The Far Realm is a plane of existence that connects to the Material Plane.

During the events of "K'Varn Revealed" (1x10), Vox Machina was told by Clarota that, should they try to enter through the rift to the Far Realm that they found in the Underdark, their minds would break.[1]

At the Valley Archive of the Cobalt Soul in Zadash, the Mighty Nein learned that the Dawnfather and the Everlight banished the Crawling King to a sliver of the Far Realm that borders on the deepest pits (or very base) of the Underdark, "where the boundaries between the worlds grow thin."[2] They also learn that it is said that those who have nightmares on the borders of the Far Realm "sometimes dream things into being."[3]

Creatures Edit

The Far Realm is home to various aberrations:

More generally, the Far Realm is said to be home to "terrible, formless, ancient creatures that may have existed before Exandria itself."[4]

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