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Fetch is a male halfling and the Spireling of Secrets in the Westruun sect of the Clasp.[1]



Fetch is unkempt and "creepy" and has a gaunt visage.[1] He is a pale halfling with shoulder-length greasy black hair and has a short mustache and beard. When encountered by Vax'ildan, Fetch wore studded black leather armor with a hooded cloak and carried a dagger.[2]


In late 809 PD, Vox Machina learned that the crystal egg containing the white dragon Skysunder that froze the citizens of Westruun during the Winter's Crest festival was delivered by the Clasp. Vax'ildan, using his membership of the organization, entered a Clasp hideout to investigate. There he was followed by Fetch, and the two had a scuffle followed by a conversation. Fetch told Vax that he had delivered the egg from Emon on behalf of a political higher-up there, and that the delivery was paid well enough to be "no-questions asked".[2]

Fetch was unaware of its nature and was displeased that it nearly wiped out the town. Vax asked that the Clasp clear the name of Eskil Ryndarien, who had been blamed for the egg's delivery, and Fetch agreed, with the promise that Vax owed the Clasp a debt.[2]

In 812 PD, in the adventure hook Counter-espoinage, Fetch was one of three Clasp leaders in Westruun that was the subject of a three-year investigation by Margrave Brandon Zimmerset.[3] As Zimmerset was later ousted and Fetch remains Spireling in 836 PD, presumably nothing came of this.[4]


Fetch uses his gaunt visage as a distraction from his cunning and keen manipulation skills.[1]

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