Felderwin is a town located south-east of Zadash in the Dwendalian Empire. It is the hometown of Veth.

City Description

Felderwin is a small agricultural town south-east of the city of Zadash. It is situated close to the Ashkeeper Peaks separating the Dwendalian Empire from Xhorhas. The Scymir River flows nearby to the east, and the Eisfus River to the west.



The town has a mostly halfing population, though other races have been shown to coexist peacefully. In 835 PD, the population is 8,180, with over half (58%) being halfling. Humans make up 21% and, interestingly, dragonborn make up 6%,[1] likely due to its geographic proximity to Talonstadt.

Points of Interest

  • Brenatto Apothecary: apothecary and alchemy shop (burned in the Kryn attack on Felderwin)[2]
  • Felderwin General: general store
  • Goldfield Tavern and Lodge: inn and stables owned by Simone Deepwell
  • Glassy Grass Inn: next door to the Brenatto Apothecary (burned in the Kryn attack on Felderwin)[3]
  • a seedy bar (popular with older farmers)




  • Nott paid 5gp to send a package to Felderwin containing a note, 50gp, a bunch of buttons, all the rings she had, a door knob, a brass baby bottle, all of her ball bearings, and the two bracelets she had.[4]
  • Despite being a banned deity in the Dwendalian Empire, Felderwin appears to be home to a somewhat large following of Melora, the Wildmother (likely due to the Wildmother's role as goddess over more natural land and creatures, such as farmland and livestock).


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