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For the Campaign One episode named "The Feywild" or "Into the Feywild," see "The Feywild" (1x59). For The Legend of Vox Machina, Season Two episode, see "The Fey Realm" (LVM2x07).

Fan art of Vex'ahlia flying over the Feywild on Death from Above, by NLN4.[art 1]

The Feywild, also known as the Fey Realm and the Plane of Faerie, is one of the Planes of Existence in the Critical Role universe. It is the home of the fey, and it overlaps the Material Plane, being considered the opposite of the Shadowfell.


The Feywild doesn't have normal directions. Instead of north or west, there are duskward[1][2], seaward,[3] nightward,[4][5] or tangleward.[6]

A creature that leaves the Feywild must make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw. Fey creatures automatically succeed on the saving throw, as do any creatures (like elves and half-elves) that have the Fey Ancestry trait.[7] A creature that fails the saving throw remembers nothing from its time spent in the Feywild. On a successful save, the creature’s memories remain intact but are a little hazy. Any spell that can end a curse can restore the creature’s lost memories.[8]



Main article: Syngorn

Syngorn is an elven city within the realm of Tal'Dorei that phased into the Feywild as a defensive response until the danger posed by the Chroma Conclave had passed.[9]

Evershifting Grasses[]

The Grasses are a field near the Moonbrush Forest covered with tall, thick grass.[10] After the grass was trampled by someone, it shifted back into its initial place, leaving no trail behind.[11] The Evershifting Grass is also very sensitive. If an unwary traveler would stomp it carelessly or say something insulting, the grass would turn color from deep verdant green to a maroon purple, then become dense and difficult to traverse.[12]


Main article: Moonbrush

The Moonbrush is a heavy forest in the Feywild. Thick fog permeates the entire forest.[13]

Green Sea[]

The sea curves around the outside of the Shademurk, connecting with one of the Gilded Run tributaries.[14]

Gilded Run[]

Main article: Gilded Run

A series of enchanted rivers that surround the Shademurk forest,[15] with some of them flowing into the Green Sea.[16]

The Shademurk[]

Main article: Shademurk Bog

The Shademurk Bog was a corrupt, thickly-wooded swamp in the Feywild[17] that later became the Shademurk Forest after the source of the corruption was destroyed.[18] It is near the Unseelie Theater.

The Theater[]

Artagan burning the theatre - Artagan

Artagan burning the theatre, by Aviv Or and Cris Peter from The Tales of Exandria: Artagan #3.[art 2]

There is at least one active theater in the Fey Realm, and it belongs to the Unseelie Court. Its visitors are both fey and spirits.

At some point before 812 PD there was another theater ran by insect-looking faeries, elves and fey animals (which included a security fey bear), and it was visited by many people, including the archfey Artagan. However, when he attended a performance in which he did not come out very favorably, enraged, he set the building on fire, killing several fey in the process.[19]

Tangled Peaks[]

One of the four main cardinal directions of the Fey Realm.[20]

Sablecast Grounds[]

Main article: Sablecast Grounds

A region illuminated by twilight, where the Unseelie territory starts.[21]

A place of interest in this region is the Shiver Keep, in which one of the Malleus Keys has been built.[22]


Main article: Gnarlrock

The Gnarlrock is a large rock deep within the Feywild that mutates its surroundings into a nightmarish thicket.[23]

Harrowcall Fens[]

Main article: Harrowcall Fens
The screaming flowers by Cait May

Fan art of Bells Hells and the fey flowers, by Cait May.[art 3]

A marshland on the outskirts of the territory of the Unseelie Court,[24] where the trees almost completely cover the purple sky, with a weird landscape in which water does not respond to the laws of physics, there is fauna emitting constant noise, strangely colored mosses grow everywhere, and part of the flora has life and personality. Examples of this are animated trees (possibly treants) and flowers that change color, respond to movement and touch, and have a penchant for music, making their own vocal sounds in response.[25]

Ligament Manor is part of this area.

Notable portals[]

Artagan's door - C3 intro

Artagan's door, by Kamille Areopagita and Kevin Areopagita from "A Gathering of Heroes" (3x76).[art 4]

There are several portals from Exandria to the Feywild and vice versa:

Most of the main portals are controlled by the leaders of the Seelie and Unseelie Court, who collaborate to ensure that only those allowed to travel between realms go through them (for the rest of them, the portal simply doesn't work). However, other powerful entities from the Feywild, such as Morrigan, can interfere granting such travelers access to functional portals regardless of the wishes of the courts.[33]



While fey are creatures of chaos and change, and not all of them accept authority other than their own, sometimes they do organize under the rule of courts. There are multiple courts in the Feywild, some more powerful than others, with rivalries or alliances between them, and they usually welcome fey that share alignment or some common characteristic. Each of the courts is ruled by an exceptionally powerful or skilled Archfey, and through alliances with other influential fey they control larger territories.

