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An erinyes is a type of devil that resembles a beautiful winged humanoid. The first of them were fallen angels.[2][3]


The erinyes are considered the most beautiful of the devils. They are tall winged humanoids, many of whom wear elaborate armor and bear impressive weapons.[4]


Erinyes are resistant to cold damage as well as nonmagical physical attacks, unless the nonmagical weapons are silvered. They are immune to fire and poison, and cannot be poisoned. They can communicate by telepathy to 120 feet, and also have truesight within this radius. Their own weapons are magical and deal poison damange, and they are resistant to spells and other magical effects. Typically, they attack with weapons - either a longsword or longbow - and some carry a Rope of Entanglement.[1]


Exandria Unlimited: Calamity[]

An erinyes named Xartaza, working with Lacrytia Hollow, attacked the Ring of Brass in the streets of Avalir. She escaped at the conclusion of the battle with a sword bearing the blood of Zerxus Ilerez, telling him, "It will be an honor to serve you."[5]

Campaign One Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave[]

Vox Machina traveled to the Elemental Plane of Fire to obtain the Plate of the Dawnmartyr, one of the Vestiges of Divergence. The owner of the Plate, Juuraiel, offered it to them if they killed a pit fiend named Ghurrix, who had killed Juuraiel's lover. During his fight against Vox Machina, Ghurrix summoned an erinyes. Vox Machina killed her and took her rope of entanglement.[6]

Campaign One Arc 4: Taryon Darrington[]

While in the Nine Hells on their way to kill Hotis permanently, Keyleth Shapechanged into an erinyes as a disguise, in order to gain access to Mentiri.[7]


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