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Feolinn is a coastal city located north of Port Zoon along the Menagerie Coast of Wildemount.[2]


Surrounded by temperate jungle and full of public green spaces,[1] Feolinn is regarded as a beautiful city. The nearby Plumgroves are where the city gains most of the fruit for its wines.[3] The city also produces willowshade oil, which cures petrification[4] and may also protect against it.[5]

The Plumgroves - Melody Chiart

Fan art of the Plumgroves, by Melodychi.[art 1]

Rather than districts, the city has four main roads along the perimeter, outside of which are smaller farms and the Plumgroves. The city center is primarily residential and leans upper-class, while the working class of Feolinn are more likely to live on Soyer Street. Suamalie Way serves as the restaurant distract; Alt'afi Avenue provides entertainment in the form of theaters and casinos; and administrative and law-enforcement buildings can be found on Minceli Road.[1]


Feolinn is a wine city.[6] Additionally, it is also known as a popular vacation spot for the wealthy of Wildemount,[7] and for its proximity to the Mother's Sigh Reef. The various wine families see each other - and other vineyards on the continent - as rivals.[1]

Violent crime is rare within Feolinn, but corruption is common. Many businesses pay the local Zhelezo extra to ensure they are more protected, or even to commit corporate espionage on their behalf, which leaves the poorer of Feolinn without protection. Additionally, the Myriad has recently infiltrated several local businesses.[1]


Feolinn has a population of about 12,700 people by the year 835 PD, the majority of whom are humans (73%, with elves making up 10% and gnomes making up 5%).[1]

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