

"Clash at Daxio" (1x77)[]

While Vox Machina was away, Gatekeeper Xanthas arrived and was allowed entrance to the fort after Allura Vysoren vouched for him. When inside, he cast Feeblemind on Allura and called in wyvern riders, revealing that he had sided with Thordak. Vox Machina returned some hours later to find the fort under siege by wyverns and Lizardfolk.

The soldiers of Fort Daxio and Vox Machina fought against the incoming forces, Vox Machina providing ranged weapons to better counter the wyverns and area-of-effect spells to thin out the ground forces. However, shortly after they arrived, reinforcements arrived for the Cinder King's army in the form of a fire giant, General Ordis, riding an ember roc.


Fan art of Vax'ildan after killing General Ordis in defense of Fort Daxio, by Hugo Cardenas.[art 3]

Vox Machina were eventually able to slay both General Ordis and Gatekeeper Xanthas, forcing the remaining wyvern riders to flee back to Emon. General Gorgofon thanked Vox Machina for their assitance, then helped her soldiers gather their dead.[9] Vox Machina restored Allura's mind, and she informed them that Syngorn had returned to the Material Plane and their forces were marching towards Fort Daxio.

"The Siege of Emon" (1x78)[]

Vox Machina met with the regiments of Fort Daxio that had been in the Feywild, and spoke with Mikael Daxio to confirm their exact battle strategy. The regiments of Fort Daxio fought in the siege.

Post-Campaign One[]

In 831 PD,[10] Mikael Daxio was murdered by the vampire Vrylaska Fellbranch using a dagger of frozen blood in the bottom floor of the Watchman's Rest pub within Fort Daxio.[11] Following investigations, Fellbranch escaped capture and Daxio was resurrected. He subsequently retired from commanding the fort and passed command onto General Elle Gorgofon.[2]


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