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The Flamereach Outpost was set up by the Fire Ashari at the edge of the Scar of the Cinder King to heal the land of the elemental corruption caused by Thordak during his occupation of the area.


Flamereach Outpost started as a stout, makeshift fortress of gray stone, overlooking a small forest that had once had been the Shivergreen Grove and was now called Flamereach Grove. In 812 PD, about a year after Thordak's death, the trees were still continually burning, blackened skeletons;[1] three decades later, the trees were petrified.[2]


In the immediate aftermath of Thordak's occupation of the area, the Tal'Dorei Council asked the Fire Ashari, who were mostly focused on the rift at Pyrah, for help dealing with the elemental disturbances that still plagued the area around Emon. Flamereach Outpost was built as a base for the Ashari druids and elemental specialists to do so.[1]

In 842 PD, after a long period of healing and dormancy, there was a flare-up of activity in the area, including light tremors in the ground.[3] While an adventuring party was visiting the Outpost, a very broad, 40-foot-tall mesa suddenly raised itself within view of the Outpost and began spewing ash through the air.[4] The adventuring party's immediate investigation of the area revealed a large elemental rune atop the mesa,[5] and the head of the Outpost sent the party to ask a local runechild sorcerer, Shaun Gilmore, for insight.[6]

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