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Exandria is the name of the world on which most events of Critical Role take place.[3] Exandria exists in a Material Plane,[4] although it features connections to other planes of existence, such as the portals to the elemental planes guarded by the Ashari.


Main article: History of Exandria

Since the gods first came to Exandria, there have been three distinct ages: the Founding, the Age of Arcanum, and the Post-Divergence. The events of Critical Role take place in the third age. For a timeline of Exandrian history as it is now known, with dates, see the article Timeline.


Main article: Calendar of Exandria

An Exandrian year lasts 328 days over the course of 11 months. Each day is 24 hours in length and the 7 days of the week are named Miresen, Grissen, Whelsen, Conthsen, Folsen, Yulisen, and Da'leysen.

Geographic characteristics[]

Exandria - Crit Recap Animated

Exandria in Crit Recap Animated.


Previously known as Gwessar, Tal'Dorei is a northern continent[5] which includes the Republic of Tal'Dorei (including the former city-state of Whitestone), as well as the dwarven stronghold of Kraghammer, the elven realm of Syngorn, and, far to the south, the hobgoblin empire of the Iron Authority.
A continent northwest of Tal'Dorei that is dominated by the country of Othanzia, which includes Vasselheim and Pyrah. Elsewhere on the continent is the Demithore Valley.
A continent to the south of Issylra and southwest of Tal'Dorei. Before the Calamity, it was lushly forested.[6][7] Centuries after the Divergence, it is covered mostly with desert landscapes and mountainous terrain, sheltering rare bastions of civilization. One-third of Marquet is covered with deserts.[8]
Located to the east of Tal'Dorei, this continent contains the trade-oriented Clovis Concord to the west along the Menagerie Coast, the austere Dwendalian Empire within Western Wynandir, and the secretive Kryn Dynasty in Eastern Wynandir.
Wildemount's Draconia is far enough east of Tal'Dorei's Whitestone that, in Horisal (winter in the northern hemisphere), when teleporting from Whitestone two hours into daylight, one arrives around sunset in Draconia. The two places are, relative to each other, "on the entire opposite side of the planet."[9]
Domunas / The Shattered Teeth
During the Age of Arcanum, the continent of Domunas[10] held the town of Toramunda which later split into the flying city of Avalir and its terrestrial sister city Cathmoíra. The landmass was destroyed on the eve of the Calamity, leaving behind the Shattered Teeth.[11] Centuries after the Calamity, the Shattered Teeth is an archipelago of 43 islands southeast of Tal'Dorei, beyond a fog bank called the "Fool's Curtain".[12]

During the apogee solstice of 843 PD, when the red moon Ruidus was fixed in the sky above central Marquet, the moon could not have been seen from central Wildemount.[13] However, it could be viewed from the Demithore Valley in central Issylra,[14] and could barely be seen from Zephrah in eastern Tal'Dorei.[15]


  • Frigid Depths: The cold ocean to the north of Issylra, Tal'Dorei, and Wildemount.
  • Lucidian Ocean: A vast ocean to the south-east of Tal'Dorei and south of Wildemount, containing the Shattered Teeth.
  • Ozmit Sea: The sea separating Tal'Dorei from Issylra and Marquet to its west.

The shortest trip from Issylra to Wildemount by ship would be westward. It would take weeks, and the waters wouldn't offer smooth sailing.[16]

Matt Mercer confirmed that there are unexplored territories and civilizations in Exandria under the sea.[17][18]

Equator and tropics[]

Three days into a four-day journey from Emon southwest to Vesrah, the characters were said to still be heading toward the equator.[19] Marisha Ray or Laudna made an offhand comment that the city of Jrusar is "right on the equator",[20] which if taken literally would mean most of Marquet is just to the south of the equator.

The following places are described as tropical:
Southern Wildemount and the Lucidian Ocean

Marquet, the Hespet Archipelago, and the Islands of Anamn

Southern Tal'Dorei


The Underdark is a vast subterranean region that exists below the continents of Exandria. A dark and hostile place, the Underdark is almost a world unto itself, with civilizations, monsters, politics, economies, and threats that may interact only sporadically or indirectly with the surface world.[44] Notably, the Underdark has significant connections to the Far Realm, from which many aberrations emerge.


Moons by Clara

Official art of Catha and Ruidus, by Clara from Exandria: An Intimate Appendix - Ruidus and the Gods.[art 2]

Catha and Ruidus over Xhorhas - Kent Davis

Official art of Catha and Ruidus over Xhorhas, from Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep, by Kent Davis.[art 3]

Exandria has two moons,[45][3][46] named Catha and Ruidus.[47] Though often depicted close to each other, Catha and Ruidus have different orbits and can appear in different points in the sky.

