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Fassbender is a stone golem which could be controlled by the circlet that Vox Machina was asked to retrieve from Westruun, which was under Umbrasyl's control at the time. As an NPC, Fassbender is played by Matthew Mercer.

The name "Fassbender" was given to it by Scanlan. Vex'ahlia suggested naming him Spike.[1]



Fassbender is a twelve-foot-tall humanoid golem built of solid stone. The arms are giant and piston-like and the legs are like tree trunks.[2] Vax'ildan drew a mustache and pointy goatee onto its face,[3] which Keyleth later made permanent with her Stone Shape spell.[4]



Fassbender was originally created by Master Quall, along with the Circlet of Golem Control. When he retrieved items from his house, he forgot to bring the circlet, so he tasked Vox Machina with retrieving it.[5]

"At Dawn, We Plan!" (1x53)[]

As Vox Machina was searching Quall's house, they entered the basement which contained different chemicals and metals, and the circlet Quall had requested, as well as a 12-foot-tall stone golem. The party found a crystal in its chest that they had previously retrieved for Quall, which served as a power source for the golem. Keyleth put on the circlet, and after a short rest during which she attuned to it, discovered she could command the golem. Vax tied the legs of the golem together with rope in case it attacked them. When Keyleth told it to step forward, it attempted to do so, resulting in it falling over until Vax untied the legs and Keyleth commanded it to stand back up. After a series of tests, the party brought the golem, which they named "Fassbender", to Pike 's grandfather's home by casting an invisibility spell on it. In the downstairs training room, Keyleth tested the golem's strength by making it punch Grog and various training targets, and they discovered Fassbender could cast Slow. Keyleth then commanded Fassbender to rest, which put it into an inactive state.

"In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54)[]

While Vox Machina was planning a way to trap Umbrasyl so he couldn't fly, they decided to place thick chains into Fassbender's stone body so his weight could keep the dragon from escaping and flying away. They commanded Fassbender to get on the ground and the party covered it in dirt in order to hide it. Later, as the party battled Umbrasyl, Vax commanded the golem to cast Slow on the dragon; however, Umbrasyl succeeded on the saving throw and escaped. Fassbender did nothing else during the battle as it continued to try unsuccessfully to complete its last command.

"Hope" (1x56)[]

Fassbender was seen standing with Zanror and Worra during the ritualistic burning of the dead after the fight with Umbrasyl.[6] After their conversation with Zanror, Percy took a moment to attune to Fassbender's circlet.[7] Finally, Percy and Keyleth gave Fassbender's circlet to Kerrek as aid to help defend the city of Westruun.[8]

"One Year Later..." (1x95)[]

Wilhand Trickfoot told the party that an old man, presumably Master Quall, came to reclaim Fassbender. Since the golem allegedly belonged to Quall, Wilhand gave it to him without further discussion.

Character information[]


Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials for a stone golem,[9] though not all have been demonstrated on-stream:

  • Immutable Form
  • Magic Resistance
  • Magic Weapons
  • Multiattack
  • Slam
  • Slow (Recharge on a 5 or 6)[10]

Appearances and mentions[]



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