The Ethereal Plane is a plane of existence that overlaps the Material Plane.

Description Edit

The Ethereal Plane is filled with snow like dust that floated in space and was colorless, having only black, white, and grey tones.[1] While a creature is on the Ethereal Plane the plane they originated from is still visible to them in shades of grey. They cannot interact with anything that is not on the Ethereal Plane nor can anything not on the Ethereal Plane interact with or see them.[2]

While walking around this overlapping plane occasional chattering and distant chuckling, of a weird alien laughter can be heard.[3]

Denizens Edit

This plane was filled with beings of drifting spiritual energy, that when passed through caused a sensation of ones blood freezing.[4]

  • Translucent piranha-faced serpents that resembled strange looking angler fish.[5]

Vox Machina's Visits to the Ethereal PlaneEdit

Vex'ahlia used Oil of Etherealness to transport herself to the Ethereal Plane. While there she passed through rock to find the Sword of Kas buried in Thar Amphala. After the effects of the oil wore off, Vex and Keyleth recovered the sword.[6]

The Mighty Nein's Visits to the Ethereal PlaneEdit

Beauregard and Mollymauk Tealeaf were temporarily able to see into the Ethereal Plane while under the effects of the fungal drug Skein.[1]

Fjord and Jester Lavorre are both able to access the Ethereal Plane for 1 minute using the spell Blink. Jester notably used the spell to escape from the temple of The Platinum Dragon in Zadash when she was caught impersonating the Herald of the House.[7] Fjord and Jester both used the spell to escape from the blue dragon in Halas's extra dimensional manor.[8]

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