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A fisher[7] or fisherman[1] or is an individual who captures fish and other animals from a body of water, an act referred to as fishing. Fishing boats are used in the activity.[1]

Types of fishing[]

  • Crab fishing is the fishing of crab and similar crustacean creatures. One such fisherman was Ernath Noack, who crab fished in Eiselcross.
  • Freshwater fishing is, as the name implies, fishing that takes place in freshwater.
  • Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish with tools through an opening in ice or frozen water.[8] Residents of Icehaven and Palebank Village earn their living ice fishing on the Kaltenloch.[7]



Fenna was a fisherman who resided in Shorecomb.[9]


Fish are a common commodity across Tal'Dorei, where they are exported from the Bladeshimmer Shoreline,[10] and Lucidian Coast,[11] and imported into the Cliffkeep Mountains,[12] and Dividing Plains.[13]

Alabaster Sierras[]

Whitestone maintains a guarded dock at Mooren River Run, where fishermen do business.[14]

Bladeshimmer Shoreline[]

The Everline is a fisherman's guild based in the Port of Emon.[6] Elsewhere, there is a fishing community in the Shalesteps that started because of the tidal phenomenon in the Seashale Mountains.[15]

Dividing Plains[]

The shores of the Foramere Basin contain scattered fishing villages and communities, many of which do trade with Kymal and Westruun.[16] The people of Kymal survive through fishing in the Foramere Basin and farming.[17]

Lucidian Coast[]

Drynna is responsible for most of the freshwater fish supply for eastern Tal'Dorei. At some point, a hydra was responsible for the disappearances of fishermen and throttling of its fish supply.[1]

Verdant Expanse[]

Unusual mixes of habitats in the Gladepools have resulted in unusual ecosystems and denizens, which has attracted the attention of fishermen from the Rifenmist Peninsula, as well as Syngornian hunters from the Verdant Expanse.[18]


Greying Wildlands[]

Ice fishing is common in Palebank Village.

Marrow Valley[]

Ustaloch is the largest source of fish in the Marrow Valley, where fishermen are aided by the clear waters that comprise the lake.[7]

Fishing community exists in Felderwin and Trostenwald.[7] One fisherman from Trostenwald was Rinaldo.[19]

Menagerie Coast[]

Brokenbank has a population of fishermen. One such individual was Gerald Kinsmen, who occasionally did business in Nicodranas.[20] Some of these fishermen are part of the local volunteer militia.[7]

The Clovis Concord outlawed fishing in Copia Lake outside of ceremonial purposes for religious reasons.[7]

Fishermen often follow the path adjacent to the Doralle River up to the northern lake to catch rare fish and silt-born shellfish native to the waters.[7]

Feolinn acts as a harbor for the abundant fishing around the Mother's Sigh Reef.[7]

Fish are among the exports of Palma Flora.[7]

The waters surrounding Rumblecusp are deemed good for fishing and fishing vessels from Nicrodranas to travel to Rumblecusp during bad fishing seasons.[7]

Fishing is abundant in the fishing city of Tussoa.[7]

Zemni Fields[]

The Erdeloch is the most prolific site in the Dwendalian Empire for freshwater fishing.[7]

Icehaven is home to ice fishers who work on the Kaltenloch. It is led by Starosta Ernath Noack, a crab fisher from Eiselcross, and contains a lower class of fishers.[7]

Odessloe is a prominent fishing and logging settlement that supplies Rexxentrum and surrounding towns with fish and lumber. Starosta Vesden Wothassic demands large quantities of harvest from the fishers of Odessloe.

Wastes of Xhorhas[]

Because of the healthy ecosystem, Jigow has a thriving fishing industry that stretches from the Emerald Gulch Sea to the Ifolon River.[7]

Fishermen often venture through the Sorrowseep Waters in search of unique prey.[7]

The Shattered Teeth[]

The Shattered Teeth is the home of the Ossended Host, a society comprised of fishermen.[21]

Behind the scenes[]

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, "Fisher" is one of the provided Backgrounds, which provided characters with proficiency in the History and Survival skills, a language of the player's choice, and a variety of fishing-themed equipment. The background has two main features: "Fishing Tale", which encourages the telling of "compelling tales" from fishing trips and features a list of ideas, and "Harvest the Water", which grants advantage on ability checks utilizing fishing tackle and the ability to catch sustainable quantities of food for a party of eleven per day, granted the character has access to a body of water with marine life.[22]


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