Fendril Vas was the heir to the Vas Estate of textile trade in Stilben and a member of the Cult of Crysa-Thul.[1]  As an NPC, Fendril was played by Matthew Mercer.


Fendril was frail in appearance, and his ruddy hair often framed his face unkempt.[1]

Before the Stream

In Vox Machina's first adventure, the group was hired by Fendril in Stilben to investigate the seemingly dubious and dangerous new business conglomerate called "the Myriad".  Vox Machina eventually entered a room with a planar rift that pulled the group into a room with Crysa-Thul.  Fendril was actually a worshipper of the stillborn god and had intended to feed the party to this deity like many previous mercenary groups.  Vox Machina prevailed over Crysa-Thul and returned to slay Fendril for his treachery.[4][1]


  • The entire Fendril Vas storyline in Stilben was the first Critical Role concept created by Matthew Mercer, as it was all part of Liam O'Brien's birthday D&D game. The story (and thus the continuation of the campaign) would pick up weeks later in Westruun after Grog went missing (see "The Story of Vox Machina").


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