"Fleeting Memories" (2x14) is the fourteenth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein find themselves creating dangerous allegiances, and uncovering more about the past of one of their own...

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Laura Bailey is staying home tonight. She got the "con plague" and she's pregnant. She will text the group if they do anything wrong with Jester.

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  • Tonight's sponsor is D&D Beyond: Sam explains how D&D Beyond helps you keep track of your important stuff. However, the Critical Role cast still keeps losing track of one important thing - Ashley Johnson. To the tune of awards show music, Travis gives a thank you speech, Taliesin sings a song, Marisha recites a poem, and Liam gives an ol' Irish blessing. Sam also announces the 826LA Charity Campaign! For the next four weeks, D&D Beyond is partnering with Critical Role and Wyrmwood Gaming to raise money for 826LA.
  • A partnership with Obsidian for the upcoming Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire where the cast of Critical Role voice act in. Plus free DLC unlocked for custom voice sets and character portraits of Vox Machina, including Gilmore, available to use in game.
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  • There are new Twitch emotes for the subscribers of the channel. Plus a "Nein" emote for the 10$ subscription.
  • For a refresher for campaing two there is Critical Recap. the first 13 episodes of Critical Role are now recapped through Critical Recap wich can be watched on YouTube. hosted by Dani Carr.
  • Talks Machina will be hosted by Brian W. Foster the upcoming Tuesday at 7PM Pacific on Twitch and Project Alpha about this episode of Critical Role.
  • The podcast of the previous episode is now available for download where all fine podcasts are available.
  • The final issue, issue six, of the six-run Vox Machina: Origins series is going to be available for dowlaod April 16th on Dark Horse's digital download platform for comics, ComiXology, and may other places.

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"Last we left off, The Mighty Nein had gotten caught up with some interesting folks. The Knights of Requital, who had hoped to help shift some of the political balance of the city: remove, through the framing and forging of materials and letters, some of the corrupt individuals in the local government. They had gone out in the evening, infiltrated a few of the homes and left this information behind, got in a few scuffles, leaving one of them, The High Ricter, dead. Shortly after, there was an attack on the Tri-Spires by two Xhorhasian, assassin-type individuals.

You met with one in the sewer in trying to escape from being seen by the local guard during this confrontation, and did battle with what seemed to be a Crick warrior of some kind. You subdued it, removed most of its equipment, and conflicted over this strange artifact, this beacon that it was carrying. You sent it on its way. However, it was quickly caught by the guard and killed. You met, on the surface, the guard that were bringing the corpse and the object along. You managed to spirit away the strange dodecahedron from the grasp of the town guard and absconded with it.

You [Beau and Fjord] met with Dolan and Horris who were currently trying to figure out what to do in case they were somehow implicated with the events of the evening. You [Fjord] took Horris under your wing, promising Dolan that you would somehow smuggle him out of the city that's currently on lockdown during this investigation.

You all then managed to, trying to find some sort of lead on what the next step would be, went toward The Evening Nip, apparently to seek, possibly, this individual known as The Gentleman who you had heard of previously. As Cara, one of the Knights of Requital who had vanished, seemingly had some sort of connection there. So, you entered The Evening Nip, gave the previously discovered words - the code words - that allowed you entry, and were led down a long, spiral staircase beneath the establishment into a subterranean bar. Upon which, after immediately stepping into the space, a black-furred, female tabaxi approached Mollymauk and, with a look of recognition, said, 'Lucien,' and embraced him."

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The tabaxi woman breaks away from Molly to find a table for the group. Molly turns and whispers to Fjord, "This is my worst nightmare. My name is Lucien. Just go with it," and tells him to pass it along to the others. Yasha appears, saying that the group passed her at The Evening Nip, and she followed them down the staircase. The tabaxi woman calls the group over to a table and immediately begins asking Molly how he's still alive. Molly mostly dodges the question. The tabaxi woman introduces herself as Cree.

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  • 826LA video
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Under Jester's Zone of Truth, Molly reveals his backstory.

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Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Relinquished 7 vial of blood Mighty Nein the Gentleman for tracking
Acquired 300 gold the Gentleman Fjord
Expended 1 acid Nott the Gentleman
Acquired 3 empty vial Evening Nip Nott
Transferred 104 gold Fjord Caleb
Transferred 3 silver
Transferred 104 gold Jester
Transferred 3 silver
Transferred 104 gold Nott
Transferred 3 silver
Transferred 104 gold Molly
Transferred 3 silver
Transferred 104 gold Beau
Transferred 3 silver
Destroyed 1 longsword Fjord Falchion
Transferred 10 gold Beau Caleb
Acquired 2 vial of holy water The Invulnerable Vagrant Molly
Acquired 2 healing potion Yasha
Acquired 1 Cloak of Protection Fjord
Acquired 2 ink vial for transcribing Caleb
Expended 50 gold Molly The Invulnerable Vagrant
Expended 80 gold Yasha
Expended 800 gold Fjord
Expended 100 gold caleb
Acquired 20 throwing stars Sparkhammer Smithing Yasha
Expended 1 gold Caleb Sparkhammer Smithing
Relinquished 1 throwing stars Yasha horse
Transferred 19 throwing stars Yasha Beau
Transferred 9 gold Caleb Beau
Transferred 1 vial of holy water Molly Beau
Lost 1 gold Nott water

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  • Sam's giant flask bears a message saying "Laura, if you are watching, I'm totally using your dice tray" in this episode.

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