Fjord (pronounced "Ford") is a half-orc warlock. He is played by Travis Willingham.

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Appearance Edit

Fjord Official byArianaOrner

Official full body portrait of Fjord, by Ari.[art 2]

Fjord wears beat-up leathers and piecemeal armor put together. He has a big scar across his face and green skin tone. His face changes to a lighter green complexion from his cheekbones down to his neck. [10] His orc tusks are chipped and filed down, and not visible when his mouth is closed.

Jester, Beauregard, and Nott have described Fjord as handsome. [11] [12]

Personality Edit

Rammaru Fjord

Fan art of Fjord, by Rammaru.[art 3]

Fjord is described as the strong silent type [13], and he tends to keep a cool and rational outlook. He is also very charismatic. Though willing to break rules when needed [14] [15], he seems to operate under certain principles of honor, claiming that he tries to be honest and he thinks people should do what they say they're going to do.[16] However, when he raised the question with his other party members of whether they would hijack a caravan, Fjord told the thievery-prone Nott that he didn't want to change her behavior to be more lawful and that he might take her up on the offer to learn how to steal.[17]

Fjord is also adept at acting, having used his talents in changing his voice and accent and his magical abilities to alter his appearance to get the party out of multiple sticky situations.[18][19] Despite using a "country" accent (United States Texan English) around the other party members, he dropped the accent for a dream with his warlock patron [20]; this was confirmed as intentional by Travis, which suggests that Fjord is hiding his true accent from his companions.[21]

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Fjord was orphaned and grew up without his parents.[22] As a child, Fjord was a chubby, short, mis-proportioned stumpy kid with big teeth, though he at one point did his own dental work to remove his tusks.[23] Fjord had to continue filing down his tusks on a regular basis, but got teased about them less.[24]

Fjord had at one point worked to take care of, load, and offload goods onto a ship called the Pink Giver.[25]

Fjord claims to come from Port Damali on the Menagerie Coast where he worked as a sailor.[26] At some point, sabotage sank a ship he was sailing on, and he made a pact with his patron.[27] Fjord and Jester met about a week and a half before reaching Trostenwald.[28]

Pre-Stream Edit

Traveling along the Amber Road, on their way to study magic at the Soltryce Academy in Rexxentrum, the trio (Fjord, Jester, and Beau) saved the daughter of Rinaldo (a fisherman in Trostenwald) from a giant snake.[29]

Chapter 9 Edit

Anna Landin Fjord Kylre

Fan art of Fjord fighting Kylre, by Anna Landin.[art 4]

Chapter 10 Edit

"The Hour of Honor" (10x12) Edit

When he learned that the Shuster children would likely be sent to an orphanage without the intervention of the Mighty Nein, Fjord insisted that they help the children reunite with their parents. In the ensuing conversation, he revealed the fact that he was raised in an orphanage and did not wish that fate on others.

"Divergent Paths" (10x13) Edit

Fjord was very pleased to see the Shuster family reunite, and wished them and Kiri well as they left.

In the middle of their first night on the road north of Hupperdook, Fjord, Jester, and Yasha were kidnapped by a group of humanoids led by a bald human. The three were manacled and caged on carts that took off into the night.

Chapter 11 Edit

"The Journey Home" (11x05) Edit

Fjord's Dream by Heather Hood

Fan art of Fjord's Dream, by Heather Hood.[art 5]

Upon being rescued by the Mighty Nein, Fjord said that he, Jester, and Yasha had been tortured physically and mentally before being put to sleep with special manacles. During their time in captivity, Jester and he had kept close to each other after being separated from Yasha.

When the Mighty Nein got back to Zadash, Fjord talked to Caleb and Beau about how he felt that Jester came out fine while he felt deeply scarred from his experience. He'd learned that going after the Soltryce Academy isn't what he should be doing and that he needed to focus on trying to find the people he'd lost.

