Depiction of fomorian giants.

Fomorian giants, or fomorians, are large humanoid creatures within the world of Critical Role and Dungeons & Dragons in general.

Creature Information

Fomorians are a race of giants, with purple blackish skin, black fingernails and bright yellow eyes, one larger than the other. This eye can be used to spread their curse to others, if they so choose. They have large noses, a hunched back, blackened gums, and crooked teeth. Physically, they appear to be somewhat impaired, usually having a very curved spine and tumor-like growths on their bodies. They can be as tall as twenty feet, and have an average level of intelligence.

Fomorians are giants that were cursed by the fey for their greed and lust for power. They reside in the Underdark, and are exclusively evil and selfish.[1]

Vox Machina accidentally got into a fight with a fomorian in K'Varn Revealed. At the time, Vox Machina was looking to set up camp near Yug'Voril in preparation for facing K'Varn. Keyleth was able to gain control of the giant, and the group later dropped the creature on top of the structure K'Varn was using to control the illithid colony. The giant also drank all of Grog's ale, causing Grog to head butt the giant into temporary submission, despite their significant size differences.


Fomorians appear to have very keen senses which allow them to hunt. Their larger eye also holds some sort of property.

  • Dark Vision (assumed)
  • Keen Smell (assumed)
  • Stench
  • Evil eye

Known Fomorians

  • Tiny: Nickname Vox Machina gave the fomorian they used on the illithid temple, killed from the impact into the structure.


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