The Flask of Perpetual Booze is a platinum flask enchanted by Pumat Sol to contain endless alcohol.[2].


When opened and poured, this flask produces up to one gallon of dark, brackish whiskey. Once emptied, the flask refills in one hour. Any whiskey poured from this flask that isn’t consumed within eight hours turns into brine.[1]


Nott originally stole the platinum flask that was to become the Flask of Perpetual Booze from a shop in Trostenwald by swapping it out for her old, beat-up one.[3] She later stole back the old flask as well.[4] Later, she had the platinum flask enchanted by Pumat Sol so that it would never run out of alcohol (and also add a little flourishy design on the side) for a cost of 250 gp and a week's enchanting time.[5][6]

Nott's level of drinking, fueled by her flask, became a concern for the rest of the party. Caduceus, with her permission, used Lesser Restoration to remove the alcohol from her system so she could think more clearly about what to do in the aftermath of discovering Yeza Brenatto's kidnapping from Felderwin.[7] Later, while the party was crossing the Barbed Fields, a drunken Nott set off a Fireball trap on a box she was attempting to open without checking for traps first. Alarmed, Jester surreptitiously grabbed the flask[8] and held onto it as over the next few days, Nott frantically questioned and accused the rest of the party of taking it. Eventually, while in the mirror room of the King's Cage, Nott asked Jester if she had seen it.[9] Jester tried to evade answering at first, but then admitted to taking it, and they discussed Nott's drinking to avoid her fears about what would happen next. She agreed to take baby steps to cut down, starting by only drinking between 11:30 am and 11 pm.[10]

Nott continued to struggle with her drinking, cutting back for days, and then backsliding when things were tense. Eventually, she gave Yasha permission to knock the flask out of her hands if she saw her sneaking a nip.[11] Within a day, while in the jungle near the Whitedawn Lagoon, Nott snuck a nip, and Yasha, seeing it, knocked it out of her hands and confiscated the flask.[12] Later, after the battle against the bladerakes, when she felt she wasn't shooting straight without alcohol, Nott attempted to steal it back and failed.[13] She agreed after a discussion to let Yasha continue to hold it at least temporarily.

This continued until the party confronted Vokodo, who demanded gifts in order to allow them to leave its lair. Nott (now Veth) requested the flask back from Yasha[14] and gave it to Vokodo as a second offering when Veth's previous offering of a large bag of gold dust was insufficient. Although Vokodo did not deem the enchanted flask to be a worthy offering either, he kept it and demanded (and received) more.[15] When Veth recovered it after the party killed Vokodo,[16] she said she was tired of the whiskey it contained and offered it first to Yasha, who refused it, and then to Beau, who accepted it. Veth said that she might ask for it back if she found someone to re-enchant it to contain another form of alcohol.[17]

Veth later commissioned Pumat to create a new flask, this one containing chilled sparkling rosé.[18] It was picked up by the party before they returned to Eiselcross.[19]


  • Keg: All right, I got a question. Does anyone have booze?
    Nott: (smug giggling) Why?
    Keg: Because I'm more partial to talking... I'm out. My flask is done.
    Nott: Oh, your flask runs out?
    Keg: Yes, weird creepy doll girl![20]
  • Jester: (on being asked by Nott why she took the flask) Well, because you were, like, always drunk, and you also, like, were doing some weird things, and it made me really nervous for you. And I thought that maybe, you know, you would have a clear head if you didn't have it. And then you would realize that you didn't need it because you had a clear head and then you would go, "Oh my gosh, thank you so much, Jester, for taking it from me."
    Nott: You didn't think you could talk to me about that?
    Jester: Well, at the time you were pretty drunk.[21]
  • Nott: I feel like I need to be there to protect you all, to rescue you when there's a dragon about to kill you and use my body as a shield, or to pull Beauregard out of the mouth of a worm, or to catch you when someone falls with a Featherfall spell. But here's the thing: it's really scary to do all those things, and to go out in the front, and to look for traps, and to disarm things, and to scout ahead and steal things from terrible lairs, and it's scary, and I don't-- I don't have-- I know you all have my back. I know you all care for me. But no one has my front. So this flask that I drink from, it's not for fun. I'm not taking nips because I'm looking for fun. If I wanted fun, I'd be in Nicodranas with my family. This flask is my shield. It allows me to do these things. To go forward, and to protect all of you. And I'm fine giving it up, as long as you people can find me something else that can protect me as much as it does.[22]


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