Chapter 12 Edit

"O Captain, Who's Captain?" (12x01) Edit

"Dangerous Liaisons" (12x02) Edit

Fjord negotiates with Avantika.

"Dubious Pursuits" (12x05) Edit

When the group gets back to the Squall Eater, Fjord and the Nein discussed negotiating an exit with Avantika. Fjord went to Avantika's quarters, and ended up sleeping with her after getting caught in a lie about Vandren. This was an act for business more than romance or physical pleasure. Later on, when he sneaks back into his quarters, Caduceus merely shakes his head and tells him sardonically: "Sleep well with your bad decisions."

Relationships Edit

Uk'otoa Edit

Uk'otoa:  "Watching."
Fjord:  "What—what are you?"
Uk'otoa:  "Watching."
Fjord:  "Watching… me?"
Uk'otoa:  "Potential."
Fjord:  "My–my potential? What–what–what are you asking of me?"
Uk'otoa:  "Learn."
Fjord:  "Learn... What would you have me learn?"
Uk'otoa:  "Learn. Grow. Provoke. Consume."
Fjord:  "Learn, grow, provoke, consume. I don't understand."
Uk'otoa:  "Reward."
Fjord:  "A reward for this? I'm listening."
Uk'otoa:  "Patience."
Fjord and his Warlock patron during a dream[30]
Fjord's Hexblade patron is a mysterious entity. After Fjord defeated a nergaliid and left Trostenwald, the patron came to him in a dream. While falling asleep, the air seemed to transform into a cold, dark ocean. Struggling against the currents, Fjord gasped the cold water into his lungs, and eventually he was able to breathe it. A giant yellow eye appeared, and an entity communicated eight words directly into Fjord's mind: watching, potential, learn, grow, provoke, consume, reward, patience.[31] Upon waking, Fjord coughed out the salty water from his dream [32], He then gained the ability to summon and dismiss his falchion as a pact weapon. [33]

When Fjord made another weapon into his pact weapon, his falchion eventually absorbed the other weapon's properties. This is apparently what Fjord's patron meant by "consume."[34]

After meeting Captain Avantika, Fjord discovered she was another follower of his patron and learned its identity: a mighty leviathan known as "Uk'otoa".

Jester Lavorre Edit

Fjord and Jester met in Port Damali, a little while before encountering the rest of the party. Jester called Fjord very handsome and Nott believed that they were romantically involved, but Jester asserted that their relationship had been platonic.[35] After reading "Tusk Love", Jester started referring to Fjord as "Oskar" (after the Half-Orc character in the book).

Jester was also thoroughly impressed with how well Fjord can change his voice and accent. While Beau was out buying some cheap wine, Jester pulled the warlock aside and told him that she liked both of his accents. The first was the one that he put on in order to obtain passage to Crookedstone in Trostenwald which, according to her, sounds like he did in Port Damali. The second is the "Texan" accent that he has now.[36]

Jester showed concern over Fjord's tusk filing and offered to support his choices about it.[37]

Beauregard Edit

Beauregard and Fjord met a day or two before the events of "Curious Beginnings" (9x01). Beau instinctively trusted Fjord by the time of "A Show of Scrutiny" (9x02), relying on his instructions in order to act more "manly" for a disguise.[38] Fjord eventually started guiding Beau towards less hostile forms of social interaction, to mixed success.[39] The two joined a meeting of The Knights of Requital together and didn't reveal what they witnessed to the other members of the Mighty Nein, though Caleb saw the first meeting they attended through Frumpkin.[40]

Beau thinks that she and Fjord have similar moral perspectives.[41]

Caleb Widogast Edit

Fjord is intrigued by Caleb's wizardry, as he's interested in learning more magic himself.[42] Fjord is allergic to Caleb's (sometimes) cat, Frumpkin.[43]

During Midnight Espionage, they got into an argument over Caleb stealing a spell scroll and potentially exposing the operation. Caleb walked away without the scroll when Fjord held his falchion to Caleb's throat and prepared to cast "Eldritch Blast" at Nott.[44]

Nott Edit

Nott hoped to steal Fjord's letter of recommendation to the Soltryce Academy for Caleb to use instead. Fjord set a trap after Nott's initial theft attempt, learning of this and Nott's motivated attachment to Caleb when Molly charmed Nott. Afterwards, Nott treated Fjord with hostility.[45]

Mollymauk Tealeaf Edit

Molly and Fjord had a friendly relationship, often being roommates at inns. Fjord wanted to learn about Molly's ritual with his swords and asked to join in.

