Fassbender is a stone golem that Vox Machina was asked to retrieve from Westruun, which was under Umbrasyl's control at the time. As an NPC, Fassbender is played by Matthew Mercer.

The name "Fassbender" was given to it by Scanlan. Vex'ahlia suggested naming him Spike.[1]

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Fassbender is a twelve-foot-tall humanoid golem built of solid stone. The arms are giant and piston-like and the legs are like tree trunks.[2] Vax'ildan drew a mustache and pointy goatee onto its face[3], which Keyleth later made permanent with her Stone Shape spell.[4]

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Fassbender is seen standing with Zanror and Worra during the ritualistic burning of the dead after the fight with Umbrasyl.[5] After their conversation with Zanror, Percy takes a moment to attune to Fassbender's circlet.[6] Finally, near the end of the episode, Percy and Keyleth give Fassbender's Circlet to Kerrek as aid to help defend the city of Westruun.[7]

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Ability to cast "Slow" spell. Recharging on a 5 or a 6

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