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An eversmoking bottle is a magical item that can be used to create a large area of smoke.


When stoppered, the bottle appears to be filled with a translucent substance with a faint blue tint.[3] Once it is uncorked, smoke immediately pours out.[4] This smoke initially fills an 60 foot radius area, and if the bottle is left open within this cloud of smoke, it will expand each minute to eventually fill a maximum 120 foot radius area. Everything within the smoke is heavily obscured. The bottle cannot be closed until someone speaks the command word. Once the bottle is closed, the smoke takes 10 minutes to disperse on its own, although it can be dispersed more quickly by the wind.[1]


Marwa brought an eversmoking bottle to the soon-to-be-named Bells Hells, thinking it might be a healing potion.[5] When Imogen uncorked it, the entire Trove of Marwa filled with smoke.[6] Chetney purchased the bottle.[7] During the heist in the Twilight Mirror Museum, Chetney uncorked the bottle and threw it behind him to slow down members of The Verdict.[8]


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