Wildemount, Version 20,6 (FA)

Map of Wildmount with the Flotket Alps shaded blue-grey and outlined in dark red

The Flotket Alps are a mountain range in the north of the Greying Wildlands.


The Alps are tall mountains with jagged peaks and spires that come to dangerous points, all coated in snow and ice, densely forested in pine.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Kravaraad: Kravaraad is a craggy black volcano with three drifting plumes of black smoke and little glowing streams of orange pouring from different positions along its side. At its base is a small basin or a lake, and the molten rock drifts down into it, exploding into steam as it hits.[2] Inside it is the Cinderrest Sanctum, also known as the Burning Lodge or the Kiln, home of the Dust family.
  • Uthodurn: A mostly underground Dwarven-Elven city.
  • Mythburrow: In the eastern Alps, the cavern home of the ancient white dragon Gelidon, the Nightmare in Ivory.


Beasts that call the Alps home include wolves, dire wolves, winter wolves,[3] frost zephyr birds, wild white bison, giant goats,[4], remorhazes[5], yetis[6], wyverns[7], and large lizards that are an embodiment of elemental ice.[6] Orcs from Boroftkrah and from the Rime Plains hunt the area frequently.[7] Various frost giant clans live amongst and within the mountains.[6]


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