Some of the known courts are the following:


A domain, also called a fane,[41][42] is a territory within the Feywild ruled by an Archfey or another mighty entity, their traditional settlement, where they are more powerful. These sort of places are considered hearts of the land.[43] While forest domains are common,[44] a domain can have the appearance that its ruler desires, matching their very essence, and sometimes, their inner feelings and sufferings.[45][46] Domains can grow or shrink in size depending on the influence of its ruler, and there may be more than one influential Archfey in the domain, especially when it's part of one of the courts.[47][48]

It is possible to enter an Archfey domain from the Material Plane, but those pathways can be guarded by other fey, like the nymph Arethusa who protects the access to three different domains in the Frostweald.[44]

Some of the known domains are the following:

Neutral lands[]

Although distances and the conception of space are strange in the Fey Realm, there are, in addition to the different courts, domains, and places of interest, neutral grounds on which there are no claims. These regions are often inhabited by nomads who hunt, entangle, and make deals there, although they are not exempt from reaching agreements with the courts or offering their services to them. Certain groups, such as the legendary Lion Guard, ensure that these lands remain neutral.[59]



Name Description
Artagan Lord of the Morncrown[34][60][61] who left the Feywild to live in the Material Plane.
Lord Saundor Master of the Shademurk Bog and the former owner of Fenthras.[62]
The Keeper The Keeper of the Moontides.[34]
Lady Elmenore Matriarch of the Seelie Court and the High Warqueen of the Burning Vale.[34]
Potentate Sammanar Master of the Unseelie Court and keeper of the Sun's Shadow.[34]
Titania Queen of the Summer Court.

Notable individuals[]

Name Type Description
Yu Suffiad PC A former inhabitant of the Feywild hunting the Calloway family for Sorrowlord Zathuda.
Fearne Calloway PC A member of the Calloway family who left the Feywild through Artagan's portal around 753 PD.
Loquatius Seelie PC A former inhabitant and member of the Seelie Court.
Morrigan the Fatestitcher NPC A powerful hag and Fearne's honorary grandmother.
Morrighan Ferus PC Professional robber of casinos in Kymal.
Mystic Iotha NPC Leader of the wisher pixies that lived in the Moonbrush.
Nahla NPC A dryad.
Orlan NPC A large bear spirit.
Ukurat NPC A werewolf and the leader of the Fendir
Wodenna NPC A fey entity living in the Shademurk forest.
Athion Zathuda NPC Sorrowlord Zathuda, Bearer of the Lightless Flame, Grove Captain of the Unseelie Court.


Artagan's first visit to Exandria - Artagan

Artagan arriving from the Fey Realm, by Aviv Or and Cris Peter from The Tales of Exandria: Artagan #2.[art 5]

In ancient times, inhabitants of the Feywild were not encouraged to travel to other planes. However, some, such as a young Artagan, ignored this to visit the Material Plane and Exandria,[63] and others followed suit.

In the Age of Arcanum there were several creatures from the Fey Realm living in Exandria, but at the beginning of the Calamity, thanks to the assistance and warning of archfey, many returned en masse to their home plane to avoid the destruction that was coming to the mortal world.[64]


"Vox Machina Origins Volume 2 Issue 4"
Grog Strongjaw entered a portal alone to retrieve "The Heart of a Nymph", finding Nahla on the other side protecting it. Instead of attacking him, she liked what she saw. After a while, Grog returned looking quite satisfied with himself while holding the item that Vox Machina needed.[65]

Campaign One Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave[]

Seeking the Vestiges of Divergence, Vox Machina went into the Feywild, where once was the Shademurk forest but now was corrupted bog. Kamaljiori told them that the Vestige Fenthras, was lost there during the Calamity, and now acted as the heart of a cancerous tree, destroying the land around it. On their way to the tainted bog, the group was involved in the conflict between the wisher pixies colony and the lycanthrope tribe called the Fendir. The Fendir emerged victorious and later helped Vox Machina win the fight against Saundor, which stopped the corruption. Vox Machina retrieved Fenthras and Plane Shifted back to Whitestone.

