Estate Sybaritic is the home of the Mardoon family. The Estate lies in the forest northwest of the town limits of Shadycreek Run.[1] The estate marks the end of the city before the Savalirwood itself begins.[2]

Building Description Edit

The Estate Sybaritic is a two-story estate in the beginning stages of disrepair. It was built from imported wood of a dark red-brown maroon color. There is gold leafing in some of the designs that have been carved at the edges where different large wall areas come together. The estate has a seven-foot tall stone fence with a metallic gate around the building, topped with six-inch spear tips.[3] The courtyard has a beautiful garden that turns grey in the winter. There is a small fountain in the center of the courtyard.[4] On the second floor are two sets of double windows that are paned, have curtains on the inside, and can partially open.[5]


The inside of the estate consists of a main foyer, dining chamber, and kitchen with a small storage room adjacent.[6] In the storage room is a staircase down through a trapdoor leading to a wine cellar. In the back of the wine cellar, behind case shelving for wine, is a small tunnel leading to the back of the estate in the middle of the forest.[7]

Main FoyerEdit

In the main foyer is a red carpeted staircase that continues upward, before it switches back to a second floor. On that center landing is an open window that looks down to the backyard. There are art pieces that depicting individuals of different backgrounds on the walls: one of a very robust beautiful pure elf with brown hair and his chin out with a wily grin, the other of a woman wearing a very well-made dress with large puffs at the shoulders.[8]


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