Fen is an elven woman who is a member of the Glassblades. As an NPC, Fen is played by Matthew Mercer.



Fen is a young elven woman with pale skin and almond-shaped blue eyes. She has long dark hair tucked behind her ears that comes down past the shoulders.[1]


Fen is a stubborn and protective individual, especially when it comes to Reani's safety.



Fen is a member of the Glassblades in Uthodurn.[2]

"Manifold Morals" (2x74)

Reani took the Mighty Nein with her when she spoke to Fen at the Glassblades' training area, the Glassblade Kaserne, in Uthodurn. When Reani told Fen they need to find a dragon, Fen was horrified. She told Reani not to do this, because "last time in the Savalirwood", Reani was almost killed. They argued and Reani stormed off, explaining to the party that she and Fen had had a serious romantic relationship, but when Reani couldn't agree to keep herself safe, they argued and the two separated.[3]


Ex-lover of Reani.

Character Information


Notable Items

  • Glassblades uniform
  • Bow and arrow


  • "How many of you came back from the Savilirwood?" (arguing with Reani)
  • "You're not part of this conversation." (talking to Nott)


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