Campaign One Arc 4: Taryon Darrington[]

Feywild Theater - Kent Davis

Fan art of the daring visit to the theater, by Kent Davis.[art 6]

"One Year Later..." (1x95)
During Vox Machina's one-year break, Keyleth, Vax'ildan, Vex'ahlia, Pike, and Tary visited the Feywild and snuck in to watch a performance of the Royal Troupe of the Unseelie Court at the Theater; at the end they apparently saw an "entity" step back into a doorway. Only later did they learn from Percy just how dangerous their trip was, as the Unseelie Court is the Shadow Court and "the thing that the Feywild is a little sketchy about and a little worried about."[66]

"The Fate-Touched" (1x103)
After Vox Machina was defeated and Vax'ildan was killed by Vecna and his forces, Keyleth managed to cast Plane Shift, escaping to the Feywild with her remaining friends.[67] They rested in the Shademurk, and during the night, Vax was resurrected as a revenant-like being by the Raven Queen after making a deal with her.[68]

"Dark Dealings" (1x112) and "The Final Ascent" (1x113)
In order to escape the Briarwoods, Vox Machina was transported to Nahla's glade. Since they needed to rest before returning and facing the Whispered One, the adventurers contacted Artagan to ask him to control the time warping effects of the Feywild;[69] the archfey agreed, but in exchange he demanded them to construct a gate so he could visit the Material Plane, and demanded to attempt to strangle Vax'ildan, who was now unkillable.[70] Vox Machina agreed, letting him kill Vax knowing he would return after they rested; when they were ready, Artagan sent them back to Exandria.[71] Eventually, they kept their promise and built the gate for the archfey.[72]

Between Campaign Two and Campaign Three[]

Veth Brenatto traveled to the Fey Realm with her son, Luc, but the strange magic of that plane caused time to get "a little wonky", her explanation of the fact that she wasn't quite sure of his age and that he appeared to be older than he should have been.[73]

Exandria Unlimited[]

Fearne Calloway led her adventuring party to the gate in the Verdant Expanse through which she had passed to the Material Plane.[74] There she saw glimpses of her home and its inhabitants, and battled a forlarren sent by Lady Elmenore through the portal.

Campaign Three: Bells Hells[]

At some point before 843 PD the Ruby Vanguard, led by Ludinus Da'leth, Martinet of the Cerberus Assembly, were building machines in specific points of Exandria, the Shadowfell and the Feywild. In the Plane of Faerie the machine was being built in the Sablecast Grounds with the assistance of Otohan Thull, Ira Wendagoth and the Unseelie Court. Around 837 PD[75][76] Ollie and Birdie Calloway stole a piece of the machine in the Fey Realm and left the plane, hiding in the Hellcatch Valley.

In 843 PD Bells Hells, with the assistance of Planerider Ryn, went to the Harrowcall Fens in order to find the machine built in the Feywild and sabotage it. To ensure the safety and speed of their mission, the adventurers visited Morrigan the Fatestitcher in her Ligament Manor, since Fearne was her honorary granddaughter and the hag was fond of her.[77] After traveling to Unseelie territory and destroying the Malleus Key in the Shiver Keep,[78] the adventurers ran away and returned to Exandria through the nearest portal.[79]

Several days later, part of Bells Hells, along with F.R.I.D.A. and Deanna Leimert, traveled to the ruins of Molaesmyr, where they found the notes of Ludinus Da'leth and some of his treasures. The archmage had written about his research finding magical sources and empowering a harness with fey energies to extend his lifespan, and stating his interest in expanding his "restoration sources" into the Fey Realm; he even had a rod attuned to that plane to potentially Plane Shift there.[80]

After the seven members of Bells Hells reunited, Imahara Joe, Verna the Viper, Dancer, and Percival de Rolo repaired the Quintessence Array (Da'leth's harness). Ashton Greymoore almost died using it in an unsuccessful attempt to absorb the shard of Rau'shan, which led to a very tense situation between the adventurers. In order to reconnect with each other and recover without losing time in Exandria, with the aid of Allura Vysoren they traveled to the Fey Realm, staying at Ligament Manor once more,[81] where Fearne discovered that her parents were also there. Birdie told her the truth about her biological father Athion Zathuda, the Sorrowlord of the Unseelie Court.[82]. With the help of FCG, Morrigan prepared three team building exercises to help Bells Hells to reconnect with each other, erasing the planning process from FCG's memory so he could participate as well.[83] The trials completed, Fearne used the Quintessence Array to successfully absorb the Spark of Rau'shan.[84]


  • It has been implied that the Fey Realm connects to different worlds of the Material Plane. Artagan told Jester Lavorre that thanks to his "doorway" it would be easy for him to travel with the cleric to different worlds and planes.[85] Moreover, in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight there are two humanoids from the "world of Tal'Dorei" found in a domain visited by people from other worlds (such as Toril, Oerth, or Eberron),[86] suggesting that, in 5th Edition, the Feywild can act as a "bridge" between worlds (in 4th Edition this was even more explicit, clarifying there was one single Fey Realm that connected to the many worlds of the Material Plane).
  • Sehanine is frequently found wandering the Feywild.[87]
  • The Mighty Nein are the only adventuring party in a Critical Role main campaign who have not visited the Feywild during their adventure.
  • The metal rod attuned to the Fey Realm that Ryn used to cast Plane Shift looked like a gnarled root from which flowers grew,[88] although it is unknown if every rod attuned to this plane would look like that.


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