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The Floebreaker was a dwarvish icebreaker ship.


The Floebreaker was once a very ostentatious ship, the "jewel" of a navy or merchant fleet. One of its masts had a golden plate that had its name engraved on it in dwarvish. The ship's hull was reinforced with metal to help break ice as it sailed.[1]


At some point long before 811 PD, the Floebreaker was attacked by the white dragon Vorugal, who destroyed the ship and carried its remains, including its mast and some of its hull, back to his lair. The ship apparently had sentimental value to the dragon, as he carried from lair to lair, ultimately bringing it to his new hoard in Draconia after he and the Chroma Conclave attacked the city.[2]

"The Elephant in the Room" (1x72)[]

After killing Vorugal, Vox Machina inspected his hoard for treasure and found the remains of the ship buried in the ice throne that Vorugal constructed. While attempting to access the ship's hull, the ice collapsed and buried it once more.[3] Percy became convinced that an "ice weapon" of some manner was hidden inside the ship, but there was no evidence to suggest this.[4]

The remains of the ship presumably stayed at the bottom of the Dreemoth Ravine when the ice throne eventually melted as Vorugal's influence on the ravine's climate disappeared.