After being rescued from the Iron Shepherds and learning that Molly had died, Fjord was saddened and took Molly's sword up in remembrance. He made Summer's Dance his pact weapon to honor Molly's memory.

Character Information Edit


Fan art of Fjord using the Armor of Agathys, by Tyrone Andersen.[art 6]

Quests Edit

Fjord is on his way to the Soltryce Academy in the hopes of learning more magic there and more specifically about his powers.[46] But since "The Journey Home" (11x05), after being rescued from Lorenzo, Fjord has stated that he may not want to go to the Academy anymore.

Notable Items Edit

Current Items Edit

  • Sword of Fathoms[47]
  • This weapon was not revealed by Caleb's Detect Magic spell[48] because the Falchion in itself was not magical.
    • When Fjord invoked Hexblade's Curse against a target, the blade of his falchion transformed from polished metal to a barnacle-covered blade that sourcelessly dripped water as if it had just been pulled from the ocean.[49] The sword disappeared when Fjord established his Pact of the Blade. When he summoned the weapon for the first time, it appeared in its transformed state.[50]
    • The Falchion seems to be a part of the pact with his Patron as it absorbed the power of the Waste Hunter Blade and took on some of the physical qualities of it.[51]
    • Absorbed the power of Summer's Dance Scimitar after staring at it. This caused the power of the Waste Hunter Blade to disappear from the falchion.[52]
  • Piecemeal Leather Armor[53] (notably without pockets[54]). This armor received the Mariner's Armor enchantment in favor of the actual Mariner's Armor.[55]
  • A letter of recommendation to the Soltryce Academy received from Starosta Kosh.[56]
  • Cloak of Protection bought from The Invulnerable Vagrant.[57]
  • +1 Shield. A beautifully crafted diamond shaped shield with a gold border, and two gold lion heads facing away from each other on a metallic graphite field. (Bought from The Invulnerable Vagrant)[58] Retconned to a standard shield [59]
  • Component pouch[60]
  • Bag of Holding looted from Lorenzo's room
  • Magical Manacles looted from the torture room
  • Orc tusk found in bag of holding
  • The Cloven Crystal [61]
  • A broken sword, found in the Subterranean Tunnels of The Labenda Swamp[62]

Former Items Edit

  • Scorching Ray Gauntlet [56] (traded to Caleb for the Mariner's Armor) [63]
  • Waste Hunter Blade [64] (absorbed by Fjord's falchion, destroyed by absorbing Summer's Dance.)[51]

Abilities Edit

Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials:

Feats Edit

Half-Orc Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision
  • Menacing
  • Relentless Endurance [66]
  • Savage Attacks

Warlock Abilities Edit

  • Eldritch Invocations (4)
    • Agonizing Blast [67]
    • Mask of Many Faces [68]
    • Thirsting Blade [69]
    • Unknown 7th level invocation
  • Otherworldly Patron (Hexblade)
    • Accursed Specter[70]
    • Expanded Spell List [71]
    • Hexblade's Curse [49]
      • When Fjord first invoked the Hexblade's Curse against a target, the blade of his falchion transformed from polished metal to being covered in barnacles which grow down towards the hilt. Additionally, the blade began to sourcelessly drip water as if it had just been pulled out of the ocean. Since Fjord made the falchion his pact weapon (a pact feature he chose and acquired at level 3), these changes appear to have become permanent.
    • Hex Warrior[72]
  • Pact Boon: Pact of the Blade[73]
    • Rather than creating a new weapon or performing a ritual on an existing weapon [74], Fjord's mysterious falchion disappeared during a dream in which he met his patron.[75] Upon waking, he was able to summon the falchion as a pact weapon. [73] It absorbed weapons he performed rituals on.[37] Matt has mentioned that a weapon absorbed by the falchion changes it's damage die to that of a falchion, a reskinned longsword [76]
  • Pact Magic (Charisma-based spellcasting)

