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Foren is Eiselcross's largest island and the site of the ruins of Aeor, making it a magnet for treasure seekers.[1] For that reason, mages of the Cerberus Assembly maintain a fort there called Balenpost,[2][3] and mercenary explorers of Uthodurn populate the small settlement of Syrinlya.[4][5] One of the Aeorian artifacts was responsible for transforming a frost giant castle into the Fortress of the Dead Jarl around 635 PD.[6]

Vess DeRogna stated that Aeor's presence has continued to weave unchecked magical oddities and wild magic in the area,[7] such as the perpetually flowing river of lava that bisects the island. Teleportation to the area is disrupted as well.[8] The river arises near the center of the island at the "flow change" and flows both northward and southward from that point.[9] The magical disruptions are the strongest within the ruins of the city of Aeor.[10]

Forty miles inland from Syrinlya is a region called Thin Sheets, named for the wide, thin sheets of ice over frigid water.[11]


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