Fire Giant

Fire Giants are a type of highborn giantkin native to the material plane.


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Fire giant civilization’s heart is the city-state of Vulkanon, built deep into the magma tunnels that run beneath the heart of the Cliffkeep Mountains. The fire giants seem shorter than other highborn, but only because of their perpetually stooped posture. They are masters of the forge, and have been known to occasionally ally with the duergar of the Emberhold to produce some of the finest arms ever seen in Tal’Dorei. Vulkanite weapons are prized by mercenaries across the continent, and are as much a status symbol as they are an excellent weapon. The giants of Vulkanon have long dreamed of empire, and their duergar allies have given them a foothold in Tal’Dorei’s darkest depths. They may be an excellent ally in the fight against the aberrations lurking below.[1]


During their control of Emon, Thordak had several fire giants under their rulership, including a female fire giant general that was sent to squash the resistance forces stationed at Fort Daxio.


In the course of their journeys, the Mighty Nein discovered another fire giant citadel beneath the Ashkeeper Peaks.

Elemental Plane of FireEdit

City of BrassEdit

Named Fire GiantsEdit


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