Warlock Spells Edit

As a level 7 warlock, Fjord knows three cantrips and eight spells. He only has two 4th-level spell slots for those eight spells, but he regains his spell slots on a short rest. [77] He can replace the spells he knows when he gains a level, so he no longer knows all of these spells.

Cantrips Edit
1st-level Edit
2nd-level Edit
  • Crown of Madness[84]
3rd-level Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "We need to drop this fucker and get the hell out of Dodge." (Fjord after attacking the zombie in the second battle)[90]
  • "Is that single horse a, uh...a mustang?" (how Fjord met Shelby the Mustang)[91]
  • "They call me eagle eye Fjord where I come from. [cawing] Crow Fjord, maybe raven, you don't know." (Fjord letting the party know he has keen vision)[92]

Trivia Edit

  • Fjord has the lowest dexterity and lowest wisdom of all of The Mighty Nein, including Frumpkin.
    • However, Fjord has the highest constitution and highest charisma of all of The Mighty Nein.
  • Travis made the first roll of the campaign; the result of which was: a natural 20.[93]
  • Fjord is allergic to cats, as is Travis.[94]
  • Due to his status as a hexblade warlock and his thick Texan accent, many Critters have given the nickname "Texblade" to Fjord.[95] [96][97]
  • A fjord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by a glacier.
    • Etymologically, it is related to the Norse verb ferd (travelling/ferrying) and the Norse noun fjǫrðr, meaning a "lake-like" waterbody used for passage and ferrying, which is of Indo-European origin.
    • The Norwegian coastline is known as a "generous" fishing ground, thought to be due to marine life found in recently discovered coral reefs discovered along the bottom of their fjords.
  • Fjord is "near thirty" according to Travis.[98]
  • Fjord found a mustang and named it Shelby[99], a reference to the Shelby Mustang, which is a high-performance variant of the Ford Mustang.
  • Fjord's patron may be a sea creature, based on his dream as part of his 3rd-level warlock Pact of the Blade feature. The patron gave Fjord vague instructions to grow in strength and learn; because of this many Critters refer to Fjord's Warlock patron by the name "Watching", as when Fjord asked his patron what it was, it simply replied, "Watching".[30]
    • Before the patron's identity was revealed as Uk'otoa: a powerful leviathan that once ruled the Lucidian Ocean in the days before the Calamity; many Critters guessed (correctly) that Fjord's patron may be a sea creature.
  • When Fjord stated that he didn't have a surname, Sam joked that it was "Tough"—which would make his name "Fjord Tough", a pun on the slogan of Ford Motor Company.[1]
  • His main 'hobby' is watching and imitating peoples habits, most likely to improve his disguise self (mask of many faces) and deception
  • Travis has talked about Fjord being a bottom on Talks Machina (due to the manner in which he first consumed a pact weapon) after talking about Fjord being submissive/acting submissively towards 'higher powers'.[100]
  • According to Jester, Fjord is really good at making chili.[101]
  • Travis has claimed on multiple occasions that Fjord is Lawful Good, though the other players do not believe him. Mainly because Fjord has yet to do anything to qualify as Lawful Good.[102]
  • Fjord hates sour cream. Likewise, Travis also hates sour cream.

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  4. Fan art of Fjord fighting Kylre, by Anna Landin (source).  Used with permission.
  5. Fan art of Fjord's Dream, by Heather Hood (source).  Used with permission.
  6. Fan art of Fjord using the Armor of Agathys, by Tyrone Andersen (source).  Used with permission.