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"Fluffernutter" is the Mighty Nein's code word for an attack devised by Nott and Jester. It originally consisted of a small wooden keg filled with black powder, which was lobbed and hit by a flaming or explosive projectile.[2]



Nott created the first fluffernutter when she stole a small keg of black powder from Avantika's ship.[3] She and Jester proposed using it (and named it) against the Yuan-ti abomination while in the Temple of the False Serpent on Urukayxl,[4] and actually did attempt it against the hydra,[5] but missed. Nott was able to recover the keg and used it successfully for the first time during the subsequent pursuit, with Caleb using Scorching Ray to explode it.[6]

Nott created her second fluffernutter while in Rosohna,[7] this time in the form of a pouch.

Similarly, Veth created what she hoped was a depth charge by installing a waxed fuse into a cask of black powder, thus eliminating the need for a projectile to hit it in order to create an explosion.[8]

After losing the Bag of Holding (where the fluffernutter was apparently stored), Veth purchased the components for two "comparatively powerful" new fluffernutters in Rexxentrum,[9] and was able to later craft them with Yeza's help.[10] One of them was made on a skill check of 28, and Matt told Sam to note it with an asterisk in Veth's inventory.[11]


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