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Forscythia is a hag fortuneteller in Vasselheim and the sister of Trysta. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.



When Vox Machina first met her, she was disguised as a beautiful elven woman dressed in a fine silk gown, with a metallic headband, her dirty blonde hair behind her ears.[3] In her true form, she is a large, hunched, gnarled humanoid with a crooked nose, pointed chin, and long, twisted fingers.[4]




Forscythia and her sister Trysta were once elven scholars who long ago stumbled upon the Ruins of Salar within the Crystalfen Caverns. The magic within the ruins twisted their minds and bodies and extended their lives. They have since become obsessed with the Ruins. Trysta remains below in the caverns to study, while Forscythia travels back and forth from Emon, trading her fortunetelling skills for goods and gold.[1]

"Trial of the Take: Part 3" (1x20)[]

Forscythia sold two greater healing potions and a potion of caustic liquid to Tiberius. Vax'ildan traded her a favor for a vial of potent poison.[5]


Tiberius Stormwind[]

To some degree, Forscythia was helping Tiberius in his quest for magical artifacts. She had previously told him the location of the Boros Ring, but she refused to give him further help until he had found that item.[6]


When Vax asked to trade for a vial of potent poison, Forscythia did not ask for monetary payment, but rather an unspecified favor, to be claimed "down the road".[7] That favor was not claimed due to Vax's soul being claimed by the Raven Queen.[8]

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