On extremely rare occasions, both moons can be involved in a "double eclipse" of Exandria's sun, potentially causing a collision of multiple planes in the area under their shadow and allowing large numbers of creatures to cross even from the Outer Planes to Exandria.[48]


Main article: Catha

Catha is similar in appearance to Earth's Moon, though it is closer to Exandria and appears larger in the sky.[46] It has a 30 to 40 day cycle during which it waxes and wanes.[49]


Main article: Ruidus

Ruidus appears smaller in Exandria's sky due to its further distance from the planet, and its reddish-purple, maroon-brown color contributes to a dimmer glow.[46] Lycanthropy is relatively unaffected by this moon in comparison to the closer moon.[50] It has a very slow orbit, taking around six months (up to 182 days) for a revolution, and is visible for about half of the year.[51] Myths and rumors about Ruidus abound. Some believe it to be either pre-creation from when the elements themselves were consuming all of Exandria. Others believe it may have not originally existed, but was a creation of the Betrayer Gods, and was some sort of long-running mysterious plot that was cut short during the end of the Calamity.[52] There is a standard belief in various cultures across Exandria of it being an entity of ill-omen.

Sun, stars, and constellations[]

Exandria rotates around a star at the proper distance to allow life on the planet's surface; this star is the Exandrian Sun, often associated with the Dawnfather and, to a lesser extent, with the Everlight.[53]

Moreover, in the night sky there are numerous visible stars, much more distant, which due to their arrangement in the firmament form constellations with associated stories in different cultures of the world. The known Exandrian constellations are:

  • The Imprisoned: Constellation visible in the sky of Tal'Dorei, and associated with mysterious spirits cursed by the Moonweaver, according to legend. Both star spirits and the constellation itself can grant magical powers to mortals.[54]
  • Surrac's Shield: Constellation visible in the sky of Tal'Dorei, a four-starred diamond with a fifth star in its center. It was used by the leaders of the Qoniira Tetrarchy to calculate where to establish their cities, arranging the main settlement and the four satellite cities that surrounded it in the same way as the five stars of the constellation.[55]


Many different languages are spoken across Exandria. Common is the most widely spoken among humanoids, though most races also have their own language.

Map gallery[]

Official maps[]

Official map of Eastern Exandria by Andy Law.

Map of Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting

Official map of Tal'Dorei, by Andy Law from Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn.[art 4]

Wildemount Poster Map

Official map of Wildemount, by Deven Rue from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[art 5]

In-game Exandria map

Official map of Exandria from "The Fate-Touched" (1x103) at 3:18:47.[art 6]

Fan-made maps[]

Exandria - Speculative-min

Fan made speculative map of Exandria, by West Haberlein.[art 7]

Eastern Exandria - Colors

Fan made detailed map of Tal'dorei and Wildemount, by West Haberlein.[art 8]

Map of Marquet - Niko Vanhala

Fan art of a speculative map of Marquet, by Niko Vanhala.[art 9]

Known and unknown Exandria[]

Matthew Mercer has confirmed that the information reflected so far in books and maps shows the "known Exandria", leaving open the possibility that there are continents and/or island formations to be discovered. Furthermore, he has revealed that there are territories and civilizations under the sea or in the Underdark.[56]

Presence in 5th Edition[]

Outside Critical Role and its own sourcebooks the world of Exandria has been mentioned in various books and adventure modules within Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition:

  • The first mention was made in Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, as the world where Arkhan the Cruel got the Hand of Vecna,[57] a reference to Joe Manganiello's role at the end of Campaign One.[58]
  • In Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, the Flotket Alps of Wildemount are suggested as a possible alternative location to run the adventure, instead of using the world of Toril.[59]
  • In Candlekeep Mysteries, different worlds and cities are offered to place the large library where the main plot of the book is focused. One of those worlds is Exandria, offering as examples of good locations the Soltryce Academy of Rexxentrum and the Cobalt Reserve in Westruun.[60]
  • In The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, two NPCs are mentioned as people that arrived to the domain of Prismeer in the Feywild, coming from "the world of Tal'dorei": Klee Westerly, a nonbinary human; and Hogus Pinsworth, a male stout halfling commoner.[61]


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  • Matt confirmed that Exandria was the world he had worked on and developed the most, and that he didn't expect it to grow this much. He has also stated that he would like to make his worldbuilding more collaborative.[63]
  • The metal rod attuned to Exandria that Allura Vysoren used to cast Plane Shift looked like a spiraling iron rod with a cerulean coloration,[64] although it is unknown if every rod attuned to the Material Plane would look like that, or if the appearance has any connection with the specific world in this plane.
  • Some of the inhabitants of Ruidus used to believe that Exandria (a place they were only able to see through dreams) was some sort of afterlife for them, but this belief was destroyed when the people of their dreams started physically visiting the moon.[65]


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