Erwen Dastell[1] is one of the servants at Greyskull Keep. He handles guest arrivals, cleaning (alongside Laina Yor), payroll, and supplies. As an NPC, he is portrayed by Matthew Mercer.

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Erwen has ruddy skin, wears his grey hair in a ponytail, and is clean-shaven. He wears small spectacles across his nose and has a lanky physique.

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Erwen greeted Vox Machina as they returned to Greyskull Keep following their adventure in the Underdark, saying he was excited to see them. He shouted for Laina to make some food, but she quickly responded that she was already doing so. Scanlan asked if there had been any visitors or mail, to which Erwen replied that Allura had visited several days prior, and there were no packages or letters for anyone. After this he returned to his quarters.[2]

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