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The Firebrand Warhammer is a giant, black jagged warhammer.


The warhammer has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. The wielder can set the weapon on fire at will. While it is on fire, it deals an extra 1d6 fire damage.[citation needed]


Viktor Engholm - Grog

Fan art of Grog wielding the Firebrand Warhammer, by Viktor Engholm.[art 2]

During Vox Machina's mission into the Underdark, they fought against a war camp lead by an unidentified duergar general, who wielded this weapon.[2] When the duergar was killed, Grog took the warhammer as his own.

Much later during the Chroma Crisis, Grog challenged his uncle Kevdak to a duel where he used the warhammer. Kevdak disarmed Grog of the weapon,[3] and during the chaos that ensued when Vox Machina joined the fray, it was picked up by a member of the Herd of Storms.[4][5] After Grog defeated Kevdak, he took his uncle's weapon, the Bloodaxe, and never recovered the Firebrand Warhammer.


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