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"Exandria: An Intimate History" (Sx61) is a ten-minute special on the history of Exandria, narrated by Matthew Mercer and illustrated by fan art by multiple artists.


Main article: History of Exandria.

Featured Art

  • Armor of the Valiant Soul by Jessica Nguyen
  • Calamity by Andrey Vasilchenko
  • Calamity's End by Svetoslav Petrov
  • Rifenmist by Caio Santos
  • Umbra Hills by Cyarna Trim
  • The Observer by Clara Daly
  • Emerald Citadel by Kent Davis
  • Furnaces of Kraghammer by Bryan Syme
  • Stillben by Kent Davis
  • Elven Peaks by Kent Davis
  • Reconstruction of Tal'Dorei by Wesley Griffith
  • Fateful Moment by Adrián Ibarra Lugo
  • Exandria Map by Andy Law
  • Tal'Dorei Map by Andy Law
  • Gwessar by Adrián Ibarra Lugo
  • Emon Harbor by Kent Davis
  • King Drassig by Claudia Ianniciello
  • Battle of Umbra Hills by Jeleynai
  • Sovereign Tal'Dorei by Nikki Dawes
  • Nicodranas by Caio Santos
  • Rexxentrum Castle by Kent Davis
  • The Barbed Fields by Clara Daly
  • The Tundra of Eiselcross by Jonah Baumann
  • Goddesses in Balance by Zuzanna Wuzyk
  • Oasis by Ameera Sheikh
  • Thordak Throne by Kent Davis
  • Heroes Old & New by Adrián Ibarra Lugo