#EverythingIsContent is a series of videos created by Critical Role. Some episodes act as pilots for new Critical Role shows, while others are standalone content.

Episodes Edit

Ep. 1: Drawing Beau Edit

Marisha Ray learns the basics of art and how to draw Beauregard, her character, who is a member of the Mighty Nein from Campaign 2. She is guided in her endeavors by artist, Babs Tarr. This led to the creation of Pub Draw.[1]

Ep. 2: Mame Drop Edit

Taliesin and Liam play a variety of videogames on the gaming cabinet. This led to the creation of MAME Drop.[2]

Ep. 3: Dungeon Mayhem Edit

Taliesin, Travis, Matt and Liam play a round or two of the tabletop card game, Dungeon Mayhem and explain how to play as the game continues. This is original content for the series.[3]

Ep. 4: Soul Calibur VI Edit

Taliesin, Matt and Liam create custom characters in Soul Calibur VI. All the characters come from both Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein. These include Percy, Gilmore and Yasha. Then they play a few rounds, pitting Percy against Gilmore, Yasha against Gilmore and finally, Pike against Jester (both of whom had been previously created by Max). This is original content for the series.[4]

Screenshots from Soul Caliber VI
Pike v jester
Pike vs. Jester
Creating yasha
Creating Yasha
Percy v gilmore
Percy vs. Gilmore
Yasha v gilmore
Yasha vs. Gilmore
Pike and jester
Pike and Jester

Ep. 5: Critical Dad Edit

Marisha plays Mario Kart 8 and Brakes Are For Losers as she chats with her dad, Eddie. This is original content for the series.[5]

Ep. 6: Critical Vote with NerdsVote Edit

Marisha, Laura, Liam and Taliesin are joined by JP Karliak, Courtenay Taylor, Ali Hillis and Drew Powell of NerdsVote.[6] This episode is a round robin discussion about current US politics as well as hints and tips on the mechanics involved in registering to vote. The aim was to make voting "more fun" to engage people and raise interest in politics. This is original content for the series.[7]

Ep. 7: Critical Mom Edit

Taliesin and Dani are joined by her mother, Velita, to play Spider-Man on the PS4 and have a nice chat. This is original content for the series.[8]

Ep. 8: Fortnite Edit

Taliesin and Matt play the video game, Fortnite with the Pumat Sol voice pack. This is original content for the series.[9]

Ep. 9: Knights of Pen & Paper II Edit

2019-6-15: Matt and Marisha play Knights of Pen & Paper II. This is original content for the series.[10]

Ep. 10: Solasta: Crown of the Magister Edit

2019-9-14: Taliesin and Marisha play a turn-based tactical RPG action, Solasta: Crown of the Magister from their sponsors at Tactical Adventures![11]

Ep. 11: Magic: The Gathering Arena Edit

2019-9-28: Matt and Sam sat down for a few turns of the original strategy card game in this episode of #EverythingIsContent, featuring Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Ep. 12: 3D Printing Miniatures from Hero Forge Edit

2019-10-17: For this special 3D printed presentation of #EverthingIsContent Liam and Taliesin sat down to design characters in Hero Forge before bringing the miniatures to life with a 3D printer.[12]

Ep. 13: Baldur’s Gate Edit

2019-10-26: Laura and Liam play Baldur’s Gate, and take a trip to the Forgotten Realms to show off a brand spankin’ new version of the Enhanced Edition of this legendary D&D video game — remastered with additional content from their sponsors at Skybound.[13]

Ep. 14: Disney Villainous Edit

2019-12-05: Sam, Ashley, and Taliesin play Disney Villainous from Ravensburger.[14]

Ep. 15: Two Point Hospital Edit

2020-02-25: Matt, and Marisha sit down for a special presentation of #EverythingIsContent sponsored by the hit PC hospital management game Two Point Hospital! [15]

Quotations Edit

  • Playing Knights of Pen and Paper II:
    Marisha: We got more lettuce.
    Matt: We did. Lettuce up the wazoo.
    Marisha: Just preppin' a salad bar... Lettuce up the wazoo?
    Matt: Quote me on that... Don't actually put lettuce up your wazoo. Lettuce is not for putting up your wazoo. I do not recommend it, as it is both a painful and unsanitary experience.

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