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Evandrin Alterra was the half-elven First Knight of the flying city of Avalir[5] and the husband of Zerxus Ilerez. As an NPC, Evandrin was played by Brennan Lee Mulligan.



Evandrin was a half-elf standing about 5'10" with straight red shoulder-length hair. He looked like a mature version of his son, Elias.[6]

After being banished from Exandria and trapped in the Astral Sea, his body became one made of starlight, similar to amethyst, liquid glass, but still palpable.[7][8]


During the meeting with the Ring of Brass in the Palazzo Por'co, Zerxus expressed his distress with his tormenting dreams, which, as he observed himself, led to his poorly performed duties. According to Zerxus, Evandrin would have handled them with a lot more grace.[9]


Evandrin Alterra arrived in Avalir about fourteen years prior to the events of Exandria Unlimited: Calamity, with his infant son, Elias,[10] who looked like a younger version of his father.[11] Shortly thereafter, he met and married Zerxus Ilerez, and they both raised the child together.[12][13]

Evandrin rose to become First Knight of Avalir, a title given to a legendary hero tasked with slaying monstrous threats and defending the city,[13] and held that position for two-and-a-half years.[14] Evandrin also had a close relationship with Laerryn Coramar-Seelie. In token of their friendship, he gifted her a small locket in the form of an orb inscribed with runes.[15]

Seven years before "Fire and Ruin" (E3x04), Evandrin became aware of Laerryn's early experiments with the Astral Leywright. He told her that as First Knight, he should be its first test subject. He was transported to another realm of existence and in the process, became anchored to it. This fundamentally altered his being enough so that the Tree of Names no longer recognized him as native to Exandria, and its protective forces slowly pushed him from the Material Plane into Astral Plane.[16]

Upon Evandrin's disappearance and presumed death, his title of First Knight of Avalir went to Zerxus.[13] However, unable to live with the situation, Zerxus asked Patia to perform a resurrection ritual which concentrated enough power that no body parts of the deceased were required. The ritual was performed, apparently flawlessly, but failed. In his pain, Zerxus asked Patia to alter his memory, substituting Evandrin's actual condition with an unknown illness and erasing the resurrection attempt from his memory.[18]

The night before the events of "Fire and Ruin" (E3x04), Zerxus had a dream in which he saw Evandrin near a tree. When its blossoms blew in his direction, he fell to his knees, clutching his stomach.[19]

Fan art of Zerxus and Evandrin in the Astral Sea, by CT Chen.[art 2]

When the Tree of Names was destroyed, Zerxus was killed and found himself in the Astral Realm, caught in the antechamber of death. Evandrin approached him and moved to embrace him, but Zerxus stopped him. Evandrin told him it was not Zerxus's fault and that he loved him, and told him the truth of what had caused his disappearance years ago. Zerxus told Evandrin that their son Elias was in Cathmoíra and they needed to bring him here to Evandrin and safety. Desperate to do that, Zerxus lifted the Mace of the Black Crown, thereby accepting Asmodeus's bargain to restore him to temporary life at the cost of his soul and of becoming Asmodeus's champion. As Zerxus moved back to the Prime Material Plane to rescue Elias, Evandrin's voice in his mind assured him of his deep love, and that he would find a way to bring Zerxus home.

In Zerxus's final moments as himself, he saw a vision of his griffon Tempus with Elias on his back holding Zerxus's journal, climbing into the sky and opening a door into a sea of stars. Elias leapt into the arms of Evandrin, reunited and safe.


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