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Fastidan is one of the Somnovem of the mutated Cognouza Ward of the city of Aeor. As an NPC, Fastidan is played by Matthew Mercer.



Fastidan's appearance, age and race prior to the flight of Cognouza into the Astral Plane and its subsequent transformation are unknown.

When Lucien was getting closer to the ruins of Aeor and the Immensus Gate he started seeing the Somnovem with more mundane appearances based on the idea he had of each one of them. To him, Fastidan looked like a man whose beard was golden and shot through with gray; he stood taller than the rest of the Somnovem.[3]


Fastidan was one of the nine leaders, the Somnovem, of the Aeorian neighborhood called Cognouza.[4] In Aeor, despite being at odds with members of the Convocation, he managed to win their respect and receive funds over several years to finance his projects, which included excavating, polishing and constructing threshold crests. He used slaves for such tasks.[5] The Somnovem led the ward to escape the destruction of Aeor by the gods and transport themselves into the Astral Sea, where they encountered a "psychic storm that wracked every mind and spirit and shattered them until they became one with their own city."[6] "Thousands of people and the Somnovem that guided them were broken, and over time slowly reformed, powerful, the instinct of their dreams driving them, in a place where they could will their dreams to be, were their will not so fragmented."[7]

The Somnovem spent a long time isolated in the Astral Plane, but their power was strong enough to reach other planes, and at some point in history Fastidan was able to contact the Grand Archivist of the Dev-Yat Mahiyi Colleges, a mage that had recovered relics from Foren, including tablets that talked about the philosopher himself.[8] As the mage continued his research near Aeor, discovering new relics and documents, he took notes of everything in his journal, talking to Fastidan during the process and defending him as a historical figure when a colleague questioned the philosopher's use of slaves; the rest of the Somnovem would eventually start to contact the mage as well, giving him the marks of the red eyes with their associated powers,[9] but this influence also increased his egoism and minimized his empathy, obsessing over reaching Cognouza despite the high cost that his missions required of his subordinates, which would lead to one of them locking him in a small room taking advantage of him being distracted. After that Fastidan the Somnovem continued to call their chosen one, who had begun referring to himself as Nonagon, and inspired him to create a spell and write it down in his journal. However, the Nonagon mage died in that room.[10]

After Lucien Tavelle (a new Nonagon centuries later) started to lose his respect for the Somnovem in 836 PD, while he and his team explored the ruins of Aeor trying to reach Cognouza, it was Fastidan who asked him if he was questioning their methods.[11] Later on, after Lucien attacked the Eyes of Nine after reaching Cognouza, bending them to his will, Fastidan spoke to him again, calm and plainly, asking the Nonagon to command their power.[12]

Fastidan has not been encountered by the party, but his named eye attack by Lucien (when he was transformed into the composite Neo-Somnovem) created a wilting necromantic energy similar to a high-level Blight spell, that could resisted by a Constitution saving throw.[13]


Appearances and mentions[]


  • The name "Fastidan" may be derived from the Latin word fastidium (loathing). Appropriately, he seemed to be an authoritarian and morally questionable individual.[15][16]
  • He and Elatis are the only Somnovem whose jobs in Aeor have been defined.



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